How does she do that?
―Jim, Gonzo, and Rizzo

Mrs. Bluveridge is a minor character in Muppet Treasure Island. She is the owner of the Benbow Inn and a motherly figure of sorts to Jim HawkinsGonzo, and Rizzo the Rat. She never intends to offend any of her guests with the way she talks (such as when using the word "pigsty"). Mrs. Bluveridge has a great deal of hearing, as she responds to what others are saying no matter where they are (eg, "To the northwest: dirty dishes!" "Don't be giving him any more rum!" and "I'll be fine, boys! Run for it!") and the characters say, "How does she [bloody] do that?" She acts loud and rough with the "boys" on the outside, as shown when she threatens them with a table-scrap-free week if they forget to put out the lantern again as the previous night, but on the inside, she has a heart of gold, as shown when she tells them to escape when pirates are attacking the inn while she fights.

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