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You barge in on somebody's house like you own it! Tarry hootin' around the woods! Wakin' up folks in the middle of the night!
―Mr. Digger as he scolds Tod for trespassing in his den.

Mr. Digger is a minor character in Disney's 1981 animated feature film, The Fox and the Hound. He is an old badger who hates animals barging into his home, especially Tod.


Mr. Digger is a very old, grumpy badger who seems to enjoy his privacy as he hates Tod repeatedly entering his den. He is also quite unsympathetic, as even after the Porcupine explains that Tod is new to the reserve, he instead orders Tod to go back where he came from. Mr. Digger might seem like an antagonist, though he behaves like a typical grumpy recluse (namely, the kind that doesn't like others - in their words - trespassing into their territory, whether intentional or not).


The Fox and the Hound []

Mr. Digger is first seen when Tod is looking for a den in the forest. Tod goes into a den that he thinks is empty until Mr. Digger comes out and starts yelling at him. Tod tries to explain that he thought the den was empty, but Mr. Digger interrupts stating "well, you know it now" and demands Tod to leave.

The next morning, Tod accidentally lands on Digger's den when he is poked by the Porcupine. The badger starts yelling at him more than before. Upon learning that Tod is new to the forest, the rude badger hatefully orders Tod to go back where he came from (obviously not aware or not caring that a certain hunter will kill him if he does), and Tod leaves, now more depressed than ever.

Mr. Digger is next seen watching in disgust as Tod and Vixey confirm their love for each other. He is not seen throughout the rest of the film after this.


  • John McIntire, the voice of the grumpy badger, was married to actress Jeanette Nolan, the voice of Mrs. Tweed, from 1935 til his death in 1991. They also voiced characters together in The Rescuers, in which he was Rufus the Cat and she was Ellie Mae the Swamp Mouse.
  • Mr. Digger was animated by Glen Keane and John Pomeroy.
  • Despite being native to the forest in an unknown location in the United States, his appearance resembles that of a European Badger, although Mr Digger is an American Badger, As American Badgers have a similar appearance to European Badgers which are not closely related, but are part of the weasel family Mustelidae.

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