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Do you know why they call me Mr. X, Jenny? Right you are, Jenny. Because I deal specifically with eXtra-terrestrials.
―Mr. X to Jenny[src]

Mr. X is a recurring antagonist turned minor protagonist in the Disney Channel animated series, Amphibia who appeared in the episode of the same name.



Mr. X is a flamboyant man that takes his job very seriously. He is suave yet casual with traces of narcissism.


Mr. X is a tall bald man with black spy glasses and purple lipstick. He wears a purple suit with a yellow Boutonnière, white pants with a brown belt, a black ear device, a gold smartwatch and wedding ring, and tan roller shoes.

Role in the series

He was first mentioned when Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents in an office at an undisclosed location find a paused screen of a traffic camera video footage showing Anne and the Plantars escaping from Cloak-Bot on a computer and decide to contact Mr. X about those findings. He then went to the Boonchuy's restaurant Thai to Go to interrogate Mrs. Boonchuy; then his assistant came with new info on the talking frog's location and decide to head out. While driving to Anne and the Plantars' location, he saw the Boonchuy Van, and he then lift his Van up and drove over them. He then arrives at the theaters and spotted Anne and the Plantars running into an auditorium.

He then appeared in the auditorium ask them if they were from the area of just visiting and then resumed chasing them. Mr. X found them hiding in a Closet and then grab Hop Pop's leg, accidentally unmasked him and ask him what he was and why was he all "slimy", Sprig then tackled him, Polly and Hop Pop attempted to hurt him, but Anne both stop and grab them and lock him in. Mr. X then used his Laser Watch, contact Jenny and inform her the Aliens are Frogs and summon the Troops. When Jenny arrived with the Troops, Mr. X informed them they were in the Bathroom and have them cornered. Just as they were about to get Anne and the Plantars, the power went out, he took out a flashlight and saw only regular Frogs.

The FBI Troops laugh at Mr. X, and as he was made a laughingstock in front of his colleagues. Mr. X sees that his targets are smarter than he thought, he informs Jenny the chase has only begun, and they will have the last laugh. After, Anne and the Plantars encounter with Mr. X, they decided to keep a low profile from him and the FBI.

In "Hollywood Hop Pop", Mr. X was feeding the frogs that Mr. Boonchuy left him and then went to watch his favorite show. However, a new commercial play and it show Hop Pop to his surprise. He it his computer to track Hop Pop all the way to Hollywood He chased after him and then called Jenny to summon backup. He arrived at the water tower and arrested Humphrey Westwood believing him to be Hop Pop, when he pulled on his nose, he was actually human. This left Mr. X humiliated again, as he leaves with Jenny, he tells Jenny he is gone to need lots of Ice Cream to get over this.

In "Escape to Amphibia", At an unknown location, Mr. X presents footage of the Plantars to his superior, who provides him the equipment needed to capture them. As the gang is leaving the store, a legion of FBI soldiers led by Mr. X surrounds their van, finally capturing the Plantar family. Because the FBI really only wants the Plantars, they leave Anne and her parents behind, who follow in a high-speed chase to figure out where they are taking their frog friends.

Mr. X takes them to a special FBI compound outside of LA where an interrogation begins but he only ends up learning about the Plantars' farm and Polly's enemy list, both of which are useless to the FBI. Anne thinks she finds her friends but it was a decoy set up by Mr. X, who then locks up Anne and the rest of her friends. When Mr. X reminds her that she is only a kid and has only made it this far because of her parents. Suddenly the camp suddenly powers down due to Dr. Jan and Terri's successful theft of the generator. This causes the power to go out, and the cell doors are unlocked allowing for everyone to escape. Anne fights her way through security and finds the Plantars, breaking them free. Dr. Jan and Terri and the rest of the gang smash through a wall to round them up and make their escape back to the portal they've made, but Mr. X and the FBI initiate a high-speed chase to catch them. Mr. X uses some special tech in his shoes to jump onto their truck and place a tracker on it, which will lead them right back to the portal just before Sprig throws a barrel of Kombucha.

The portal is fired up and ready, but the window size is still small, despite having over double the power they need. Mr. X and his FBI backup arrive on the scene and Anne gets into her fiery blue-eyed power mode and the portal feeds off her energy becoming larger. Anne uses the scent of an avocado and a giant red mantis from Amphibia is beckoned through the portal to take out the FBI agents while Anne and the Plantars make their escape through the portal. The FBI takes out the mantis by taser nets fired by Jenny and another male FBI agent which falls over and crushes the newly constructed portal. Mr. X in fury approaches Anne's parents and says he hopes that they're ready to start talking. Yet Anne's parents turn the tables and intimidate Mr. X by saying, with gusto, that they hope he is ready to listen because they have a lot to talk about and FBI special agent Mr. X realizes he is in hot water.

After Anne's parents fill him in on everything, including the invasion, Mr. X and the Government decided to train them so that they could be ready for King Andrias's invasion force.


  • He wears purple lipstick which mirrors his voice actor, who is a drag queen.
  • Mr. X is designed to resemble the actor that voices him, RuPaul Charles.
  • In the season 3 opening, he and Jenny are seen with the human characters who help Anne and the Plantars, foreshadowing that they helped Anne and the Plantars against Andrias, the Core, and their forces, which they would eventually do in "All In."
  • Mr. X has a wedding ring on his finger and in "All In", one of his contacts is listed as "Hubby", indicating that he is married.


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