Oh, Daddy! You made this just for me?
―Olivia, upon seeing her birthday present[src]

The Mouse Ballerina was a dancing doll built by Hiram Flaversham as a birthday gift for his daughter Olivia in The Great Mouse Detective.


Initially, the toy had an appearance of a flower bud. When a key attached to the toy was wound up, the bud opened to reveal a dancing mouse as a dance tune played.

The Great Mouse Detective

On the evening of Olivia's birthday, her father, who is yet to give her the present, instructs her to close her eyes before retrieving a toy resembling a flower bud from a cupboard. He then wounds up a key attached to the toy, and Olivia watches as it turns into a mouse ballerina that dances in front of her, to her delight.

When Fidget kidnaps Mr. Flaversham and takes him to Professor Ratigan, the mouse ballerina is also taken to Ratigan, who later examines the dancing doll, telling Flaversham, whom he has forced to work on a project for him, that he plans to bring Olivia to where her father is imprisoned without consent from the father. When Flaversham refuses, Ratigan, in a fit of rage, squeezes the doll so hard that its head pops out before yelling at him to get back to work.


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