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"Movie Magic" is a song peformed in The Ghost and Molly McGee episode, "Hooray for Mollywood!". It is portrayed during a montage where Molly, Darryl, Scratch, and Libby try to make a scary movie.


The camera's rolling
And the lights are lit
That's as close to in focus as they're gonna get
They're a non-union crew
They don't know what they’re doing
But they're gonna make movie magic

They perform their own stunts
Unintended scene with a skunk
His acting stunk
And emotions explored
With just two shots to go
When they realize till now they've been on selfie-mode
(My bad)

If someone’s fielding a grounder
They'll just shoot around her
There's no time to waste
Take after take
They're gonna make movie mag--

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