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Mr. Arrow is a supporting character from Treasure Planet. He was Captain Amelia's first mate.


He is a giant rock-like being. Sources say that he and Captain Amelia met while enrolled in Interstellar Academy and he's her best friend. Others say he was hired to be her first mate. He respects Amelia and looks out for her. Despite his stern appearance, he is shown to be quite friendly and approachable.

Role in the film[]

Mr. Arrow first appeared as Dr. Doppler mistook him for the captain, who appeared sometime later and complimented the ship conduct. The crew member he was most suspicious of is Scroop, his suspicions were correct as Scroop was very evil and murderous. One night, a nearby star went supernova and soon began to form into a black hole. The crew ties themselves to ships to prevent them from being sucked away. Meanwhile, while everyone else is focused on saving their own lives, Scroop sneaks onto the ship's mast and cuts Mr. Arrow's lifeline causing him to fall into the singularity of the black hole, where he is obliterated by the later explosion. His death is ruled as an accident and no one finds out until Scroop tells the crew after the event, putting the blame on Jim.


  • Mr. Arrow is based on Mr. Arrow from the original novel. In the book, however, Mr. Arrow wasn't an efficient officer like he is in the film: he was an incompetent officer who was thrown overboard while drunk by Silver.
  • Mr. Arrow is also one of Browne's last voice acting roles before his death in 2007.
  • There is a slight animation flaw during his role in the film. Arrow has three fingers on each hand, however, when he is reprimanding Jim and Dr. Doppler from saying any "cross-words" about Captain Amelia, the hand on Jim's shoulder is showing five fingers but goes back to three when he lets go.
  • In real life, Mr. Arrow presumably would have potentially suffered the gruesome process of "Spaghettification" upon being sucked into the black hole: in astrophysics, the Spaghettification is the vertical stretching and horizontal compression of objects into long thin shapes in a very strong non-homogeneous gravitational field which is caused by extreme tidal forces. As a result, anyone who enters into a black hole would be stretched apart by tidal forces. It is unknown if the film tried to intend that, as Mr. Arrow's mass seems to be intact as he falls into the black hole's singularity.




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