Moonwind is a major character in Disney/Pixar's 2020 animated feature film, Soul. He is a mystic who helps lost souls get over their obsessions.


Moonwind is the product of a midlife awakening, which led his former self to change his name and his day job to seek a happier life. Moonwind is now a devoted sign twirler on a Manhattan street corner—an activity that brings him joy, putting him into the zone, which allows him to mentally and spiritually journey to a mystical place called The Astral Plane (near The Great Before), where he rescues lost souls from their uninspiring, stressful lives.

22 introduces Joe Gardner to Moonwind in the Astral Plane. In his efforts to help lost souls, Moonwind Stardancer is aided by fellow "mystics without borders" Windstar Dreamermoon, Dancerstar Windmoon, and Dreamerwind Dreamerdreamer.

In his human form, as a street-corner sign-twirler, Moonwind works for Marge.


  • In the movie, he tells Joe that he was a lost soul once due to his small obsession with Tetris.

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