Mr. Dairy Goodz and his Stars of the Milky Way were a group of anthropomorphic dairy products that performed in the Kitchen Kabaret show at Epcot. They all would slide out of a large refrigerator on the left side of the theater stage in a cloud of dry ice fog.

The lead singer of the group was Mr. Dairy Goodz—a singing milk carton who resembled a 1930's-style crooner and held an old-fashioned radio-style floor microphone close to his mouth, crooning introductions to three beautiful female dairy products, Miss Cheese, Miss Yogurt and Miss Ice Cream, in the style of 1930's costume extravaganzas. Each of the dairy products performed a brief cameo in a stylized manner (Miss Cheese sang like Mae West, Miss Yogurt sang like a European sex kitten and Miss Ice Cream sang like a homogenized Eartha Kitt).

The figure that was used as Mr. Dairy Goodz was later repurposed for Food Rocks as the lead singer of The Refrigerator Police.

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