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"Mother of Olms" is the first segment of the fifty-third episode of the Disney Channel animated series, Amphibia.


The crew meets Mother Olm, keeper of ancient prophecies.


Anne, Sasha and the Plantars are lead down to Mother Olm's chambers, during which Hop Pop complains about his aching bones and muscles; something the olm guards crack wise about. They enter the chamber and meet Mother Olm who is happy to have frog visitors and "Exotic" creatures like Anne and Sasha. When Mother Olm hears Anne mention the Calamity Box, she reveals she has information on a prophecy, but she is unable to provide any due to her bad memory. She then explains that they would need to apply Dr. Yohan's Brain Cream directly to her brain in her head. Anne, Sprig, Polly and very reluctant Sasha all agree to go inside her head via her ear to apply it, while Hop Pop decides to wait outside; feeling that he will only slow the mission down.

Anne, Sasha, Sprig and Polly go through the eardrum and immediately find themselves coated with earwax. Afterwards, they traverse the nervous system where they continuously get electrocuted. Meanwhile, Hop Pop has tea with Mother Olm and voices his concerns about his age and usefulness. Mother Olm explains that being old allows him to show his wisdom, such as his know how at being a vegetable farmer. The kids reach the brain where they find the corpse of Dr. Yohan and try to apply the cream to Mother Olm's brain, only to find that her head is filled with Batsquitos (bat mosquito hybrids) and get chased out into the nose where they land in mucus.

The batsquitos leave Mother Olm's head and Hop Pop hears the kids in trouble. Using his knowledge, he gathers various vegetation to create something potent for Mother Olm to sneeze at. She manages to sneeze the kids out, much to their grossed out thanks. Mother Olm is still incapable of remembering the prophecy (the cream had long since expired), but Hop Pop suggests that she may have written it down somewhere. Mother Olm finds the writing on the ceiling where it says that "three stars" will save them; implying that Sasha and Marcy should have powers too, but need to get the music box back in order to regain them. Mother Olm also infromes the girls of an "unnatural thing" created by those who misused the power of the music box's gems. As thanks, Mother Olm spits her tea at Sasha to clean her off, which she is grossed out by, but then pleased that it was jasmine.


Additional Voices

  • James Patrick Stuart as Blue Olm Guard, Purple Olm Guard


  • The Mother of Olms is mentioned in "Temple Frogs", "Seek the Mother of Olms, she will guide you to your destiny".
  • This episode takes place where the previous one left off.
  • Not only does the episode feature earwax and mucus, but it also features a dried corpse, making this arguably one of the grossest episodes of the series.
  • This episode shows that Hop Pop's age is catching up to him.
  • Anne, Sasha, and the Plantars learn of the Prophecy.

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