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Mr. Malik is a minor character who appears in the 2022 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Turning Red. He works as a security guard for Lester B. Pearson Middle School.


Mr. Malik is a man who takes his job seriously. He usually acts like a nice man, but if people refuse to leave the territory of the school, he acts mean and threatening.


Malik is a middle-aged Indian-Canadian man. He wears a light blue button up shirt with darker blue jeans and a black belt. He also wears a dark blue turban. He sports a black beard, a blue watch on his right arm, black-grey shoes, and a police-like walkie talkie on his left pocket. He has brown eyes, a big nose, and small ears. The rest of his hair is likely hidden under the turban.

Role in the film

Malik is a security guard at Lester B. Pearson Middle School, and frequently has to escort Ming Lee off the premises to stop stalking and staring. He told her that trees aren't the "best hiding spots", and asks her politely to leave the protected area.


  • The Muslim name "Malik" is a status name from a title meaning 'lord', 'ruler', 'chief', from an Arabic word meaning 'king'. In the subcontinent this is often found as a title for the headman of a village.
  • Out of all the characters in the film, he seems to be the sole one (apart from Grandma Wu) who is able to put Ming in her place as he tries to forcefully remove her from school grounds when she trespasses, tries to do so another time when Ming is seen spying on Mei’s gym class and even gives a threatening glare to her when she tries to deliver dumplings to Mei unannounced.
    • Of course, Ming isn’t really humbled by him. She just sees him as an annoyance as evidenced when she looks annoyed by him when getting caught the third time, but nevertheless leaves the school, most likely to just get away from him.

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