Mr. Dudley is a minor character from Disney's Life Is Ruff. He is the manager and owner of the local Central City Animal Shelter (later; Stewart Bickford Memorial Animal Shelter) and Emily Watson's boss.

Role in the film

At the Central City Animal shelter, Mr. Dudley reminds Emily Watson, a student working as a volunteer, about how short they are on funding and how they don't have enough space for all the dogs. Emily befriends and names a dog, who was brought in by Animal Control a few days ago, Tyco; much against Mr. Dudley's rules about naming animals at the shelter. When Emily mentions she taught Tyco a new trick, Tyco only ends up nearly tearing the owner's shirt by accident. Then, he reluctantly tells her that "they can't save them all."

A few weeks later, after one of Emily's classmates, Calvin Wheeler has won $5,000 1st prize in a dog show with Tyco, Calvin uses the money to buy the last Gotham Man comic book to complete his comic collection and for good by giving it to the shelter (where Tyco used to be) so that the dogs can have better homes. In the end, the shelter is saved, renamed the Stewart Bickford (Gotham Man's creator) Memorial Animal Shelter, Mr. Dudley congratulates and thanks Calvin and Tyco for their help, and Figg along with many other people adopt a new pet and start working as new volunteers at the shelter.


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