Not to be confused with Mrs. Anderson, Bonnie's mother.

Jill Andersen is a supporting character from the 2015 Disney/Pixar film, Inside Out. She is Riley's mother and Bill's wife.



Mrs. Andersen is very kind and motherly, acting as the support center for her family when they get through tough times, like the move to San Francisco. There are times when she isn't patient with her husband because of his oblivious personality (believing she shouldn't have turned down her chance to marry a handsome Brazilian copter pilot) but she still loves him. She also loves Riley and does her best to understand Riley, especially as their move negatively affects Riley's personality.

Since Sadness seems to be the leader of her emotions (but is not a weeping mess like Riley's Sadness), it is possible this is where her understanding and compassionate nature comes from as sadness represents the ability to empathize with others or that she might've had a rough past.

Physical appearance

She has fair skin, brown eyes, and long brown hair that's usually in a low ponytail. She wears red-framed glasses and likes to wear long-sleeved shirts and sweaters.


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  • Her full name is given in the Essential Guide.[2] Her credit card and profile also state that her name is Jill Andersen.[1]
  • It appears her Sadness is the leader of her emotions as she is in the center of her control panel, similar to how Joy is the leader of Riley's emotions as she is in the center of her control panel.
  • All of her emotions wear glasses.
  • An image of her can be seen as a queen in Imagination Land's house of cards.


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