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This article is about the character adapted from The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. For the Marvel Comics character of the same moniker, see Calvin Zabo.

Mr. Hyde is a minor character in The Nightmare Before Christmas. He has two smaller copies of himself inside his hat that participate with him in some of the film's songs.



The Nightmare Before Christmas[]

Mr. Hyde is a resident of Halloween Town, where he assists in the seasonal creation of Halloween and the takeover of Christmas. On surface value, he seems to personify the Halloween iconography of pale Victorian gentleman monsters and he is not identified as Mr. Hyde until the end-credits and in other media.


Mr. Edward Hyde is a literary character originating from Robert Louis Stevenson's 1886 book, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Hyde was the alias of one Dr. Henry Jekyll concocted through the use of a specialized shapeshifting serum. Jekyll did this as a means of venting out his repressed side which was deemed amoral by Victorian society, using the alias of Mr. Hyde as a fall-man.

However after trampling a young girl, Hyde would become deemed a criminal causing a manhunt to be launched against him. This would lead Jekyll to committing suicide after running out of the exotic salts needed to brew to potion required to turn him back into his old body.

In the subsequent pop-culture regarding the character (such as the 1931 film by Rouben Mamoulian), Jekyll and Hyde would be characterized as separate personalities triggered by the potion rather than simply a fake name and shape-shifted body.



The Nightmare Before Christmas[]

Mr. Hyde is seen at the beginning of the film during the song This is Halloween. He is seen returning to Halloween Town from the main gate along with the Devil and Behemoth as they lead the Pumpkin King scarecrow of Jack Skellington into town. After the song, he cheers for Jack along with the rest of the citizens. After the Wolfman asks "Wasn't it terrifying?", Hyde along with the Cyclops reply "What a night!".

The next morning, when Jack went missing, he searched all over the Pumpkin Patch for him, but to no avail. When Jack finally returns to town, a Town Meeting is held. As Jack tries to explain what a Christmas stocking is, Hyde gets up on stage along with his two smaller selves as they ask what's inside the stocking, hoping it has a rotten foot covered in gook.

Later in the film, Hyde and his smaller selves are seen preparing a Russian doll present during the song Making Christmas. The smallest Hyde kills a scorpion with a mallet and proceeds to put it in the smallest doll with two bigger Hyde putter the smaller dolls within the big ones like one would. Mr. Hyde is then seen passing along a single present from one citizen to another to fill up the back of Jack's coffin sleigh.

At the end of the film, when Jack returns home, Hyde is fascinated by the snow falling down on Halloween Town from Santa Claus, calling it "completely new" along with the Clown.

Shorts and television[]

Mickey's Gala Premier[]

The Fredric March depiction of Mr. Hyde appeared in this Mickey Mouse cartoon alongside Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster.

Once Upon a Time[]

Main article: Dr. Jekyll

Mr. Hyde makes his debut in the twenty-second episode of the fifth season, played by Sam Witwer.

Mr. Hyde is created when his alter-ego, Dr. Jekyll, makes a transformation serum. Hyde quickly takes over as the Warden of the asylum where Jekyll works, forcing him to become a prisoner. To make sure Jekyll does not escape, Hyde enlists an orderly at the asylum, named Poole, to keep watch over his other half.

Unbeknownst to Hyde, Jekyll begins growing a purple flower on the grounds of the asylum, which will serve as the final ingredient in a serum that will separate the doctor and Hyde into two separate people.

When Snow White, Prince Charming, Captain Hook, and Zelena arrive in the Land of Untold Stories, asking Jekyll for help in repairing the Apprentice's wand, they are imprisoned in the asylum by Poole. Hyde later visits them, believing they are doing the work of Rumplestiltskin. He starts to choke Hook, but stops when Snow tells him that they do not work for the Dark One, and that he stole magic from them to save his wife.

After returning to the prisoners later as Jekyll, and agreeing to fix the Apprentice's wand, his alter ego is caught by Poole, and is forced to drink the transformation serum, turning him back into Hyde. Hyde becomes preoccupied with the power of the wand, and realizes it can open a portal to the Land Without Magic. He uses this knowledge to steal Pandora's Box from Rumplestiltskin, to use as leverage against him.

Later, at Jekyll's old home, the doctor is transformed into Hyde once again, after Poole catches him adding the flower to the separation serum. After Hyde takes over Jekyll's body again, he injects the serum into himself, separating Hyde from the doctor and giving them separate bodies. When Hyde begins to choke his former good half, Hook tackles Hyde, and Snow knocks him unconscious with Poole's taser. As Jekyll and the others escape into the city, Hyde corners them in an alley. Their confrontation is abruptly brought to a halt when pennies begin to rain down from the sky and a watery portal opens up. Everyone except Hyde manages to jump through the portal, returning to the Land Without Magic.

Later, back at the asylum, Hyde is confronted by Rumplestiltskin, who came through the portal as everyone else was returning. Hyde tells Rumple that if he wants to see his wife and his unborn child again, Rumple will help him defeat Jekyll. Rumple begins to choke Hyde, telling him the only deal they will make will be that Hyde will be spared if he hands over Pandora's Box. Hyde begins to plead with Rumple telling him he can help the Dark One wake his wife from the Sleeping Curse. He says he learned information from being the Warden of the asylum, and knows of a place Rumple can go to get answers. When Rumple asks him where the place is, Hyde suggests they make a deal. Rumple agrees to hand over Storybrooke to Hyde in exchange for the information on how to wake Belle from the curse.

When Regina uses the Olympian Crystal to restore magic to Storybrooke, Hyde teleports there and thanks Regina for bringing the magic back. When Henry asks Hyde how he got there, Regina releases that Rumplestiltskin made a deal with Hyde. Hyde discloses the details of the deal, saying he provided Rumple with information in exchange for the town. He also tells Regina and Henry that he brought some friends along, so that their forgotten stories can play out in Storybrooke. When Regina tells Hyde she knows that he will lose in the end, due to how his story ends, Hyde tells her that darkness is not as easy to snuff out as she believes, and walks off.


Donald Duck Mr Hyde

Donald Hyde looming over London in Goofy's nightmares in "The Strange Case of Dr. Ratkyll and Mr. Hyde"

In the 2014 Italian adaptation of the story, "The Strange Case of Doctor Ratkyll and Mr. Hyde", Donald Duck plays the role of Mickey Mouse's monstrous alter ego. This physical back and forth transformation between Mickey and Donald being seen as damaging to the brand would ultimately result in American Disney officials pulling it from further circulation and choosing not to officially translate it into English.

Disney Parks[]

Haunted Mansion Holiday[]

In the seasonal Christmas overlay of the Haunted Mansion, the Nightmare Before Christmas incarnation of Mister Hyde is depicted in the load area. In a Christmas card inspired tableau, Mr. Hyde is represented with the miniature versions of himself popping out from his hat and revealing the smallest of them is dressed like a Christmas angel ornament.


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  • Mr. Hyde is the monstrous, evil alter-ego of Dr. Jekyll from Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
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