"Motsuki's Missing Sister" is the first segment of the 3rd Season 4 episode of PJ Masks.


The PJs offer to help Motsuki find Luna, but miss a plot by Night Ninja in the process.


  • This is the twenty third episode to focus on a villain.
  • This is the first time Luna Girl and Motsuki are on Mystery Mountain.
    • They are also the sixth and seventh villains to visit Mystery Mountain.
      • The first was Night Ninja in "Race Up Mystery Mountain".
      • The second, third & fourth were Howler, Rip, and Kevin in "Wolfy Mountain".
      • The fifth was Romeo in "The Disappearing Ninjas".
  • An Yu meets Luna Girl and Motsuki for the first time.
    • Luna Girl and Motsuki are the only villains An Yu likes and is friends with.


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