The Motorcycle Officer is a minor character from Disney's Blackbeard's Ghost. He was portrayed by the late Kelly Thordsen.

Role in the film

The motorcycle officer is first seen talking on the phone somewhere in town at night until he notices Steve Walker in his car "relentlessly" driving toward him when in fact, it's Blackbeard's ghost accidentally causing the trouble. To avoid any accidents or collisions, he climbs on top of a lamp pole to safety. Then, he pursues Steve in his motorcycle and stops him.

The officer asks Steve for his driver's license and when he notices him "talking to himself" and smells rum, he asks Steve to give him the bottle of rum next to him but Blackbeard takes it back and all three fight over it, which ends up with the bottle (in other words, "evidence of drinking" according to the officer's deduction) destroyed, so, the officer decides to give Steve a ticket. But then, Blackbeard takes away his pencil, breaks it in half, takes away his ticket book, tears it to shreds while fooling around with him, takes away his gun, and starts shooting Steve's car; including one of the tires.

This sort of action forces the officer to arrest Steve until Blackbeard commandeers his motorcycle, which later ends up being totaled after crashing against a tree and chases him around. Nevertheless, Steve accepts the consequences instead and allows the officer to handcuff and arrest him while showing his anger to Blackbeard. He isn't seen throughout the rest of the movie after this.


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