Morogo is the deuteragonist in the 1989 film Cheetah. He is an African native and goat herder who befriends Ted, Susan, and Duma. He later helps Ted and Susan go after Duma after she is captured by corrupt gamblers planning to race her against greyhounds. He is the son of Kipoin and Lani.


Morogo is a very friendly person and easily made friends with Ted and Susan. He also knows the land very well and helped guide his friend on a journey through the African wilderness.

He has also shown to be very courageous like when he retrieved a soccer ball that was next to a sleeping rhino. He was also brave running away from home to help Ted and Susan rescue Duma.

Role in the film

Morogo is initially seen watching goats with his father, Kipoin. Two American teenagers, Ted and Susan, are intrigued by the native and watch him through the bushes. When Susan take a picture of him, he is alerted to their presence. A goat startles them out of the bush and he happily greets them. They quickly become friends and he shows him around the plains and the local wildlife.

The next day Morogo shows Ted and Susan his village. In return, they show them their ultra-modern (by 1989 standards) home where Ted teaches him how to play Pac-Man for Atari. Just then their mom, Jean comes home and finds them with him, thus learning that they have been leaving the house. Later at dinner Susan says that their friendship with him could come in handy because he knows the landscape so well. Their dad, Earl, agrees and lets them hang out with him.

The next day after playing with his new friends, Morogo is scolded by Kipoin for neglecting his goat herding duties. He says that he will still take care of his duties but he's been learning a lot from his new friends. Kipoin detests his new friends because they are so much different from them.

Some days later, Ted, Susan, and Morogo find an orphaned baby cheetah. Morogo finds the dead corpse of its mother, who was skinned by a poacher. Ted finds some weird markings next to the cheetah, which Morogo identifies as footprints. When Susan says that she wants to adopt her, Morogo is confused about why. She says it's the only way she would survive.


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