Mrs. mouse
Mrs. Mouse is Minnie Mouse's mother and Marcus Mouse's wife. She has at least one child other than Minnie, given that the latter is aunt of a nephew and several nieces. She made her comic debut in Mr. Slicker and the Egg Robbers. Although her first name was never mentoined in the original version, the French translation lists her full name as Margie Mouse.
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Mrs. Mouse does not have a prominent role in the story, is devoted to the home and the farm, and strives to make savings given the difficult times for the family. Physically she is quite tall (taller than Minnie and Mickey Mouse) and has a more elongated snout. She wears a long dress and an apron, and wears glasses. In her third appearance in the 1931 Mickey Mouse newspaper comic Boxing Champion, she can be seen using a hearing accessory, similar to the one Daisy's mother has.

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