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Mr. Sir is the secondary antagonist from the 2003 live-action film, Holes based on Louis Sachar's novel. He is the head counselor/assistant to the warden at Camp Green Lake. It is revealed at the end of the film that Mr. Sir is a paroled criminal, who apparently committed a crime in El Paso. Carrying the gun he uses against yellow-spotted lizards was a direct violation of his parole.



Mr. Sir is rude and immature, taking his job seriously but not truly caring for the adolescents involved. He took out a drink and was seemingly going to give it to Stanley, but he instead gave it to the guard.


Mr. Sir can use a gun effectively killing several yellow spotted lizards and he can hold a teenager over a table without effort.

Role in the Film[]

Marion Sevillo is a criminal who was arrested for an unknown crime back in El Paso, but was later released on parole. He later adopted the name "Mr. Sir" and was hired by Warden Walker to work at Camp Green Lake, a camp for troubled boys to dig all day in the hot sun in order to find the stolen treasure of Kissin' Kate Barlow. When Stanley Yelnets, a boy who was arrested for stealing a pair of shoes that belong to Clyde "Sweet Feet" Livingston arrived, he greeted him politely and was fixing to give him a drink but gave it to the guard who escorted Stanley inside. He showed Stanley around if there were guards or watch towers and even tried to get Stanley to run away, but he saw his gun. Mr. Sir claims it was for yellow spotted lizards. Stanley said he wasn't going to run away. He then gives Stanley an orange suit for him to wear during his time and explains that he will dig a hole and watch out for other animals besides yellow spotted lizards.

On Stanley's first day, he told Stanley before digging his first hole that if he finds something interesting he will report it to him or. Dr. Pendanski and he will get the rest of the day off and even told Stanley he is not looking for anything, he is building character. When Stanley shows up late, he seemingly points his gun at him, but was pointing it at a yellow spotted lizard, which he shot. He then told Stanley to get some rest. He then goes around looking and shooting at more yellow spotted lizards. One day, one of the boys of D-Tent: X-Ray found a golden tube, which drew the Warden out. They then have the boys dig into each other's holes and make them wider the following days. The next day while filling up everyone's Canteens, Magnet, another boy from D-Tent, snuck into Mr. Sir's truck and stole his sunflower seeds and then drove off, but later drove back and spotted his sack in Stanley's hole.

Stanley took the blame for Magnet, then Mr. Sir drove him to see the Warden. Mr. Sir talked with the Warden while Stanley went to get her nail polish. After Stanley gave the Warden her nail polish, Mr. Sir believes that Stanley ate all of his sunflower seeds, though Stanley said it was only half full and there might be some in his hole. The Warden then slapped him the face for making her waste his time. The Warden let Stanley go, while Mr. Sir reacted screaming in pain after being slapped. The next day, while he was serving breakfast, Squid saw the scar on his cheek and asked him what happened to his face.

Mr. Sir reacted with anger and grabbed him and asked him if there was something wrong with his face. Squid said no and Mr. Sir threw him on a chair. He then started yelling at the other boys if there was something wrong with his face. When the boys didn't say anything, he then looks at Squid and told someone to clean his mess. Later, while he was filling up everyone's canteens, he doesn't fill up Stanley's canteen and gave it back to him empty. He was taking his frustrations out on him for getting him slapped by the Warden.

One day, Mr. Sir was with the Warden when she was informed that Zero nearly strangled Zigzag who started a fight with Stanley. He was then informed that Zero has been helping Stanley dig his hole. After Zero hit Mr. Pendanski with his shovel and ran away, he, Mr. Pendanski, and the Warden decided to erase his records and make it look like he was never here and that nobody will care about him. Stanley then walks in and says he was the only one who cared. Before walking out, he said to Stanley that Zero's blood is on his hands now. Later, a new boy arrived at Camp Green Lake and while Mr. Sir was filling canteens, Squid and Magnet got into a fight and Mr. Sir went to go break it off.

Unaware that the new boy named Twitch helped Stanley steal his truck in order to go find Zero, when he heard the engines start, Mr. Sir tried to stop Stanley, but then he fell into a hole. However, Stanley accidentally crashes his truck into his hole, which infuriated him and he believed he done it now. After Stanley ran off, the Warden will report him missing, though Mr. Sir reminded her that he has a family. Sometime later, Stanley's attorney came to bail him out, but the Warden demanded a court order. Mr. Sir knows they haven't seen the last of her and she will return with a court order.

One night, Mr. Sir and Mr. Pendanski got into a fight over the damage done to his truck after Stanley crashed it into a hole, though Mr. Pendanski told him it was his fault because he left the keys in the truck in the first place. Mr. Sir demanded him to get him a wrench so he can fix it. Later, after Stanley and Zero return to the camp, they finally found the treasure, but Mr. Sir shows up with the Warden who thanks them for finding it. However, yellow spotted lizards appeared. Though the Warden told him to get the chest, Mr. Sir refused, not wanting to get bitten. The Warden then revealed that she is Trout Walker's granddaughter and that she and her family spent years searching for it and her grandfather drove himself crazy finding it.

Hours later, the lizards still haven't bit the boys due to the fact that they have eaten plenty of onions. The Warden suggests shooting them, but Mr. Sir didn't want to shoot any of the lizards until the Attorney General arrived with Stanley's lawyer. He tried to stop them from going near due to the lizards. When the Warden tried to tell them that Stanley and Zero stole her chest, Mr. Sir spotted that one of the cops is the same cop who arrested him years ago. After discovering that the chest belonged to Stanley's family, Mr. Sir tried avoiding being seen by the cop.

When they couldn't find any records of Zero due to them having been erased, the Attorney General grows suspicious and orders an investigation. Mr. Sir was then forced to give Armpit a piece of paper and pencil so he can ask Stanley to call his mom for him. Just as he's about to walk away, the cop recognized him and said his name out loud: "Marion Sevillo", much to his shock. The cop walks to him and places his hands on the wall. He then notices he is carrying a gun, which is a violation of his parole, though the Warden claim she had no knowledge of that until Mr. Sir reveals that Mr. Pendanski is no doctor. The boys laugh at Mr. Sir due to his name being "Marion". It then started raining much to their surprise. Mr. Sir was later arrested along with the Warden and Mr. Pendanski.



  • In a deleted scene on the DVD, Mr. Sir askes Stanley if he's a thief, but when Stanley denies being one, Mr. Sir slaps him in the back of his head and asks him again, to which Stanley is forced to say "yes".

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