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Alright guys.. the quadratic formula!
―Mr. Kieslowski speaking about math, Turning Red

Mr. Chris Kieslowski is a minor character who was featured in the 2022 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Turning Red. He is Mei's middle school math teacher.


Mr. Kieslowski is a middle-aged man with fair skin who sports a poplin shirt with white buttons, fable colored glasses and dusty grey shoes. He has a partially shaved beard, small lips, wide ears, a big nose, icy blue eyes, brown hair on the sides of his head, and brownish tan eyebrows.


Mr. Kieslowski looks like a kind and patient man, even though he is often seen frowning, because all of his hard work tires him out.

Role in the film

He is Mei's math teacher. He is first seen in the opening scene as Mei plays her flute for a group of random students. He's there, sipping his morning coffee in the teacher's lounge, and says "Highly enterprising, mildly annoying young lady" to refer to Mei's cheeky and silly tactics.

He is later seen as Tyler first takes notice of Mei's red panda form and starts provoking her about it, because of this, Mei goes straight to Mr. Kieslowski's classroom to escape from him. Miriam comes in and tries comforting Mei about the situation, although Mei tries to convince her about she's not worried, she's just excited about math. Kieslowski starts the math lesson, much to the dismay of everyone except Mei; who loves math, and when she hears the word, she gives the phew of relief.

Then when Ming spies on Mei during her classroom hours, Mr. Malik catches Ming and politely tells her to leave, but Ming refuses to do so and kicks him in the leg, urging him to go away and leave her alone, but Malik does not listen to her and keeps trying to kick her out. The kids run to the window to see what's going on, and Kieslowski tells them to settle down, but Mei soon gets too furious and turns into her red panda form, making a puffy and heavy pink cloud circled over the kids and Kieslowski, they cough due to this, and then Ming cannot believe her eyes over Mei’s red panda transformation.

He is last seen in the dodgeball scene where he tells the kids to "Be like water!" when throwing the red balls to each other, and when the kids are done for the round, he blows his whistle and tells them to get ready again, when Mei being mocked by Tyler, She losing her mind and throws the ball at Tyler, but Tyler managed to dodge, and the ball hits the window of music classroom. He blows the whistle and yells at Mei for illegal throw, and Mei's out.


  • His quote "Be like water!" is a homage to the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee.
  • His name means "A very spiritual person who often relies on intuition for decision making. Your mind is rich and deep, but often closed for other people".
  • Domee Shi confirmed that he is Polish. His look has features like lighter hair, paleness of the face, blue eyes, and high cheekbone and sharp noses.
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