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This article is about the Monsters, Inc. character. For Marvel character, see Flint (Marvel).

Ms. Flint is a minor character in Disney/Pixar's 2001 animated film, Monsters, Inc.. She also made a non-speaking cameo in the 2013 prequel.



Ms. Flint is very serious about her work and does not put up with incompetence or ineptitude. She is very well informed about the business and will try to correct others whenever they mess up. However, she is not cruel as she cares for the well being of the employees and simply wants them to do their job. Flint is down-to-earth and will try to explain things in a way for others to understand. She also has a good sense of humor and likes a good joke.

Physical appearance[]

Ms. Flint is a snake-like in appearance, reminiscent of a Naga. Ironically she does not act very snake-like, and is primarily red-orange in color with a light orange underside that goes up to her face. Her eye stalks are purple and have little bat-like flaps behind them. She is usually wearing a white v-neck shirt and a black suit coat. She lacks any pants, most likely so that she can maneuver freely.


Monsters, Inc.[]

Flint supervises the training of new scarers. She is weary of the task, especially when dealing with the likes of Bile. An example is when she asks Bile what he did wrong after coming in. She rewinds the footage to reveal that he left the door wide open. She then asks him why this is bad, to which Bile replies, "It could let in a draft?" Henry J. Waternoose cuts in and exclaims, "It could let in a child!" He then explains how toxic kids are, and for one to come in contact with any monster is dangerous because a single touch could kill them.

Monsters University[]

In Monsters University, Flint is pictured during the montage showing Mike and Sulley gaining promotions in Monsters, Inc. near the end of the film. She can be seen training Sulley to scare the child in the simulation room.

Monsters at Work[]

Ms. Flint appears as a recurring character in Monsters at Work. Despite still maintaining a somewhat indifferent attitude, she is shown to have adjusted very well to the company's change from scaring children to making them laugh and even seems to have a very good understanding of humor. She is shown to take a liking to a monster named Winchester, or Banana Bread as he is known by MIFT, and finds his take on comedy revolutionary and intuitive.

In "Little Monsters", she is revealed to have a daughter named Thalia whom she brings every year for Mini Monsters Day. While she loves her, she understands her dislike towards her coming. She also, accurately, thinks very little of Tylor Tuskmon's ability as a Jokester and was surprised to hear her daughter say that he was "funny" after she had already written him off as being incapable of making children laugh.


  • According to the audio commentary for Monsters, Inc., Ms. Flint was supposed to have a more sizable role in the film, but that constant rewrites resulted in the character being reduced to a minor role. Bonnie Hunt had supposedly recorded more lines than what she had said in the movie.
  • In both movies, she is only shown sitting down and never moving about. Monsters at Work is the first time she is shown walking, or rather slithering, as she has a snake like body.
  • It is unknown if there is or was a Mr. Flint, Ms. Flint could either be divorced or widowed as Thalia shares the same last name as her mother. Another possibility is that Thalia is the result of asexual reproduction which is possible given her snake-like anatomy, though such a thing results in an actual clone of the parent.


”And leaving the door open is the worst mistake any monster could make because…?” - Monsters Inc

”Wow. Awkward.” - Monsters at Work (Season 2 Episode 7)


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