"Motor Ed" is the forty-eighth episode of Kim Possible.


Kim needs the help of new kid Felix Renton to save Ron from Motor Ed.

Home video releases


  • Kim Possible: The Complete Second Season


  • 30th episode in chronological order.
  • This is the only episode where Ron's traditional red jersey outfit does not appear.


  • When Kim and Ron are on the ride, you can see that Kim starts off in her pink outfit. Her outfit then switches to her turquoise and black one, and then back to her pink one.
  • The text on the box that supposedly contains the "turbonic charger valve" moves from the center to the right during the wind tunnel scene.
  • Motor Ed steals three monster trucks but when he attacks Kim at the Junkyard he has five of them.

Not so much an "error"… just because we only saw him steal three, does not mean he did not steal more and we just not see him do it.


  • Motor Ed refuses to cut his hair. The biblical story of Sampson relates to this. He could not cut his hair because of his religious vows and thus it gave him strength. In the end, his wife Delilah cut his hair as an act of betrayal. Delilah is also the name of the hairstylist Motor Ed fires.
  • Actually, considering Ed's penchant to give people nicknames, like Kim "Red" and Shego "Green" or "Babe", it is just as likely he called the hairstylist "Delilah" because of the biblical story in regards to her clipping his hair, and not that it is her name.
  • During the Monster truck scene, Felix and Ron are talking about which game is better, Zombie Mayhem 2 or Zombie Mayhem 3. This is an allusion to the Resident Evil games.

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