Moose- The Henchman who ties up Fflewddur


Moose is a minor character from The Black Cauldron. His only appearance is when he ties up Fflewddur in the dungeon and then leaves. It is often speculated by fans that he was originally going to have a bigger role in the film.


The Black Cauldron

Moose's only appearance in the film is when he ties up Fflewddur Fflam in the dungeon and then looks at Fflewddur with a dumb expression on his face and then leaves.


  • Although not mentioned in the film, this henchman character is named Moose because the original trailer for The Black Cauldron that was shown on the 1985 VHS release of Pinocchio confirmed his name.
  • Although there are sources that say that Moose never made it into the film he actually is in the film, although he only appears briefly for a little while.
  • It is often speculated by fans that Moose was originally supposed to have a bigger role in the film. This was to be the case but unfortunately, because of the film's troubled history of production, Moose only showed up in a short brief scene. 
  • It is unknown what happens to Moose after he ties up Fflewddur and leaves the dungeon. He either escaped the castle from the Cauldron Born, got killed by the Cauldron Born or died in the explosion of the castle.

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