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True to his incredible strengths, all Bob wants to do is save the world - even if he has to do it undercover. It takes almost losing everything, however, for him to see that the real source of his power is his extraordinary family.
―Official Pixar Website

Robert "Bob" Parr, also known as Mr. Incredible, is the protagonist of DisneyPixar's 2004 animated film The Incredibles and the deuteragonist of its 2018 sequel.


Mr. Incredible is a person from a race of humans born with superpowers and is referred to as a "Super." He was one of the most famous heroes of his era and was known for his skill at fighting crime. At some point, he met and fell in love with fellow superhero Elastigirl. However, soon after the two wed, bystanders who had been injured during crime-fighting attempts began to sue. The backlash forced supers, like Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl into retirement and witness protection. Mr. Incredible resumed the name of Bob Parr and began a civilian life with Elastigirl, now in her civilian identity as Helen Parr.

Mr. Incredible is considered one of the most powerful Supers. During his early career, he was known for working alone, which was something that led him to push away Buddy Pine. He possesses the powers of superhuman strength and durability, as well as enhanced senses.

In the Operation Kronos database, Mr. Incredible was given a threat rating of 9.1, the highest rating of any of the supers.

Official Description[]

Mr. Incredible loves being a superhero. He's glad to be back in action, with his family and friends by his side.


Bob's personality is that of a classical hero. At his core, he desires to be a hero and paragon and to do good for its own sake. But as shown in newsreels, Bob is physically invulnerable but all too human in his flaws. He grows weary of a world that cannot stay saved for more than five minutes; and later, shows a streak of hubris and arrogant pride, seeking to relive his glory days at the expense of his family life.

Bob's commitment to doing what is right is so strong that he displays it even when not involved in heroics. This is shown when while working for Insuricare, he constantly found legal loopholes to help his customers, which often earned him the ire of his greedy and selfish boss, Gilbert Huph. These disagreements eventually came to a head, when during a meeting, Bob noticed a mugging and tried to intervene but was stopped when Mr. Huph threatened to fire him. When the mugger succeeded and got away, Huph mocked the victim and said he hoped he wasn't covered by Insuricare and praised Bob for not helping him. Finally fed up, Bob angrily grabbed Mr. Huph by the neck and accidentally threw him through five walls that left him in a full body cast, which caused Bob to lose his job.

Bob also has a tendency to try to solve the world's problems on his own, refusing and actively dismissing help from anyone, even from his loving wife and the sage counsel of his best friend, Frozone. These flaws combined nearly cost him his life and the lives of his family.

Bob is also calm, collected, and polite, but occasionally he exhibits an intimidating and ferocious rage, and if sufficiently angered, he can be quite fearsome. When his boss, Mr. Huph, threatened to fire him if he chased a mugger, he strangled his boss and violently tossed him through several walls, appearing to break several of his bones. He always tries to reason with his opponents and appeal to their better nature to avoid unnecessary violence, but if a villain cannot be reasoned with and posed a threat to innocent lives, he tries to terminate them if their capture wasn't an option because he knows how many innocent lives could be lost if he allows them to live. However, he always spares an opponent if they appeared to have underlying goodness, such as Mirage.

Bob is solely interested in his wife, Helen but treats other women with respect. This trait was picked up by Syndrome, who instructs Mirage to be appreciative, but not seductive, towards Mr. Incredible. Bob sees having dinner with Mirage after he deactivated an Omnidroid as a social event and nothing more than that. However, it could be argued that Mirage was having somewhat of a positive effect on Bob's self-image, making him take up a workout routine (albeit one catering to building up his super-strength), and Bob behaving more self-assuredly in a manner similar to James Bond. Also, having endured dressing downs and a later job termination from his boss Mr. Huph, Mirage's large payouts and appreciation of the missions were an exact opposite of the hostile workplace he dealt with at Insuricare.

In the sequel, Bob has learned to keep his pride and ego somewhat in check. While initially jealous that Helen was chosen to be the face of the superhero legalization campaign over him, he swallowed his pride and was ultimately the one who convinced her to do it, even admitting that it was for his sake after claiming it was for their children. Also, despite his jealousy, Bob continued to deeply love Helen, immediately attempting to rescue her when he believed she was in danger.

With Helen doing superhero work, Bob decided to try his best at being a good dad for his children. However, his aggressive methods of doing so ironically only caused him to push them away. Meanwhile, his wife's success caused him to hide his failings from her. All of this ultimately caused him to exhaust himself, during which he became increasingly selfish and short-tempered. It is only when he vents his frustrations and apologizes that he and his children finally start to develop a genuine connection.

Physical appearance[]

Bob is an exceptionally tall and muscular man with a massive chest, shoulders, and arms (as it befits his superhuman strength). He also has blond hair (which has receded in his middle age), fair skin, and blue eyes. As a younger man, he was slim-waisted, but by the time his daughter, Violet was in middle school, he had become heavily obese with a waistline as wide as his shoulders. He was forced to undergo a strenuous diet and exercise regimen, after which he lost enough weight to resume his super-heroics before leaving to go to Nomanisan Island. Even so, he is still apparently quite heavyset compared to 15 years ago as notated by Edna's "My God you've gotten fat" remark.

Powers and abilities[]


  • Superhuman Strength: Mr. Incredible's primary superpower is his vast superhuman strength. According to Syndrome's data files of "Supers", Bob's exact lifting limit is well in excess of 66 tons, though he was previously seen bench-pressing an ALCO locomotive, which weighs 153 tons. His threat rating is 9.1, a level none of the other superheroes in his world had, making him one of the most powerful beings on the planet. Even in middle age, he is phenomenally strong, able to throw large boulders at high speed and accuracy, and be on equal footing with the Omnidroid v.8. His most impressive feats of strength is countering and overpowering the Omnidroid v.10 even as it descended straight down, showing force of over 2000 metric tons.
    • Superhuman Jump/Leap: Mr. Incredible's superhuman strength extends to all his musculature. His strong legs allow him to jump incredible heights in the air, with significant freedom in his agility and movement.
    • Enhanced Speed: His superhumanly strong leg muscles also give him a certain degree of enhanced, near-superhuman speed, as he can run significantly faster than a normal human—though neither his speed nor agility approach that of his son Dash.
      • Enhanced Agility: His superhumanly strong muscles allow him to move and perform feats of great agility a normal human being could never do without hurting himself or damaging his ligaments. Combined with his jumping ability, Mr. Incredible is able to perform some astonishing maneuvers no other normal human or even the finest of athletes could do.
  • Invulnerability: Mr. Incredible is able to withstand tremendous amounts of physical trauma and blunt forces, including multi-story falls, the direct impact of a train, breaking through brick walls, and surviving 100,000 volts of electricity under torture (though the extreme electrocution rendered him weak and clearly hurt him significantly). However he is not indestructible; he can still be cut with very hard metals and a suitable amount of force. Despite the fact that Mr. Incredible has a near-superhuman degree of resistance to impacts and pain, things that produce a tremendous amount of blunt force can still hurt him or even pierce his skin. This is shown when he is about to stop the passenger train, he winces just before it hits him. According to director Brad Bird, it was him "preparing for the fact that it's going to hurt". This was shown again during his battle with the Omnidroid v.8 on Nomanisan Island when the robot tried to pin Mr. Incredible to the ground but only succeeded in slicing his left shoulder, causing it to bleed. In a deleted scene, however, his body could withstand being cut by a butcher knife, and also dent it in the process, as demonstrated when he was trying to leave some food for the grill, and accidentally chopped his fingers. This also in a way acted as a weakness as it would have given away his identity to their new neighbors, so he had to fake injury in order to maintain cover. Also, at the beginning of The Incredibles movie, when a normal thug threatened him by pointing a gun at him point-blank, Mr. Incredible showed no concern or preoccupation getting shot by a low-caliber bullet, and in fact maintains a jar full of bullets which bounced off of him.
  • Enhanced Senses: Mr. Incredible also has very sharp senses. This power is seen when Bomb Voyage is about to blow open the vault of a skyrise building; Mr. Incredible is able to hear the faint beeping of the bomb from the other side of a thick wall. Also, when he arrived home after some hours of vigilantism, he rapidly noticed the presence of another person in the room, which was Helen.


  • Expert Strategist: Being a veteran superhero, years of field experience and super-heroic actions allow him to rapidly formulate effective strategies to deal with opponents who cannot be bested by his strength alone. It also allows him to work well with other heroes he's familiar with and take advantage of their powers in concert with his own.
  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Mr. Incredible's experience and years of practicing have turned him into an excellent unarmed combatant.
  • Skilled Mathematician: Bob is shown to be very good in mathematical tasks: in his first scenes as an insurance employee, he was able to remember and repeat complex serial numbers of documents, while in the second movie he was able to understand and resolve Dash's math homework and successfully teach him in the span of a night. Further, he's also skilled at determining the trajectory of thrown or flying objects, including irregular objects, such as wreckage or living beings, such as Helen.
  • Stealth: Mr. Incredible managed to fake his death and sneak inside Syndrome's compound and find out about the plans for Operation Kronos. He likely would have made it out without Syndrome or Mirage knowing had the tracking device in his suit not gone off.


  • Durability Limitations: Despite his incredible endurance and durability, Mr. Incredible is vulnerable to extreme forces, as well as mundane and natural injuries and aches due to age. Also, despite being nearly invulnerable, he is shown to have an aversion to lava, suggesting he is not completely invincible and can be hurt and ultimately killed by molten substances.
  • Uncontrollable Strength: His immense strength can also be a huge weakness he often has difficulty controlling, as shown when he constantly breaks or dents objects, such as his car and a small plate. It also became a problem when he threw Huph through five walls, which was much harder than he intended.


The Incredibles[]


Mr. Incredible in his glory days.

At first Mr. Incredible is enjoying the life of a superhero, or "Super" as they are called. One day, Mr. Incredible drives his Incredibile on way to to his wedding. Hearing on the radio of an ongoing car chase, the superhero looks at his watch and decides he has time to assist. Pursuing the robbers, Mr. Incredible switches from his tuxedo to his superhero outfit as the car's auto drive tries intercept the block where the car chase is. blasting off at high speeds, an old citizen suddenly walk out on the road and Mr. Incredible pushes the breaks instantly. Her cat is stuck in a tree and asks for his assistance. Agreeing to help, he cautions the elder to clear way of the robbers which will pass them soon. Picking up the entire tree, he starts shaking it to force the cat off it and becomes more frantic as the robbers cars closes in. Eventually the cat falls into its owners arms and in a millisecond, Mr. Incredible swings the tree onto the road and acts as a wall when the robbers crash into it. Placing the tree back in the ground, both the policemen thank Mr. Incredible for his help and he assures them he is merely doing his duty. He gets back in his car, and finds Buddy Pine in the passenger seat. Buddy tries to become his sidekick, but frustrated by his biggest fan's continuing annoyance, Mr. Incredible ejects him out off the Incredibile and drives off to continue his hero work.

Finding a thief on top of a roof looking through a purse, he prepares to arrest him. Suddenly the thief is knocked unconscious by the punch of an elongated arm. Out of the shadows steps Elastigirl. After some friendly bickering about which hero the thief belonged to, the two share some romantic flirting as they part ways to prepare for their wedding. Attaching the thief in handcuffs to the building, Frozone reminds Incredible of the upcoming wedding as he chases a helicopter. Still having time to make it there, Incredible's focus shifts as people scream in shock as a man falls from a building. Timing his jump, Incredible catches the man as they crash into the building. The man hurts his neck, though Incredible states that counseling will help him forgive the superhero. Wondering why the surrounding offices are empty, the superhero places the unconscious man away safely. Walking up to one of the walls, Mr. Incredible hears a faint beeping sound. Familiar with the sound, Incredible uses his sharp reflexes to run away from the wall which explodes. The French villain Bomb Voyage grins his teeth, fresh off a bank robbery. Incredible pushes the safe door which blew into him away and confronts the villain. Suddenly, Buddy Pines calls out his nickname "Incrediboy", arriving next to Incredible with rocket boots, much to the agitation of his idol. Not amused by his fanboy's constant interference, Incredible grabs Bomb Voyage as the villain tries to sneak away as the superhero continues talking with his not wanted sidekick. Telling Pines to go home and tells him he works solo, the naïve fanboy tries to sway his idol with a demonstration of the rocket boots, but is unaware to the bomb placed on his cape by Bomb Voyage. Letting go of Bomb Voyage and leaping onto Incrediboy, Incredible desperately tries to remove the bomb from the boys cape. Falling down dozens of meters, Incredible rises to see the railing he stands on blown up by the bomb. Just as one problem starts, a passenger train soon speeds straight towards the destroyed rail track. Jumping over the gap, Incredible runs right towards the train and prepares himself for the impact. Hitting the locomotive, Incredible struggles to slow the train and just barely stops it from plummeting in the ground. Leaving Incrediboy to the police, Incredible notices the time passed since his encounter with Bomb Voyage and calls his car and blasts off to reach the wedding. Promising to change his persona as he marries Elastigirl, Incredible assures his newly wed wife that they are superheroes and that nothing can go wrong for them.

Unfortunately, his exuberance gets him into trouble and leads to several civilians being injured, including Oliver Sansweet who did not want to be saved. Due to the events of that night, the public turns against Mr. Incredible and all the supers in response to the injuries; and they are forced to give up their hero work. Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl go into hiding as they try to lead a normal life. He and his wife Helen have three children: Violet, who is able to generate force fields and turn invisible, Dash, who can run super-fast, and Jack-Jack, who initially is thought to be powerless (though it is later revealed that he has several very impressive powers). Bob is immensely unhappy in his civilian life and is having a mid-life crisis, because he and his family are forced to hide their powers and are miserable, and because his civilian job is soul-crushing tedium which goes against all he stands for. Putting his hero work on the shelf, Incredible stops exercising and keeping his shape, putting on a lot weight the following years and gets a fat stomach with a large width around his waist of over fifty inches. Consequently, Bob loses some muscle mass, has a notably shorter stamina, finds simple stretching exercises demanding and requires even larger clothes to fit his heavy obesity. Furthermore, Mr. Incredible gets much more stiff movement. Moreover, he acquires more back pain as well. Overall, his physical health and happiness deteriorates substantially due to society's banishments of Supers. This leads him to sneak out with his friend Frozone and fight crime covertly. As they continue however, while Lucius becomes more reluctant, Bob is only enticed more. One evening, they rescue a group of unconscious people from a burning building even though Frozone wanted to go bowling as they had used as cover each time. They are successful, but accidentally trigger an alarm in a jewelry store. As they argue as a police officer enters and point his gun at them. On edge, the policemen yells for them to freeze even as Frozone takes a zip of water. Rehydrated, Frozone freezes the officer as he opens fire and uses the moment to get back to their car. Almost arrested, Frozone makes it clear that this operation should be their last.

Sneaking into his house and taking a piece of leftover cake, Bob tries to go unnoticed although Helen discovers him and they have an argument. Confronting him about his dogmatic prison of 'glory days', Helen tries to make him realize that their family is more important than the past. The argument ends when Violet and Dash are revealed to have been listening and Helen suggest all should go to bed. At work Bob is called by his boss, Gilbert Huph, who is angered by Bob providing insurance for people in need because while its supposed to be Insuricare's job, it doesn't serve the company's interest in terms of profit. Heading to his boss, Bob walks from his office, crashing into the walls with his hefty belly, which he squeezes through. Unknown to him, a mysterious lady walks in a leaves a package on in his suitcase. Huph tells Bob to sit down and aligns his pencils perfectly with the lines of his diagram sheet when they scatter across the desk when Bob's weight causes the floor to shake slightly. Disinterested and just unhappy, Bob is forced to hear a lecture from his boss of how his purpose to provide money for the company more than help people in financial struggle. Bob questions whether he did anything illegally and if they're not supposed to help people, however, what he hears is the shady truth: Insuricare is supposed to help the bureaucrats and the company's investors, essentially providing corruption. When he furiously assaults his boss after being prevented from saving a man who was getting mugged outside their window, he is fired from his job at the insurance company and the government is called into again cover his actions as a super and relocate him, a task for his much put-upon case handler Rick Dicker. As this would mean uprooting the family again after having just settled into their current lives, Bob declines help for his employment situation.


Facing Syndrome.

However, before he can tell his family that he's lost his job, he finds a tablet inside his suitcase in which a mysterious woman named Mirage offers him a large sum of money to stop a robot in a covert job "for the government". Taking a moment to think, Bob is caught in a trap of nostalgia as he sees all the newspapers, drawings, and memorabilia from his superhero career displayed in his home office and reflects of the wonders of the past. He accepts and joins a jet where he is briefed with the mission. Mirage instructs him that he will be released from the plane in a pod in the southern parts of the Nomanisan Island and find the Omnidroid which is running around causing havoc. Told to damage the droid but not destroy it, Mr. Incredible straps himself and lower his chair's angle to enter the launch pod. However, it becomes apparent that he has been retired for 15 years, as his girth proves to be too wide for the launch pod. As the guard presses continuously to move him inside, his hefty gut prevents him to do so. Finally, the guard pushes the button with maximal force and after some initial struggle, his paunchy waistline slowly enters the pod's opening and Mr. Incredible gets inside. Mirage then goes to warn him to not postpone the fight too long as the robot me comes increasingly intelligent the longer its opponent battles with it. When the launching pod lands Mr. Incredible is unable to get out of it. Pressing himself up of the pod, his gut again traps him from getting on the other side and wiggles against the opening of the pod. Independent on what he does, Mr. Incredible starts getting bothered by his large midsection constantly banging and stopping him from either leaving or entering the pod. Therefore he has to break it open in order to get out. Immediately, Bob starts to stretch out, cracking several joints as he twists his torso and breaths exhaustingly after only bending and the suit fits less somewhat to his larger stomach bouncing like a balloon filled with water. Trying to reach his toes, Bob is unable to do so because of his fatty spare tire, pressing his stomach against his legs each time he tries to bend and strains to do so.

Before scouring the island, he takes one last stretch backwards. The top of his super suit slithers upwards due the far stouter underside of his belly and reveals his navel. His stomach makes a faint gurgling sound as he does so. His suit slithers back around his rounded gut as he says "showtime." Mr. Incredible then starts his search for the Omnidroid. He frequently takes breaks after jogging as he notices how bad shape he had gotten in. Once he had slowly run through the southern part of the island, an out-of-breath Bob leans into a tree and discovers clawmarks on the tree trunk and a footprint shaped like an X on the ground. Suddenly, the Omnidroid shows up pushing two trees aside and surprising the unsuspected superhero. Though he manages two dodge the first strikes, the robot cuts his right arm. Bob then leap in front of it and punches it across the forest. This left no impact however and when Mr. Incredible tries to do the same maneuver the Omnidroid 08's processors calculate the degree of his leap and intercepts. The hit knocks Bob into a tree which then collapses, that the robot dodges by rolling. Quickly it realizes that the roll could be used for combat and pursues a fleeing Mr. Incredible.

Eventually, they reach a volcano and Mr. Incredible slides down the mountainside, only for the robot to land in front of him. He then tries to hurl boulders at it, however, the metal is too hard. The robot retaliates by hurling them back at him and misses him with its claw by mere inches. As Bob again tries to flee, the robot jumps and the impact from its descent pushes the hero down into the volcano next to the lava. The robot falls down right after and a worried Mr. Incredible tries to wrestle the robot in a strength contest. Not having trained for over a decade, the robot slowly overpowers him and presses Bob closer to the lava. Just as the robot drives Mr. Incredible at the bank of the lava lake and is about to send him into the scoldering substance, Bob roars as he uses all his strength to heave the robot into the boiling lake instead. He then throws his back after doing a short victory dance after presumably "defeating" the Omnidroid 08. Unfortunately, it climbs out of the lava and begins to spin its hot claws and makes the thrown back Mr. Incredible jump onto a close rock drifting in the lava lake. The Omnidroid grabs him and tries to pull his limbs apart, yet due to his immense durability ironically snaps his back back into place. Laughing, Mr. Incredible rips the robot's arms apart and climbs into the Omnidroid 08, promptly making it tear holes in itself. With a final lure, the robot ripped out its own core and Bob is able to complete the task successfully but tears his old suit in the process.

Bob finds the action from the mission rejuvenating and becomes noticeably happier and livelier over the next two months. He improves his relationship with his family and receives a new suit from his old friend Edna Mode, who is a famous fashion icon and former super-suit designer. Bob spends the two months getting back into shape, building more muscles and getting a noticeably slimmer waist of around thirty six inches. while pretending to still be employed at his former job for the sake of his family not having to move. However, his next assignment turns out to be a trap. Bob is send to a conference room, however, as the wall opens a larger and stronger Omnidroid 09 grabs Mr. Incredible which tried to escape, and throws him into a rock. Fittingly, the robot pummels Mr. Incredible continuously into the ground as an unknown voice states that the robot is "bigger", "badder", and thus, "too much for Mr. Incredible". Captured and held at bay by the Omnidroid's claws, the robot uses two of its others claws and spins them at high velocity, inches away from his neck, he is then greeted by Buddy Pine, now the super-villain Syndrome, who intends to avenge himself after being shunned by Supers. Syndrome blamed Mr. Incredible for not admitting him as a sidekick, and Bob realizes that the robot fights had simply been a ruse to discover flaws in the design for a greater plan. During this revelation Syndrome smacks his former idol into the ground with his zero-point energy. Bob is able to escape, though barely and finds the corpse of his old friend Gazerbeam along with a carving made by him which formed the word "Kronos".

Later that night, knowing that Syndrome believed him to be dead, Bob infiltrates his base and uses the computer to discover, much to his horror, that many other Supers, his old friends, died during the testing of the robots, including Gazerbeam and that Syndrome intends to attack the city by sending the Omnidroid v.10, and worriedly he quickly searches for Elastigirl and Frozone, finding out that while Syndrome didn't know Helen's location, he knew Frozone's and intended to target him next. Unfortunately, a tracking device in his suit activates an alarm and cannons began to fire some sort of black balls that swell in size. Though he keeps running, the balls become too numerous and begin to cover his entire body. He is unable to muscle his way through their elasticity, trapped in a mass of inescapable swelling goo and his skin is pressured against the hardened material. He is recaptured. Restrained in metal capsules around his hands and feet attached to neutral electric currents running around an anti gravity force field, the strong superhero is kept at bay. Soon Syndrome appears, congratulating his former idol for his boldness to hide behind the skeletal remains of Gazerbeam to avoid from his probe's scanner. This geeky fondness turns to disappointment as he reveals knowledge of a homing signal of a plane, which believes was Mr. Incredible calling for help, to which he calls weak. Syndrome tortures him for information about the beacon, but Bob denies calling for help, truthfully unaware of any rescue plane. Infuriated by what he presumes is Mr. Incredible denying to release the information, Syndrome this tells the guard by the computer to shock the superhero twice with over 100 000 volts. The ludicrous amounts of electricity curls around Mr. Incredible, crackling through him with an immense electron current, making him tighten himself in response and scream in pain. Each time, the superhero got completely exhausted by the volts overloading his body and hung weakly in the force field, trying to explain that he held no knowledge of the plane. After Syndrome taunts him some more for his cleverness, Bob is led to believe that his family has been killed when Syndrome shoots down their plane. Devastation of his family demise turns to hatred which fuels Bob to bend the electric current chains with sheer strength. He lunges at Syndrome in anger but grabs Mirage instead. Bob threatens to kill Mirage unless he's freed, but Syndrome calls his bluff. Bob ultimately relents, earning him more contempt from the villain. Adding salt to injury, Syndrome calls him weak for not killing even when he has lost his family and leaves with Mirage as Mr. Incredible is left to mourn.


Mr. Incredible prepares to battle alongside his family.

Later, Bob reunites with his wife, though he is caught embracing Mirage, who had just freed him. Bob and Helen bicker for a bit, then regroup with the children. Syndrome captures the family to try to stop them from interfering with his plan of fake being a superhero by stopping his Omnidroid in a rigged crisis and Bob expresses his disbelief that Syndrome murdered real heroes just to pretend to be one, they are able to escape with help from Violet and Mirage. Bob and his family return to Metroville and try to find the tenth Omnidroid. After expressing his fear of losing his family once more, Helen and Bob finally reconcile and unite as superheroes. Then, the robot tries to crush the children, shocking the parents. Violet's force field manages to block the robot's attacks for a short time, however, faints as her shield cracks when the robot lunges its full weight. Just before the children are flattened, Bob in an incredible display of strength holds the robot off, allowing Helen to grab the kids. Being able to stop the robots momentum, Bob then goes to rise himself and amazingly lift it, yet is tossed into a building. In return he tackles the Omnidroid with his shoulder forcing it down from the building. The final version of the Omnidroid proves just as impenetrable as the first he fought. The battle becomes a race for Syndrome's remote and they manage to destroy its laser cannon and disassemble one of its legs, however, Mr. Incredible realizes they cannot stop it. He then recalls how he defeated the Omnidroid 08 and lifts one of its loosened claws. Helen accidentally ignites its rocket blaster as Mr. Incredible strains to keep it from flying. He tells his wife to press the same button again.

Eventually they are able to stop Syndrome's robot with the aid of Frozone after a lengthy fight, when Mr. Incredible aims and releases one off the claws blasting directly off against the robot. The spinning claw drills through the Omnidroid's hull, taking its own core out and subsequently collapses and explodes. However, when returning home, they find Syndrome there with Jack-Jack, intending to kidnap him to raise him as his sidekick, but he fails because of Jack-Jack using his powers. Helen saves him, after Mr. Incredible throws her up, though Syndrome promises to eventually capture their youngest child. Having had enough turmoil, Bob heaves his car into the plane and Syndrome dies after being sucked by his plane's turbine, which crashes down in the Parr house, destroying it. Bob's journey in returning to the head of his family and superheroing is completed when he learns that his family is the greatest prize worth saving and his greatest adventure. The end of the film shows that Bob and his family now fight crime together as "The Incredibles".

Mr. Incredible and Pals[]

In the 2005 DVD release of The Incredibles on Disc 2 for an unproduced pilot of a fictional animated series, Mr. Incredible, Frozone, and a rabbit named Mr. Skipperdoo team up when they witness the disappearance of the West River Bridge in which Mr. Skipperdoo shows them a radioactive bolt in which the radioactivity comes from a villain no other than Lady Lightbug who is planning to terrorize Metroville with her radioactivity. As Frozone repairs part of the bridge, he, Mr. Skipperdoo, and Mr. Incredible plan to go after Lady Lightbug where they discover an abandoned amusement park alongside the villain Lady Lightbug. Mr. Incredible manages to capture her to foil her plans and save Metroville. At the end of the episode, a sneak peek shows a preview of the next episode showing Mr. Incredible fighting anthropomorphic corn named Evil Cornhead.

In the optional commentary for the short episode, Mr. Incredible and Frozone both express the quality of the limited animation and how they were portrayed in this short.

Incredibles 2[]

Incredibles 2 111

Mr. Incredible in Incredibles 2.

Bob Parr returns in the sequel, with Craig T. Nelson reprising his role. In the sequel, Bob and his family's fight against The Underminer picks up where it left off. Helen aids Bob in jumping onto the drill. Hanging onto the ginormous drill as it digs underground, Mr. Incredible has to duck falling debris. When confronting the Underminer Mr. Incredible tries to give a heroic speech, but is cut short when an unsuspecting Underminer accidentally sucks Bob along with the bank's money. Punching his way through the metal container, the Underminer surprises him and uses his metal arms to pummel him. Bob loses patience and flip-throws the villain into the control panel, unfortunately with such ferocity that it got destroyed. The Incredibles beat The Underminer but fail to catch him. Afterward they are arrested for the damages the Underminer did to the city, being disregarded of successfully stopping the drill from piercing the Capital building. Rick Dicker bails them out and escorts them to the motel they will be staying at for now. On their way Violet reveals that Tony Rydinger, her love interest, saw her use her powers when she was not wearing her mask. Bob informs Dicker of this. Rick informs Bob and Helen that the Super Relocation Program has been shut down and that they will only be able to stay in the motel for two weeks. That night, Frozone appears and escorts them to DevTech where they meet Winston Deavor and his sister Evelyn Deavor. The siblings tell the three of them that they are going to launch a promotional campaign to make Supers legal again and they want Elastigirl to head it since her heroics are the least costly. Bob urges Helen to do it as their choice is that she does this or they become homeless. The Deavers move them into a new home.

Incredibles 2 50

A very sleep-deprived Bob.

After Helen leaves, Bob takes charge of the kids. Bob gets into trouble later that afternoon. Violet is stood up by Tony and misses her date due to the fact that Dicker had erased his memory for which they have a falling out. Dash's math homework is complicated but he manages to help him catch up. He also discovers that thanks to Kari McKeen, Jack-Jack had awakened at least seventeen powers during the battle with Syndrome. Bob tries to help Violet to patch things up with Tony by bringing her to the restaurant he works at only for her to end up humiliating herself. Later, a very sleep-deprived Bob is helping Dash with his homework when they see a news report about how a rich man has purchased the Incredibile. Bob is understandably furious since he was told it had been destroyed, and shouts, "THAT'S MY CAR!!!!!". Things get worse when Jack-Jack uses his powers in front of Dash and Violet who are shocked that he knew and didn't tell them about it. When they tried to confront him, Bob finally snaps at them out of rage, as he vents how overwhelmed he is. The stunned kids then decide to call Lucius who comes over to help deal with Jack-Jack and advises Bob to get some outside help after seeing his abilities. Bob leaves Jack-Jack with Edna Mode and returns home, where he is able to apologize to Violet and at last falls into a deep sleep, from which he doesn't awaken for 17 hours. Finally able to get some much-needed rest, Bob awakens the next day in a much better mood. Returning to Edna's Bob finds the superhero designer has worked all night to create a new super-suit for Jack-Jack, complete with a controller that can detect which of his powers will activate and can supply appropriate countermeasures to allow the family to keep them under control since the REAL problem is that Jack-Jack has many powers but no real ability to control them. Later, Evelyn calls Bob and tells him something has happened to Helen. This is revealed to be a trap when Evelyn forces the mind-controlled Helen to put the hypno-goggles on him, which resulted in Bob being placed under Evelyn's control. Bob and Helen are joined by a newly-hypnotized Lucius and board the Devtech ship, where Evelyn makes them speak to the public about how they denounce Supers for the harm they cause. Dash, Violet, and Jack-Jack board the ship and find their parents and Lucius after the brainwashed Supers had destroyed the controls for the ship, locking it to crash into New Urbem. After Jack-Jack removes the goggles from Helen, she removes the goggles from Bob and Lucius, freeing them from Evelyn's control. The Incredibles and Lucius work together to free the other brainwashed Supers from Evelyn's control, with Mr. Incredible fighting his physically equal Brick. His punch is grabbed and is pinned into the wall, however, Elastigirl wraps herself around Brick's neck, allowing Mr. Incredible to punch off the goggles. To stop the now-runaway boat from crashing into the city Bob tries to reach the engine room however the still brainwashed Krausher forces the surrounding pipes around Mr. Incredible. He throws one of the pipes and knocks the goggles off, but cannot get into the engine room. Violet suggests they steer it towards the coast with Lucius trying to slow the ship's speed with his ice and Bob needs to change the rudder. He attaches himself to the anchor chain and is dropped underwater by Dash. Avoiding the ship's propeller, Mr. Incredible manages to slowly turn the rudder by pushing it after several minutes underwater. He is pulled up and tells everyone to brace for impact. The Supers stops the ship from crashing into the city and turn the treacherous Evelyn to police custody. Shortly thereafter, Supers are made legal again.

Auntie Edna[]

Bob Parr (this time without his superhero identity) makes brief appearances in this short where he brings his baby Jack-Jack for Edna to babysit him and study his powers. At the end of the short, Edna then takes Jack-Jack to Bob as she explains to him that whenever she babysits Jack-Jack (unlike other babies), she does not charge him as Bob and Jack-Jack leave for home. Later after Bob leaves, Edna notices Jack-Jack (presumably a clone of himself) next to her, as Edna runs off telling Bob that he forgot his baby.


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  • At the beginning of the original film, Bob was 25 years old. He was also much slimmer than he was in the present day.
    • In present day, 40-year old Bob had become heavily obese, gaining a large gut. He goes on a diet and intense training regime and eventually succeeds in losing a lot of the weight. According to official sources, Bob Parr is 6'7" (200 cm) in height and is 350 pounds (158 kg) in weight.
  • In an early draft for the film, he broke the law when he married Elastigirl and had children, as said in the alternate beginning when Syndrome (then a minor one-shot villain who sought revenge) discovered that Mr. Incredible was married to Elastigirl, and they had a baby, he said "Isn't it illegal for Supers to breed?" This concept was cut in the final version, and when a similar revelation was made, he doesn't mention anything about whether it was legal or not for Supers to marry and have kids.
  • In the early drafts for the film, Mr. Incredible's civilian name was originally "Bob Smith"
  • Bob Parr is the first human protagonist in a Pixar feature film.
  • In the sequel, Bob admits that many people have discovered his secret identity but Rick Dicker has always been able to erase their memories.
  • At the start of the first movie, Bob expresses the desire to retire from superhero duties and make himself a family, while Helen dismisses the idea entirely; in the end, their attitudes towards civilian life are the exact opposite, with Helen content to be a housewife and Bob incapable of letting go of his past.
  • Bob and Helen both still own their classic super suits in the sequel, although it would be assumed the suits would have been destroyed with their old house in the first film: they may have survived because, like Edna shows, the suits are nearly indestructible.
  • Curiously, both Incredibles' movies start with Bob failing to catch a super criminal: Bomb Voyage in the first and the Underminer in the second.
  • When Bob, at the end of the first movie, opens his shirt and reveals his super suit under it, he does it in a similar way to Superman, a DC Comics hero known for striking the same pose.
  • Near the end of the original film, Bob saves Violet and Dash by lifting up the Omnidroid smashing down on them, its weight with its speed equal to roughly 40,000,000 lbs (18,143,695 kg), therefore making that his maximum strength.
  • One of the concept art images for Mr. Incredible later became a widespread internet meme on December 19th, 2021. Titled Mr. Incredible Becoming Uncanny.
  • According to the National Supers Agency audio videos from The Incredibles 2005 DVD release, Mr. Incredible was nicknamed by Thunderhead as "Mr. Inedible" following a victory in an eating contest.[1]


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The Lion King: SimbaNalaTimonPumbaaZazuRafikiScarEd
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Zootopia: Judy HoppsNick WildeChief BogoFlash
The Sword in the Stone: MerlinWartSir Ector
Bambi: ThumperBambiFlower
The Jungle Book: MowgliBagheeraBalooKing LouieShere Khan
Lady and the Tramp: TrampTonyJoeLadyTrustyJock
Dumbo: Timothy MouseDumboRingmasterMr. StorkMrs. Jumbo
Pocahontas: PocahontasMeekoPercy
The Emperor's New Groove: PachaKuzcoYzmaKronk
The Rescuers: BernardOrvillePennyMiss BiancaMadame Medusa
The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack SkellingtonSallyOogie BoogieZeroThe MayorShockBarrelLockDr. Finkelstein
Frozen: AnnaKristoffElsaHansOlafSvenRyderHoneymarenFire SpiritMarshmallow
Mulan: Li ShangMulanMushuCri-KeeShan YuKhanThe EmperorLingYaoChien-Po
Beauty and the Beast: BeastCogsworthLumièreBelleGastonMrs. PottsChipLeFouMauriceWardrobe
The Lion King: PumbaaTimonNalaSimbaScarZazuRafikiShenziBanzaiEd
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Lilo & Stitch: NaniCobra BubblesAngelLiloStitchPleakleyJumba
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The Princess and the Frog: EudoraPrince NaveenMama OdieTianaDr. FacilierLouisCharlotte La Bouff
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The Black Cauldron: TaranThe Horned KingGurgiEilonwyFflewddur Fflam

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Ratatouille: RemyLinguiniColette
The Incredibles: ElastigirlDashVioletMr. IncredibleSyndromeFrozoneJack-Jack
Finding Nemo: NemoCrushSquirtDoryMarlinBruceHankBaileyDestinyBecky
Coco: Miguel RiveraErnesto de la CruzMamá ImeldaAbuelitaHéctor RiveraDanteMamá Coco
Onward: BarleyColtLaurelThe ManticoreIanBlazeyDad
Brave: Queen ElinorLord MacGuffinLord MacintoshMeridaLord DingwallKing Fergus
Luca: LucaAlbertoGiuliaErcoleMachiavelli
Up: RussellCarl FredricksenKevinDugCharles Muntz
Turning Red: MiriamPriyaAbbyMeilin "Mei" LeeMing Lee
Soul: Dorothea WilliamsJoe GardnerMr. MittensMoonwind22
Inside Out: SadnessFearDisgustJoyAnger
A Bug's Life: FlikAttaDotHopperHeimlich

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Will TurnerElizabeth SwannJack SparrowCaptain BarbossaTia DalmaDavy Jones

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Indiana Jones: SallahIndiana JonesRené BelloqMarion Ravenwood Henry Jones, Sr.

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A Goofy Movie: PowerlineMax Goof

Aladdin: AladdinGenieJafarJasmineRajahAbu
Alice in Wonderland: Alice Mad HatterQueen of HeartsCheshire Cat
Atlantis: The Lost Empire: Kida NedakhVincenzo SantoriniHelga SinclairMilo ThatchAudrey Ramirez
Beauty and the Beast: GastonBeastBelleLumiereCogsworth
Big Hero 6: Hiro HamadaBaymaxHoney LemonWasabiGo Go TomagoFred
Bolt: Bolt
Cinderella: Fairy GodmotherCinderella
Frozen: ElsaOlafKristoffSvenAnna
Hercules: HadesHerculesMegaraZeusPhiloctetesPegasus
Lilo & Stitch: StitchPleakleyJumbaAngelLilo Pelekai
Meet the Robinsons Bowler Hat GuyDOR-15
Mickey Mouse & Friends Mickey MouseGoofyMinnie MousePlutoPeteDaisy Duck
Moana: MoanaMaui
Mulan: Fa MulanLi ShangShan YuMushu
One Hundred and One Dalmatians: Cruella De Vil
Peter Pan: Peter PanCaptain Hook
Pocahontas: PocahontasMeeko
Raya and the Last Dragon: RayaSisuNamaari
Robin Hood: Robin HoodSheriff of NottinghamLittle John
Sleeping Beauty: MaleficentAuroraPrince Phillip
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: The Evil QueenSnow White
Tangled: RapunzelFlynn RiderMaximusMother GothelStabbington Brothers
The Black Cauldron: The Horned King
The Emperor's New Groove: YzmaKronkPachaKuzco
The Great Mouse Detective: Basil of Baker Street
The Hunchback of Notre Dame: EsmeraldaQuasimodoPhoebus
The Jungle Book: King LouieBalooBagheeraKaaShere Khan
The Lion King: ScarRafikiTimonPumbaaSimbaNala
The Little Mermaid: ArielUrsulaKing Triton
The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack SkellingtonSallyOogie BoogieLock, Shock, and BarrelMayor of Halloween Town
The Princess and the Frog: Dr. FacilierTianaLouis
The Rescuers Down Under: Percival C. McLeach
The Sword in the Stone: MerlinMadam Mim
Treasure Planet: Captain AmeliaJim HawkinsJohn Silver
Wreck-It Ralph: Wreck-It RalphVanellope von SchweetzFix-It Felix Jr.Sergeant CalhounShank
Winnie the Pooh: Winnie the PoohTiggerEeyore
Zootopia: Judy HoppsNick WildeYax FinnickChief BogoClawhauserKoslovMr. BigBellwether

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Amercian Dragon: Jake Long: Jake LongRose
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers: Chip and DaleGadget HackwrenchZipper

Darkwing Duck: Darkwing DuckMegavoltQuackerjackNegaduck
DuckTales: Scrooge McDuckDonald DuckHuey, Dewey, and LouieFenton CrackshellLaunchpad McQuackMagica De Spell
Gargoyles: GoliathDemona
Kim Possible: Kim PossibleDr. DrakkenShegoRon StoppableRufusDuff KilliganMonkey Fist
Phineas and Ferb: Agent PHeinz Doofenshmirtz
The Owl House: Eda ClawthorneLuz Noceda

A Bug's Life: FlikHopper

Brave: Merida
Coco: Miguel RiveraDante
Finding Nemo: GeraldMarlinNemoHankDory
Inside Out: AngerJoySadnessDisgustFear
Luca: Luca PaguroAlberto Scorfano
Monsters, Inc.: James P. SullivanBooMike WazowskiRandall Boggs
Onward: Ian LightfootCorey the ManticoreBarley Lightfoot
Ratatouille: Alfredo LinguiniRemyColette TatouChef Skinner
Soul: 22
The Incredibles: Mr. IncredibleElastigirlDash ParrViolet ParrJack-Jack ParrFrozoneSyndromeThe UnderminerVoyd
Toy Story: WoodyBuzz LightyearJessieRexEmperor ZurgBo PeepBilly, Goat, and GruffDuke CaboomDucky and BunnySlinky DogHamm
Turning Red: Mei Lee
Up: Carl FredricksenDugRussellKevin

Disney live-action films
Hocus Pocus: Winifred SandersonSarah SandersonMary SandersonThackery BinxBilly Butcherson

Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack SparrowHector BarbossaTia DalmaDavy Jones
The Rocketeer: Cliff Secord
Tron: Kevin FlynnQuorraTron

The Muppets
AnimalMiss PiggyGonzoDr. Bunsen HoneydewBeakerKermit the FrogThe Swedish ChefFozzie BearStatler and WaldorfSweetums

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Aladdin: AladdinGenieJafarJasmine

Alice in Wonderland: Alice
Beauty and the Beast: BeastGastonBelle
Big Hero 6: BaymaxHiro Hamada
Fantasia: Mickey Mouse
Frozen: ElsaAnnaOlaf
Hercules: HadesHercules
Lilo & Stitch: Stitch
Mickey Mouse & Friends: Minnie MouseGoofyDonald Duck
Moana: MauiMoana
Mulan: Fa Mulan
One Hundred and One Dalmatians: Cruella De Vil
Peter Pan: Tinker BellCaptain HookPeter Pan
Raya and the Last Dragon: Raya
Sleeping Beauty: Maleficent
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Snow WhiteThe Evil QueenMagic Mirror
Tangled: Rapunzel
The Emperor's New Groove: Kuzco
The Lion King: ScarSimba
The Little Mermaid: ArielUrsula
The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie BoogieJack SkellingtonSally
The Princess and the Frog: Tiana
Winnie the Pooh: Tigger
Zootopia: Judy Hopps

Disney animated shows
DuckTales: Scrooge McDuck

TaleSpin: Baloo

Brave: MeridaWill O' the Wisps

Finding Nemo: Dory
Inside Out: Anger
Lightyear: Zurg</font
Monsters, Inc.: James P. SullivanMike Wazowski
Onward: Ian Lightfoot
The Incredibles: Mr. IncredibleViolet ParrFrozoneDash Parr
Toy Story: Buzz LightyearWoody

Disney live-action films
Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack SparrowElizabeth Swann

Jungle Cruise: Frank Wolff
TRON: Tron
The Little Mermaid (live-action): King Triton

The Muppets
The Muppets: Kermit the Frog