It was the eve of our beloved Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and the year Her Majesty’s government came to the very brink of disaster.
―Dr. David Q. Dawson, in his narrative

The Mouse Queen is the Queen of Mousedom and a character of Disney's 1986 animated feature film, The Great Mouse Detective.


The Great Mouse Detective

The Queen is first seen in a photo of a newspaper article that is announcing her Diamond Jubilee. Ratigan shows this photo to his henchmen while debriefing them on his scheme to seize control of Mousedom and presently burns it with his cigarette.

She physically appears near the end of the film, excitedly primping herself in preparation for her jubilee. When Ratigan's thugs, disguised as her guards, show up and present her with the robot facsimile of herself that Hiram Flaversham built, the Queen is delighted to be receiving a gift but becomes confused when she sees the note attached to it says that her reign will come to an end. 

When Ratigan enters the room, the Queen, still believing his disguised henchmen to be her actual guards orders them to seize him. However, their boss gives them the same order and they seize her instead, prompting her to shout "how dare you!"

While Ratigan's coronation is taking place, she is carried off by Fidget in order to be fed to Felicia, who is eagerly waiting outside one of the palace windows. She very nearly becomes the cat's dinner, but at the last minute, Basil runs up from behind and grabs her out of Fidget's grasp. A little later, the Queen is seen tying Fidget up and trying to restrain Ratigan.

She makes her last appearance in a photo of another newspaper (kept by Basil) in which she honored Basil and Dawson in gratitude for saving her life and her kingdom.


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  • Her name is sometimes given in the fandom as "Mousetoria," a portmanteau of "mouse" and the real name "Victoria." However, there exists no canon source for this name. She is simply called "the Queen" in dialogue and the voice credits only identify here as "The Mouse Queen."

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