Mrs. Nicole Garcia (née Bernstein) is a character in the show Shake It Up. She is the mother of Dina Garcia and the wife of Don Rio Garcia. She appeared in "Twist It Up" and is portrayed by Maggie Wheeler.


Twist It Up

She is planning a birthday party for her daughter, Dina. It is revealed that Mrs. Garcia doesn't like Dina's boyfriend, Deuce Martinez, so she didn't want to invite him to Dina's birthday party. She wanted to throw a special party for her daughter's birthday, but Dina only wanted something very simple. Mrs. Garcia, along with CeCe and Rocky, ended up throwing a special Hawaiian-Circus party. Dina wasn't having any fun at her party, so she and her friends left to attend a simple party at the Shake It Up, Chicago! studio. Mrs. Garcia found out about the party from Deuce and went to it, upset. At the party, Dina makes up with her mom and says she wasn't having any fun at the other party, and tells her mother she loves her. By the end of the episode, Mrs. Garcia approves of Deuce and even dances with her (though he danced the woman's part because when Ty taught him, Ty never let him lead).



  • Deuce mistook her for being Cuban, speaking Spanish to her. She interrupted and told him that her husband is from Cuba, but she is from New Jersey.
  • Her maiden name is Bernstein, which is a common German last name.
  • She loves to cook.
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