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I'm sorry honey, but you know, toys don't last forever.
―Mrs. Davis to Andy, responding to Woody's ripped arm[src]

Mrs. Davis (also known as Andy's Mom and Ms. Davis) is a minor character in the DisneyPixar Toy Story films series. She is the single mother of Andy and Molly Davis. It is unknown what happened to her husband, who is never even seen or mentioned.

Mrs. Davis is repeatedly responsible for getting the toys into mishap in every film, often causing them to go on adventures and getting into serious danger. Although Mrs. Davis means good, she is recognized as an accidental antagonist throughout the series.


Not much is known about Mrs. Davis prior to the Toy Story franchise, only that she has two children (Molly and Andy) and a "lost" husband.


Mrs. Davis is a very loving and devoted parent who establishes fair rules for her children. However, like any parent, she often argues with Andy and Molly.

Physical appearance

She carries brown hair and blue eyes in the first two films, and later blonde hair in the third film. She also has a slender physique.

In the first film of the saga at Andy's 6th birthday party, she has brown hair tied in a high ponytail and wears a pink T-shirt, aqua pants with roses printed all over her leggings, and navy ballet flats. On her trip to Pizza Planet for dinner with Andy and baby Molly, she wears a white T-shirt, green vest with sunflower heads all over, and the same amount of pants and flats. At bedtime, while she kisses Andy goodnight, she wears a cream shirt with tulips printed all over, blue skin-tight pants, and the same color amount of flats. On her moving day with the Eggman Movers, she wears a light aqua shirt with flowers printed all over while she drives with Molly and a worried Andy to their new house in her minivan. At Christmastime, she wears both a lavender shirt and pants and the same color amount of flats.

In the second film of the saga, on her camping trip with 8-year-old Andy and 3-year-old Molly, she has short brown hair and wears a lime T-shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers. In the end, on her other trip to summer camp with her children when Andy spots Woody and the toys, including Jessie, Bullseye, and the Little Green Men, she wears a teal T-shirt, gray dress pants, and same color amount of sneakers.

In the third film of the saga, while she is about to donate Andy's toys to Sunnyside Daycare, she now has short hair dyed in golden blonde and wears a blue shirt, white unbuttoned overshirt, blue jeans, and brown ballet flats. In the end, on Andy's departure to college when she bursts into tears and hugs her son goodbye, she wears a teal V-neck T-shirt and a white shirt from the inside that almost shows her breast cleavage, blue jeans, and same color amount of flats.


Toy Story

Mrs. Davis in Toy Story.

In Toy Story, Mrs. Davis makes her first appearance at the age of 28. She prepares for Andy’s birthday party, having it weeks early since they’d be moving before his actual birthday. While preparing for the party, Sarge and some other green army toys prepare to alert the toys of new arrivals. However, Mrs. Davis interrupts their plans when she accidentally steps on one of them, causing them to slow down. Annoyed, Mrs. Davis becomes frustrated with Andy for leaving his toys in the middle of the floor, unaware that he did not.

When the party reaches the end, Mrs. Davis realizes that Andy has one more gift, which happens to be Buzz Lightyear. The green army men, including Andy and his friends, are surprised by the new toy.

In the following days, Mrs. Davis prepares to visit Pizza Planet with her children and tells Andy he can bring only one toy with him. This causes Woody to accidentally throw Buzz out of the window, making Andy choose him instead. While making their way to Pizza Planet, Mrs. Davis stops for gas and eventually continues the ride, unknowingly leaving Woody behind.

When Woody and Buzz finally arrive at Pizza Planet, they notice Andy and his family passing by and make a plan to jump in Molly’s stroller, but are delayed and missed since Buzz leaves to do something else.

When the family returns, Andy notices Woody is missing, too, and Mrs. Davis assures him that they’re most likely around somewhere, most likely in the car (unbeknownst to her that they are next door at Sid's house).

The next night, after some packing, Mrs. Davis attempts to look for both Buzz and Woody but cannot. Mrs. Davis tells her son of her results, and all she could find was his hat. This disappoints Andy deeply.

Mrs. Davis drives her car during the move and pays no attention to the events going on in the background. Later, Andy alerts his mom by telling her that Woody and Buzz were, in fact, in the car all along (although they were not).

At the end of the film, it is Christmas time, and Mrs. Davis gives Andy a puppy as a Christmas present, which makes Woody and Buzz feel uncomfortable.

Toy Story 2

Mrs. Davis, alongside Al and Woody, in Toy Story 2.

In Toy Story 2, Mrs. Davis returns and is now 30 years old. She is heard alerting Andy that he has cowboy camp very soon, and has about five more minutes before leaving. Andy takes this time to have one last playtime session with his toys before accidentally ripping Woody’s arm open. Mrs. Davis, confused, questions why Andy is not in the car yet and realizes that Woody’s arm has ripped. She suggests that they could fix him on the way, but Andy decides to leave him behind. Mrs. Davis tells Andy that not all toys last forever, and the family drives off, leaving Woody shelved.

The next day, Mrs. Davis prepares for a yard sale, as told by Wheezy. Woody then alerts the toys so they can have time to prepare. They quickly hide as Mrs. Davis enters Andy’s room and starts gathering old and unused toys, one of them being Wheezy. Because of this, Woody calls for Buster and the two attempt to save Wheezy before he is sold. Although they succeed in saving the toy penguin, Woody is left behind by accident, and is picked up by a little girl, who pressures her mom to buy him. The mom refuses and throws the rag doll on a table, and is found by the excited Al, who wants to buy Woody. Mrs. Davis is confused, as she has no memory of bringing Woody down to the yard sale, and takes him out of Al’s hands. Al then states that he will pay fifty dollars for the toy, but Mrs. Davis assures him that it’s an old family toy and she will not sell him at any price, and she locks Woody inside a metal case. Al prepares to leave, before distracting Mrs. Davis and quickly steals Woody and drives off.

When Woody returns home with some new friends, Andy immediately thinks that Jessie, Bullseye, and the little green men were given to him as gifts from his mother, although it was made to appear that way. He quickly thanks his mom, and begins to play with them.

The following morning, Mrs. Davis prepares to leave, and is happy to see that Andy has fixed Woody’s ripped arm. He then tells his mother he's glad that he didn't take Woody to camp, as his whole arm might've come off. In the end, Mrs. Davis is seen watching Molly take steps towards her, as she asks Andy if Molly is ready to drive.

Toy Story 3

Mrs. Davis, alongside Andy and his toys, in Toy Story 3.

In Toy Story 3, Mrs. Davis makes her final “present-day” appearance. In the beginning, she is seen filming Andy with his toys throughout the years as he slowly grows up.

Present-day, Mrs. Davis pressures Andy to get ready for college by packing up or throwing away his belongings within his bedroom. Moments later, Mrs. Davis then tells her son that he has many decisions to make, including what he’s going to do with his toys. She suggests he either donate them or sell them online. However, Andy tells his mother nobody will want his old toys, as they are junk. Before leaving his room, she tells him that whatever isn’t packed before going to college will be thrown away.

Later, Mrs. Davis trips over Andy’s bag of belongings he originally planned to put in the attic. Thinking that the bag is full of trash, she mistakenly throws it away, alongside her own garbage, and leaves the bags on the curb. Thankfully, the toys escape on their own, and Woody attempts to save them during the process.

When the toys believe they were actually intended to be thrown away, Jessie comes up with the idea that they should donate themselves to Sunnyside Daycare, and hop in the donation box in the back of Mrs. Davis's car. She then proceeds to drive off with the donations, and drops them off at Sunnyside, where she is greeted by her old friend, Mrs. Anderson. She then acknowledges Bonnie's presence and tells her how big she has gotten.

While the toys wait for Buzz to return from talking with Lotso, Mrs. Potato Head sees Andy through the hall, and realizes that her other eye is still in his room. She then sees Andy looking for something important but doesn’t know what, before Mrs. Davis tells Andy she threw away his toys and gives off the impression that she's sorry. Mrs. Potato Head then tells the other toys that Woody was really telling the truth about Andy’s mom throwing them away, and that they were actually intended to be placed in the attic.

At the end of the film, Mrs. Davis helps Andy grab his belongings for college, and asks him if he had said goodbye to Molly yet. But when Mrs. Davis enters his empty room, she immediately starts tearing up and tells Andy that she wishes she could always be with him. Andy assures his mother that she will, before Buster and Molly enter the room for a final goodbye to Andy. During that time, Woody quickly writes a note on the box (in which the toys are in), telling Andy to donate them to Bonnie Anderson. Andy then asks his mom from down the hall if he really should donate his belongings, before she says it’s all up to him.

Toy Story 4

In Toy Story 4, Mrs. Davis has her smallest role out of all of the Toy Story films. She briefly appears at the beginning of the film during a flashback segment nine years before Toy Story 3. During a rainy night, an unnamed man turns up as a guest at her home whom she invites to collect Bo Peep's lamp set from Molly's room. She doesn’t appear throughout the rest of the film.



Toy Story


Toy Story

Toy Story 2

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 4


  • Although presented as a loving mother to Andy and Molly, Mrs. Davis is actually, without meaning to be, a major threat to the toys, as she frequently asks Andy to throw out the toys he no longer wants. Mrs. Davis' actions regarding the toys set the plot in motion in all four films.
  • Mrs. Davis’ license plate number is the first reference of the serial number A113, which is present in every Pixar film.
  • In Toy Story 2 and 3, Mrs. Davis' hair has changed from long and brown to short and blonde, suggesting that she had it dyed and cut short.
  • She is apparently ambidextrous, as she is shown writing with both hands in the third film.
  • She also appeared in Toy Story 3: The Video Game (PSP version) outside Andy's room.
  • In the NBC sitcom, The Office, it is revealed that Michael Scott’s favorite character is Mrs. Davis.
  • A popular internet fan theory suggests that Mrs. Davis is actually a grown up Emily, who was Jessie's original owner.
    • The theory, however, was debunked by the writer and some of Toy Story 2's crew mostly due to the fact that a sequel to the 1995 film wasn’t considered at that time, and that Jessie would’ve recognized Emily (if it was her).
  • In The Art of Toy Story book, it is revealed that Mrs. Davis' original name in the recording script of the original film is listed as "Jennifer."
  • Mrs. Davis' physical appearance changes drastically in every film (with the exception of Toy Story 4).
  • It is unknown what had happened to Mrs. Davis' husband.
    • Mrs. Davis is missing a wedding ring in Toy Story, indicating that they may have gotten a divorce.
    • Mrs. Davis may also be a widow, as hinted by a few behind the scenes commentaries of Toy Story, and fan theories based on the photographs in the house at the beginning of the first film.

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