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Morgan: "Mommy, if my dolly is cold, can I put her in the toaster oven?"
Amy: "No, honey, that would be a mistake."
Morgan: "Mommy?"
Amy: "What?"
Morgan: "I made a mistake"
―Morgan to Amy

Morgan Matthews is the younger sister of Cory and Eric, the older sister of Joshua, and the only daughter of Alan and Amy. Mainly used for comedic purposes, her character is usually annoying to Cory, and seems closer to Eric. She was initially played by Lily Nicksay but this was later changed to Lindsay Ridgeway due to unknown purposes. Throughout the series, it becomes clear that she is a good singer, as shown in Better Than Average Cory and Shallow Boy. She was called Weasel by Eric a lot.

Alternate Personalities

  • 50s Morgan (I Was a Teenage Spy)
  • Middle-Aged Actor (Eric Hollywood)


  • Morgan was mostly there for comedic purposes for most of the show.
  • Eric often called her Weasel, which was her nickname during Seasons 1 and 2.
  • She went on a very long timeout in the first half of Season 3.
  • A few times, members of the Matthews family tried or willed her to be more like a boy (most notably Cory in "Wheels")
  • She was nervous to sing at the talent show, but Alexandra Nechita convinced her to sing and she did well.
  • She stayed behind in Philadelphia with Alan and Amy.
    • Cory asked her to "take care of Mom and Dad."
  • Morgan was the most notable character to be portrayed by 2 actresses: Lily Nicksay and Lindsay Ridgeway.
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