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Mrs. Andersen's Emotions are five emotions who appear in the 2015 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Inside Out. Led by Sadness, they operate the mind of Mrs. Andersen.

Role in the film

They are first seen at the dinner scene. After Riley responds negatively to her mother, it zooms into Mrs. Andersen's brain, and we meet her emotions, and are determined to know why Riley is feeling blue. After her second response, they signal Mr. Andersen for help. But he only daydreams, and when she does get his attention, he only asks Riley how her day was, and Mrs. Andersen's emotions are annoyed with him, wishing they had married a Brazilian Helicopter pilot instead. After Riley is dismissed from the dinner table, Anger puts on a memory orb of the Brazilian Helicopter pilot, and they all sigh dreamily at him.

They aren't seen again until the end of the film, when Riley is at her hockey game. The emotions decide that they are happy with their decision of marrying Mr. Andersen. Anger throws back the memory of the Brazilian Helicopter Pilot, but Fear catches it, just in case they do want the Brazilian pilot.



  • Compared to Riley's Sadness and Anger, Mrs. Andersen have better emotional security and temperament; Sadness is much less melancholy and rather sensible, and Anger, while gruff, is doesn't have outbursts when dealing with Riley and Mr. Andersen's behavior.
  • Although Sadness seems to be Mrs. Andersen's main emotion, it's technically Joy who commands the console. Whenever there's something for them to do, Sadness gives the order to Joy, who does as told (ie. Signaling Mr. Andersen for attention).

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