Mr. Hare is Thumper's father who only appears in the Disney Bunnies book series, which is based on the film Bambi. He is also mentioned in Bambi, but he does not make an appearance.


Disney Bunnies

He appears more often than Mrs. Hare does in the series, he also talks more than Thumper's mother. Mr. Hare is always giving advice to Thumper and his sisters. He is a really good father and husband, but he is not given a name in the series. He has a good attitude and never seems to be angry at anything.


He is also mentioned by Mrs. Hare, his wife. She then makes Thumper say a quote from him, using this to scold him for saying that a then-baby Bambi can't walk very well (which is not very nice), and later for trying to eat a clover blossom and leave its greens alone.

Bambi II

Mr. Hare is mentioned again in the film's midquel by his wife when she sees Thumper refusing to take his sisters to see the groundhog. She asks Thumper what his father had told him about playing with his sisters to which Thumper replies, "A family that plays together, stays together".


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