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Moving Day is a Mickey Mouse cartoon that was originally released on June 201936. It was produced by Walt Disney Productions, and released by United Artists. The cartoon, set during the contemporary Great Depression, follows the antics of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy as they frantically pack their belongings after being dispossessed from their home. The film was directed by Ben Sharpsteen and includes the voices of Walt Disney as Mickey, Clarence Nash as Donald, Pinto Colvig as Goofy, and Billy Bletcher as Pete.


Moving Day

"Ya ain't paid the rent!"

Housemates Mickey and Donald are six months overdue on their rent payments. As they worriedly pace the floor, Pete the sheriff arrives and serves them a "Notice to Dispossess" authorizing him not only to evict and arrest them, but to sell off their belongings as collateral. He menacingly strikes a match on Donald's bill to light his cigar and leaves.

While Pete is outside putting up signs for cheap furniture, Donald and Mickey decide to move before Pete can sell their belongings. Soon, Goofy, employed as an iceman, arrives with a delivery and Mickey and Donald enlist his help and the use of his truck.

While Mickey struggles with an overloaded suitcase, Goofy tries to load an upright piano onto the truck, but the piano keeps rolling out of the truck when he leaves it unattended or when he doesn't notice it. Goofy eventually discovers the piano to have a mind of its own and battles it around the house. Meanwhile, Donald, in his haste to pack everything he sees, grabs a gas heater which was attached to a gas line in the wall. Seeing the leaking gas, he casually plugs it with a toilet plunger, but the pressure in the line shoots the plunger out and it sticks to Donald's bottom. He struggles to remove the plunger, but soon finds himself grappling with a fishbowl instead.

As Donald struggles with the fish bowl, Goofy learns that he can control the piano if just his hat is visible to it. However, after Goofy taunts the piano, it rolls out of the truck off-screen, smashes through the door, and strikes him in the back again, which catapults him into the refrigerator where he ends up eating a slice of watermelon.

Just as Donald is able to free himself, he gets his bill stuck in the leaking gas line. His body fills with gas like a balloon until he shoots off the pipe and flies around the room out of control. Just as Mickey and Goofy are trying to stop Donald from flying out of control all over the room, Pete hears the commotion outside and storms into the room to scold the trio for making a mess and orders them to sit down and listen immediately, he yelled so loud that the trio flew to the wall near the gas line. Unaware of the gas leak, he again tries to strike another match on Donald's bill to light another cigar, but due to the gas leaking, the match explodes! The catastrophic explosion occurs in the gas line next to the trio, which follows destroys the house, yet miraculously seems to throw most of Mickey and Donald's possessions (including the piano) into the back of Goofy's truck. As the three are driving away, Pete, sitting amid the wreckage with a "For Sale" sign over his head, yells after them from a second story bathtub "HEY YOU! COME BACK HERE--!", but accidentally turns on the shower head drenching himself in hot water. As Donald laughs at Pete's misfortune and is satisfied with his victory, the same toilet plunger from before once again lands on Donald's tail setting him off in a fit of quacking.




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  • Three characters from the Mickey Mouse universe are given redesigns in this short:
    • Beginning with this cartoon, Donald has been redesigned to look rounder and cuter, although his neck and bill are still long. It is not until Donald and Pluto later that year when Donald's official look has been finalized.
    • It is the first time Goofy wears his trademark wardrobe, including his long-sleeved turtleneck shirt, his worn-out pants, and his floppy shoes.
      • Goofy's trademark wardrobe in Mickey Mouse Works and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are loosely based on his wardrobe from this short, albeit with a green hat, an orange turtleneck shirt, a black vest, blue pants and brown floppy shoes.
    • This is the first depiction of Pete in color. It is also the first time he does not have a peg leg, but rather two regular legs instead.
  • When Goofy arrives to deliver ice to Mickey and Donald, he is singing the song "The World Owes Me a Livin'". This is a callback to the 1934 Silly Symphony cartoon, The Grasshopper and the Ants, where Hop the Grasshopper lazily sings this while the ants work hard. The choice to have Goofy sing this song is a nod to the fact that both Hop and Goofy were voiced by Pinto Colvig. Goofy also sang this a year earlier in On Ice.
  • Pete's lines "Too late!", "HEY YOU, COME BACK HERE--!", HEY!!!", and some growls were reused in the 2013 short, Get a Horse!


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