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This article is about the character. For series of the same name, see Ms. Marvel (TV series).

You're Kamala Khan. You wanna save the world? Then you're gonna save the world.
Bruno Carrelli to Kamala Khan[src]

Ms. Marvel (real name Kamala Khan) is a fictional superheroine from Marvel Comics. Ms. Marvel made her debut outside of the comic books on Avengers Assemble, and has subsequently appeared in multiple animated series, including the animated franchise, Marvel Rising, as well as video games. She appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and debuted as the protagonist of the 2022 series Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel is a Pakistani-American teenager, who was granted powers after inheriting a mystical bangle from her grandmother. She unlocks her latent abilities after attending AvengerCon, and begins training as a superhero, with the help of her friend, Bruno Carrelli. During her adventures, she comes into contact with a group of Djinn, known as the Clandestines, who pursue her for the bangle she possesses. During her journey, she learns more about her family lineage, and the source of her powers. Kamala's powers also alert her presence to the Department of Damage Control, who seek to capture her.

An alternate version of the character is set to appear in the upcoming 2024 animated Disney+ series Marvel Zombies.

Kamala Khan was created by editors Sana Amanat and Stephen Wacker, writer G. Willow Wilson, and artists Adrian Alphona and Jamie McKelvie.


Official descriptions

Kamala Khan is 16-year-old Pakistani-American girl growing up in Jersey City. She's a nerd, a gamer who writes fan fiction, and most of all a huge fan of the Avengers, particularly Captain Marvel, who is her hero. Kamala spends her time hanging out with her best friends Bruno and Nakia and is close with her family. As Kamala begins to discover her new destiny, it puts a strain on her relationships as she struggles to understand her new reality.
Ms. Marvel

All of 16 years old, Kamala Khan is Jersey City’s own superhero, Ms. Marvel, self-named after her her idol, Captain Marvel, who she has only dreamed of meeting every day—until l now. After a mysterious event causes her to repeatedly switch places with Captain Monica Rambeau and Captain Marvel herself, wildest dreams become a dangerous reality as Kamala finds herself on a journey through space to stop an alien emperor from tearing the universe apart at the seams.
The Marvels


As reported by Kevin Feige, Kamala Khan was set to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, sometime following the release of Captain Marvel.[2] It was later announced, Ms. Marvel was set to make her debut in the upcoming eponymous 2022 Disney+ web series.

On September 30, 2020, newcomer, Iman Vellani was announced to have been cast in the titular role, which was later confirmed by Feige, during the annual Disney Investor Day.[3]


Showrunner Bisha K. Ali was aware that Kamala Khan would venture off, into the sequel for Captain Marvel, and her character development in the series, was based on making sure Kamala would be match-ready, to star alongside the films protagonist, Captain Marvel, both in terms of her abilities, and emotional maturity.[4]

Supervising producer Jenna Berger stated that the team were insistent on the series being able to exist, without the superpower elements. There was a focus on building the stakes of Kamala's personal life, with her friendships and family, and her desires, before she were to even get powers.[5]

Power Change

Upon adapting Ms. Marvel into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the decision to alter her powers, from that of her comic counterpart, was made, in terms of function and origin. This was initially met with controversy.

Regarding the alteration, Kevin Feige commented that decision to change her powers was based on the current direction of where the MCU was headed, just as they were originally based during a specific time within the comics continuity.[6] Ms. Marvel's comic writer and co-creator, G. Willow Wilson, was also consulted in regards to changes that were made, and felt that it made sense, when adapting the character.[7] Ms. Marvel co-creator and series' executive producer, Sana Amanat, believed that the decision made sense, because of the bigger stories being told. Showrunner Bisha K. Ali also added that it ultimately came down to Kamala's ties to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.[7]

Series directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah and head writer Bisha K. Ali agree that although Ms. Marvel's powers may have come from a different place, they are very connected to who she is as a person.[8] Whilst making the change in her origins, the writers specifically wanted to connect her powers to the lore of Islamic and Asian mythology, in line with the themes of the show.[9] Kamala's powers, self described as "Hard Light", within whe series, was meant to be symbolic in her bringing a light to her own family, while exploring the intergenerational trauma within her lineage, a thematic element, present throughout the series.[10] Whilst translating the powers from the comics to the screen, Ali, Feige, and Amanat noted it was vital that there was a connectivity between the themes of the powers displayed in the comics, to that of the series, and they reflect how Kamala was navigating the world, and perceived herself.[7]

Ms. Marvel star. Iman Vellani, described the change as a metaphor for Kamala, reconnecting with her roots and culture, rather than puberty, as it was, in the comics.[8] Despite this alteration, elements of the original themes were present, notably in the second episode, where Kamala's powers begin manifesting in the form of light projecting on her nose, causing her to rush to the bathroom in order to cover it up, and Nakia mistakenly believing she is on her period. Amanat added, that despite the fact that Kamala's powers manifested differently on screen, their goal was always to maintain the same fun, quirky spirit and the essence of what the powers are in the comics, both from a metaphorical standpoint and from a visual standpoint.[7]

Mutant Status

In the series finale, Kamala was revealed to have been a mutant in the MCU, differing from her Inhuman origin. Ms. Marvel became the first character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be labelled, as such. Sana Amanat, told Empire in an interview that during Kamala Khan's initial concept in the comics, she was originally intended to be a mutant.[11] In The Marvels, S.A.B.E.R. mistakenly refer to Kamala Khan as an Inhuman, in reference to her comic counterpart.[12]

The decision to make Kamala a mutant was placed, further down the line of development, and wasn't part of the initial concept, when developing her character for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The writers wanted her powers to be something she inherited, but needed a solution as to why Kamala would be the only member in her family, with abilities.[4]

During a live AMA on Reddit, Ms. Marvel actress Iman Vellani revealed that Kamala's powers were partially inspired by the X-Men character, Armor.[13]

Marvel later reported, that Kamala Khan's status as a mutant, would also tie-in within the comics, mirroring the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ms. Marvel star Iman Vellani and Ms. Marvel TV and comic writer Sabir Pirzada would be penning the story, which would see Kamala Khan resurrect as a mutant, after her apparent death in "Amazing Spider-Man #26".[14] This announcement coincided one year after the Ms. Marvel finale, in which Bruno revealed that Kamala was a mutant. Her mutant powerset within the comics were later revealed to match those of her MCU counterpart.

Powers and abilities


Bruno Carrelli: "How does it feel?"
Kamala Khan: "Like an idea come to life."
―Bruno Carrelli and Kamala Khan[src]

After putting on her grandmother's bangle at AvengerCon, Kamala was granted powers, which formed in the appearance of a purple crystalline energy. These powers originated from Kamala, through her Djinn ancestry, though remained dormant in her, until the bangle unlocked them.

  • Noor Manipulation: As a Djinn-Human hybrid, Kamala has Noor present within her, which she can control. Noor is the energy source of the Noor Dimension, as well as that of the Clandestines. Djinns possess the ability to control it, but their powers are subdued outside of their home Dimension. Kamala's humanity links her to the matter of Earth, and her mixed ancestry, combined with a mutation in her genetics, allow her to use Noor to its full potential, by drawing the dimension's energy onto Earth. This holds some similarity to how her powers worked in the comics, as Kamala took in and gave up mass between herself in different timelines, whenever she shapeshifted. In both iterations, Kamala is drawing her power from another source.
    • Bioluminescence: Kamala's powers emit a purple light, while being used. The light generated, is dependent on the size of the construct that Kamala produces.
    • Constructs Creation: The ability to project and control energy constructs. Kamala can produce this through her hands, and can control the direction in which they move. The durability of these construct vary. While beginning to train in her powers, Kamala found they shattered very easily, but later managed to maintain them, for a longer period of time. Kamala dubbed the name of the constructs, "Hard Light". They are susceptible to weapons by Damage Control. The organization possess machinery that can emit a sonic blast, which is capable of destroying the constructs.
      • Elongation: The ability to create constructs in the form of her limbs. Kamala can manipulate this to stretch at an abnormal length.
      • Size Enhancement: While creating constructs in the form of her hands and limbs, Kamala can manipulate its size to grow.
      • Platform Creation: Kamala can form platforms, in the direction of where she wants to move. This includes an upward direction, allowing her to walk in the air. Her platforms are materialized beneath her feet, and appear before she takes her next step. Once Kamala removes her foot from the platform, it disperses.
      • Force-Field Generation: Kamala can use her constructs to act as a shield against attacks. When created, forces directed towards her, will be unable to penetrate through. The shield does however, have limitations, including a vulnerability to Damage Control's sonic weapons, which can emit blasts, powerful enough to shatter its integrity.
    • Hard Light Exoskeleton: The ability to create a body of armor, around one's self. Kamala used her constructs to shield her body, and move around as she does, whilst staying intact.
Quantum Band Powers

The Quantum Band allows Kamala to harness the power of Noor energy and turn it into light constructs. While Kamala has the band on, she also displays powers, through the bangle, she otherwise, doesn't possess.

  • Teleportation: Moving from one place to another.
The Marvels - Quantum Entanglement
    • Quantum Entanglement: The power to change places, with that of someone else. After the Quantum Band's other half was used to create unstable jump points by Dar-Benn, Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau, both of whom also possessed light-based power, made contact with the new creations, resulting in their quantum entanglement. As Kamala also possessed light-based powers herself, whilst also being in possession of the other Quatum Band, she too was affected, and all three exchanged places when their powers were in use. This was eventually resolved after the Quantum Bands were used in unity.
  • Noor Dimension Gateway: The bangle is one part of a matching pair. The combined power of both bangles, is capable of creating a rift into the Noor Dimension. When Kamala travelled back in time, she made contact with the past version of the bangle, in possession of her grandmother. The power of both bangles opened access to the Veil of Noor, though it didn't allow the Clandestines to crossover, and killed Fariha and Najma, when the attempted to do so.
  • Clairvoyance: Through the bangle, Kamala began receiving visions of Najma, often surrounded in light.
    • Retrocognition: The ability to see into the past. When Kamala first put on her bangle, she was briefly thrust into purple dimension, set during the Partition of India, surrounded by various travelers, with glowing eyes. After Najma grabbed hold of the bangle, she and Kamala saw a vision of train to Karachi that her grandmother and great-grandfather departed on, during the Partition.
  • Time Travel: Kamala was transported back in time, to the Partition of India, in 1947. The time travel itself, creates a temporal paradox, through a casual loop.


  • Bilingualism: Kamala is well versed in both English and Urdu, able to carry out a conversation in either language.
  • Artistry: Among Kamala's hobbies are creating artwork. Her art is mainly inspired by the Avengers, and she is often doodling in class. This skill is seemingly inherited from her grandmother, Sana, who is also proficient in art.


  • Quantum Band: Kamala possesses a bangle, which was passed onto her, by her grandmother, Sana. The bangle was responsible for unlocking her abilities. Kamala had dormant Djinn powers, which originated from her great-grandmother, who was a Djinn from the Noor Dimension. After Kamala put it on, the bangle gave her access to her Noor. When the bangle activates its powers, it is often accompanied by a glowing purple light, which emits from within it. The bangle was coveted by the Clandestines, who sought it out as one part of the key in helping them return back to the Noor Dimension.


  • Captain Marvel Cosplay: Kamala's original superhero uniform was initially created for a Captain Marvel cosplay competition at New Jersey AvengerCon. The costume itself was put together by Kamala, while Bruno airbrushed it, to match Captain Marvel's uniform. The components of the costume are made up of a leather jacket, with the Starforce emblem, in the centre, and two pads, attached to the shoulders. It also includes a homemade helmet, containing a spiked yellow top, with an LED feature, to resemble Captain Marvel, while she is in binary mode. Kamala's powers were activated, while she was in attendance at the con, during the competition. She sported her costume when she began training, and wore it during her first public outing as a hero, when she attempted to rescue Hameed from the minaret.
  • Blue Vest: Kamala was gifted a blue vest by Waleed, as a symbol of her history and to remind Kamala where she came from. The vest also represented her shared alliance, with the Order of the Red Daggers.
Ms. Marvel - 1x06 - No Normal - Ms
  • First Ms. Marvel Costume: Kamala's Ms. Marvel costume was created by her mother, Muneeba, after she learnt of her daughter's superhero identity. It was crafted to match the themes of Captain Marvel's costume, and was the suit she primarily adopted, whilst working as a hero, in replacement of her previous cosplay costume. Kamala's costume assumes previous aspects of clothing she given before, primarily the Domino Mask which Bruno gifted her and a Red Scarf, given to her from Red Dagger. Her mother crafted it with the first letter of her name in Urdu "ک", to be used as the uniforms official emblem. She first sported her new attire, while saving Kamran from the clutches of the DODC.
    • Domino Mask: Bruno gifted Kamala a blue domino mask with a golden outing, to conceal her identity. It was delivered to her, on the day of Aamir and Tyesha's Mehndi party. She first wore it in Karachi, while exploring the train station to better understand her visions, and later integrated it into her official superhero getup.
  • Second Ms. Marvel Costume: Kamala was gifted a specially tailored costume by the citizens of the planet Aladnea, to prepare for the war against the Dar-Benn and the Kree empire. The costume bore similarities to her original costume, with the original colour scheme intact, as well as the as her emblem on the centre. Her uniform also included custom made boots, unlike her original one. The costume came with a red scarf, which can be weaponised to be used like a whip, when thrown against someone.


Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ms. Marvel

Maybe we'll learn something new at AvengerCon this weekend. I'm gonna be dressed as Captain Marvel. Obviously.
―Kamala Khan recording her podcast[src]

The first episode begins, with Kamala at home, recapping the final battle against Thanos, and Captain Marvel's role in it, for her channel. Her mother calls for her to come down, in order to prepare for her upcoming driving test. Following words of encouragement from her father and brother, Kamala leaves to take said test, but ends up failing, after backing into her instructors car.[15]

Ms. Marvel - 1x01 - Generation Why - Mr

She goes to school, where she catches up with Bruno, who learnt from her parents that she failed. He inquires about attending AvengerCon, and Kamala speaks about her Captain Marvel costume. The two meet up with Nakia, who just earned ten dollars, betting against Bruno, that Kamala would fail. She apologizes telling her she loves her, and as the trio walk up the stairs, Kamala bumps into Zoe, knocking the books out of her hand. She apologizes and tries to ease the tension, by complimenting her jacket. Zoe in return, admires her necklace, and Kamala informs her, it's her name in Arabic. As Zoe leaves Kamala considers whether they should ask her, if she could drive them to AvengerCon, but Nakia quickly dismisses her idea, expressing her disdain for the latter, after she gained a mass social media following. While the group walk down the hallway, Kamala is called into office by the school councilor, Mr. Wilson, who has had reports of her daydreaming in class, and reminds her of the importance in staying focused, and planning for her future.[15]


After school, Kamala bikes to Circle Q, where Bruno is working. She vents about failing her test, as she had planned to drive to AvengerCon. Bruno considers going next year, but Kamala is determined to go tonight, as it's the first one. Bruno suggests Kamala simply ask her mother for permission in going, but Kamala rejects the idea, as her mother expresses displeasure in everything she likes. Bruno brings forth Kamala's cosplay costume, which he airbrushed, to fit Captain Marvel's costume colors, and the two admire it together, determined to win the cosplay competition. As the pair leave, Kamala discusses the final flourish for her cosplay, suggesting various themes, including a steampunk-concept, super-hero composites and a zombified Captain Marvel, but is unable to settle on something.[15]

At home, Muneeba brings in a box of her mother's old belongings, and amongst them is a bangle. Upon seeing it, Muneeba takes it from Kamala, referring to it as "junk", and has Aamir place the box into the attic.[15]


The duo head off to run errands for Aamir's upcoming wedding, and encounter Najaf, a family friend, who complains about the changing scape of the neighborhood. At the tailors, Kamala is trying on attire for her brothers wedding, when her mother encounters her friend, Auntie Ruby. The pair gossip about a Fatima, a mutual acquaintance of theirs, and her broken engagement, criticizing her choice to leave and travel Europe. Kamala shows admiration for Fatima, but her mother and Ruby look at her disapprovingly, warning that she'll remain single, before continuing their conversation.[15]


Kamala returns home, and Bruno, who was leaving, after helping Mr. Khan set up an electronic device of his making, prompts Kamala to ask her parents for permission. Kamala slowly works up the courage, describing AvengerCon in a more educative manner, but her parents ultimately, don't give their approval. As Aamir returns home, she complains how he would be allowed, and storms off to her room. Aamir later heads to her room, and tells Kamala he'll talk to their parents on her behalf, and she thanks her brother. Kamala texts Bruno, to let him know, unsure of what to do next.[15]


The next day Kamala tries on her Captain Marvel cosplay, when her parents knock on her door. Kamala quickly dresses in a robe to hide the costume, and Muneeba informs her that after talking with Aamir, they'll let her go, on the conditions her dad will drive her there, take her for two hours, and she will dress in the more modest Hulk costume she made for her. At that moment, her father bursts in, to surprise her in his own costume, intending the two go as a matching pair. Kamala refuses to go under those conditions, expressing her humiliation, but inadvertently hurts her parents feelings in the process. Following this, Muneeba decides she can't go, unless she goes by their terms.[15]

Kamala calls Bruno to give him an update on what happened with her parents, and the pair meet on the rooftop of Circle Q. With some slight encouragement from Bruno, Kamala decides not to give up on her interests, and he hands her some LED photon gloves of his own making, to go with her Captain Marvel costume, and the pair playfully fight together.[15]


Back at school, during a game of volleyball, Zoe throws a dodgeball in Kamala's face, causing her nose to bleed. Later that evening Kamala watches her father struggle with the Zuzu machine that Bruno gave them, inspiring an idea. She devises a plan to sneak out of the house for AvengerCon, and use Bruno's device, to prevent her parents from entering in, so she can win the cosplay competition, and arrive home in time, before her parents notice her absence. Bruno reminds Kamala her costume still isn't finished, and suggests something Pakistani, honoring her heritage, whilst still making it her own.[15]

Kamala heads off into the attic, and takes out her grandmothers old bangle, from a box, for the final touch in her costume.[15]

On the day of AvengerCon, Kamala excuses herself from the table, and sneaks out through the window. She and Bruno catch the bus, but the door closes on her, before she can bring in her bike, forcing her to ride on the back of his, instead.[15]


The two finally make it to AvengerCon, and the pair look and take part in the various hero-themed attractions, the event has to offer. As Kamala admires a statue of Captain Marvel, the motion detector connected to her camera gives an alert, but she finds that her parents are distracted. When the Captain Marvel cosplay competition is announced, Kamala turns around to find Zoe, also in attendance and competing in the event. Bruno assures her she nothing to worry about, and Kamala goes to the bathroom to change. While trying to place the bangle on her wrist, she struggles to open it, and when the Captain Marvel cosplay competition is announced, she rushes back, inadvertently dropping Bruno's LED gloves. Upon realizing she forgot them, she suggests returning back to retrieve them, but Bruno tells her not to worry, and just put the bangle on instead. Kamala struggles, but manages to pry it open. As she places it on her arms, the bangle slightly expands, and a purple energy envelopes her body, and her eyes, which begin to glow. She jerks backwards, briefly falling into a purple space full of shadowy figures with glowing eyes, before quickly returning to reality, unnoticed by those around her. Kamala dons her helmet, as she rushes to the stage, and becomes overwhelmed by the various flashing lights surrounding her. She reaches out her hand, which begins to glow, and a crystalline energy structure emerges. As Kamala moves her hand, so does the construct, before dissipating. Kamala's hand then begins shooting several discs of light, and she accidentally directs one towards the head of a giant Ant-Man figure. As the crowd cheer for her, the figure's head, dislocates from its body, and rolls on the ground, crushing everything in its path. The audience initially believe this to be part of the act, and Zoe gives her admiration to Kamala, unaware of who she is, under her helm, when a wire, keeping ahold of a giant model of Mjolnir, breaks, and crashes into Zoe, who is caught on it, and begins swinging in the air. As Zoe falls, Kamala reaches out to her, and an elongated construct of her arm breaks Zoe's fall, before shattering. Bruno reaches Kamala, and the two rush home on his bike, in the midst of the chaos.[15]


They question what happened, and Kamala concludes that she now has powers. She attempts to climb onto her roof, when another construct emerges from the bottom of her foot, and boosts her upwards. As Bruno leaves, she asks that he doesn't tell anyone about the events that transpired, and she sneaks through the window of her room, hours after she initially planned to arrive. She climbs through, only to find her mother waiting for her, in her room. Muneeba expresses her disappointment at Kamala for lying to them, and questions what kind of person she wants to be, before leaves.[15]

Feeling defeated, Kamala collapses on her bed. She turns to a poster of Captain Marvel on her wall, and reaches out her hand, which is engraved in a purple energy form. She smiles in wonder, and describes her newly-found abilities as cosmic.[15]

Nakia: "There's another superhero catastrophe and she's sitting there, bragging about being saved by the budget Captain Marvel."
Kamala: "Thank you."
Nakia Bahadir and Kamala Khan[src]

Kamala walks into school, with a new-found attitude and confidence. While walking down the hallway, she bumps into a new student, and apologizes. As she picks up his books, and he leaves, she finds herself attracted to him. Bruno arrives, and asks to further see the capabilities of Kamala's new powers, when they overhear Zoe recounting the events of AvengerCon. Nakia joins them, and they listen to Zoe share her perspective from being saved, by a heroine she dubs, "Night Light". Zoe offers to host a party for her fellow classmates, in celebration of the "fragility of life", which Kamala has no interest in attending, until she learns that the new student, Kamran, will be there.[16]

In a private room, Kamala showcases her powers to Bruno, by making her hands glow, but after a construct, modeled by her fist, begins to exponentially grow, and falls to the ground, Kamala struggles to pull it up. She pulls a lot of force into lifting her hand, but in doing so, she knocks over a box behind her, causing it to spill, and she and Bruno fall to the ground. The pair chuckle, and decide she needs to train in her powers.[16]

She practices creating constructs on the roof, to test their durability, and manage her ability in controlling them. Bruno runs diagnostics on her, and shares that the powers Kamala exhibits, originate from her, which the bangle simply unlocked. They examine the bracelet, trying to make sense of it, and Kamala finds a text, but is unable to decipher it. She refers to her powers as "Hard Light."[16]


Later on, Kamala and Nakia run to the mosque, after falling late, and an elder comments on how they make a habit of not arriving on time. They remove their shoes, and quickly perform ablution, but Nakia finds that her tap isn't working, and is forced to share Kamala's. While cleaning her feet, a tile falls near Kamala's foot. After they finish praying, Kamala comments that mosque needs to be fixed up, but Nakia corrects her, and reminds her it's the women's section that needs maintaining, pointing out the disparity in how the two sections are kept. In the middle of their conversation, Sheikh Abdullah asks that they keep quiet during his lecture, and Kamala apologizes, finding herself unable to concentrate with the partition, separating them. The Sheikh reminds her, that the partition is there for modesty, but he is happy to hear Kamala express her opinions, only wishing she'd do so, while he isn't in the middle of a lecture. When he announces the nominations for Mosque Board election, Kamala encourages Nakia to run. As they proceed to leave, Nakia finds that her shoes have been stolen, and that it is also the twenty-second pair of shoes that have been taken. Nakia is reluctant to run against Uncle Rasheed, but Kamala encourages her to pursue it, so Nakia does so, also making Kamala her campaign manager.[16]

At home, Kamala takes the various shopping bags from her mother, and apologizes again for sneaking out. Muneeba tells Kamala, that she is just mindful of her safety, and Kamala asks her mother if she can attend a gathering at Zoe's house, with Bruno and Nakia, promising she'll return by nine, which Muneeba allows.[16]


Kamala cycles on the back of Bruno's bike, to Zoe's house and they find Nakia, who discreetly mentions to her friend, that Miguel is hovering over her. Shawn greets the group and offers her a drink, denying there's any alcohol, after Kamala asks. He claims it's simply orange juice, and she takes a sip, but begins to gag, after he adds that there's also some vodka in it. Nakia is ready to leave, and offers to split an Uber with Kamala, who worries that she's drunk, when they see a boy perform a somersault into the pool. He steps out, and it's revealed to be Kamran, the new student. Kamala becomes smitten, as he walk towards them, only to find that she's standing on his shirt, which he wants back. He introduces himself to them, and Kamala stays silent for a moment, until Nakia budges her, and she gives her name. Incoming police sirens are heard, and the partygoers all begin to scramble, in fear of getting in trouble. Kamran leads Kamala and her friends to his car, where they make a swift escape. While he drives off, she admires the color of the interior, which Bruno points out is just black. Kamran offers her the chance to take it for a ride, but Bruno adds she failed, and Kamran shares he did too, during his first test. Kamala and Kamran proceed to discuss their interests in Bollywood movies and Shah Rukh Khan, until they arrive to Circle Q, where he drops everyone off. Before they depart ways, Kamran gives Kamala his number, in offer of driving lessons.[16]

Kamala dances around the house, enamored by Kamran, and the pair discuss lessons over text.[16]


At the end of class, Kamala's powers cause her nose to begin glowing, and she rushes to the bathroom, to prevent anyone from seeing it. Nakia offers her a tampon, assuming Kamala is facing menstrual issues, and as Kamala reaches her hand to take it, it begins to glow, so she declines Nakia's offer. Nakia notes the strange behavior she's been displaying over the past few days, and Kamala expresses her concern over the various changes she's going through lately. Nakia relates to this, through her parents reaction to her wearing the hijab and her beginning to develop. Kamala questions how she makes it look easy, and Nakia replies that after putting on her headscarf, she feels like she found her purpose, and talks about why she ran for the Mosque Board. The two friends express their love for each other, and Nakia hands her a new top and earrings for her upcoming driving lesson with Kamran.[16]


After getting ready, Kamala walks towards Kamran, when Bruno stops her, to ask about their next training session. Upon seeing Kamran, he figures she will be with him, but confirms he'll be going to Eid with them, when Kamala asks on the behalf of her mother. Kamran offers to let Kamala drive, and the pair eventually stop at a restaurant. They further continue their discussion on Bollywood movies. During their talk, she mentions her "ammi" before quickly correcting herself to the word "mom" instead, and Kamran reminds her she doesn't need to clarify for him, as he understands, and mentions his mother is similar, and further adds he doesn't understand half her interests. Kamala observes the close relationship Kamran shares with his mother, and he reveals that the pair moved around together a lot. In the midst of their conversation, Kamala quickly covers her face with a menu, after seeing Aamir and his fiancée Tyesha, and worries about his reaction to seeing the two of them together. He ends up walking in on them at the restaurant, and she convinces her brother that Kamran is their cousin, which Kamran plays along with. They manage to maintain their cover, until Aamir and Tyesha leave.[16]


Tyesha later comes over for a family dinner, and the group converse. Tyesha asks how long the family lived in Karachi, and Yusuf shares that his family had been in Karachi for generations, while Muneeba's moved after the Partition, before the existence of Pakistan and Bangladesh. They recount how there was a civil war, after the British had left the state in shambles, and Muneeba leaves the table to clear up. As she does so, Kamala listens, as Yusuf informs Tyesha of his wife's family history. He mentions that during the Partition, Muneeba's family had to get on the last train that was getting out of the city, and Muneeba's mother, Sana, who was just a toddler at the time, got separated from her parents on the station, but mysteriously returned to the train, just before it pulled out of the station. Kamala further describes with her father, how Sana claimed she followed a trail of stars, which lead her right back to her father. Tyesha proceeds to ask what happened to Sana's mother, but Yusuf replies that they never found out, and she disappeared, along with many other that night. Suddenly, Kamala's bangle begins to glow, and her surroundings start shaking, though only she seems privy to this. Light and smoke formulate in the middle of the room, and streaks of light begin to surround Kamala, as the sound of a train emerges, and a mysterious figure surfaces, with her arm reaching out. Kamala faints, and wakes up to her family around her, with Muneeba questioning if she ate too little or too much, as she splashes water over her daughters face, and Aamir reciting a prayer in the background.[16]

Sana: "That bangle belonged to my mother, Aisha."
Kamala: "The one who disappeared during Partition, my great-grandmother Aisha?"
Sana Ali and Kamala Khan[src]

Kamala later heads up to her room, and video calls her grandmother, Sana, to further discuss the conversation she had with her family, over dinner. She questions her on the bangle, mentioning the weird things it has caused, and Sana reveals it belonged to her mother, Aisha, Kamala's great-grandmother, who disappeared during the Partition. Sana refuses to elaborate any further on the matter, in fear of upsetting her daughter, but Kamala presses the subject, questioning if really had no idea what happened to her. At that moment, Yusuf tries to enter Kamala's room, so Kamala creates a construct to hold the door shut, as she solicits her grandmother for more information. He manages to push his way though, and Kamala quickly turns off the phone, pretending she just woke up, after her father entered, and he tells her to go back to sleep.[16]

While Kamala and Muneeba get ready for Eid, she asks her mother, point-blank, what happened to her great-grandmother, and mentions that she heard her name, after talking with her grandmother. Muneeba claims she brought great shame to their family, causing her to move half way across the world, and asks that she drop the matter.[16]

Kamala meets with Nakia and Bruno at the Eid Al-Adha festival, which is being held by the local mosque. Nakia who is determined to win the election for the Mosque Board has them approach the various cliques in attendance, for her campaign, and Kamala volunteers to target the "Illumin-Aunties", in hopes that they have information regarding Aisha.[16]


Kamala reaches the Aunties, and after campaigning on Nakia's behalf, asks about her great-grandmother. They inform Kamala that she was well known, but the people who encountered probably wish they hadn't. Kamala asks for further clarification, and Auntie Zara adds that Muneeba didn't deserve the shame that Aisha brought onto their family. They all proceed to discuss the various rumors surrounding her, claiming she was cursed, guilty of infidelity and a murderer. As Kamala digests the information just presented to her, they hear the screams of a young boy, and find him hanging by the curtain rails, from the window of the minaret. Kamala suits up in her cosplay outfit, and climbs onto the roof, to save him. Kamala assures him that he'll be fine, and keeps his mind distracted, as she walks in his direction. She slowly creates platforms in the air, but the rails of the curtain he's holding onto, further rip, so Kamala is forced to run in his direction in the middle of the air, as platforms materialize beneath her. She creates a construct below his feet, but he slips off and begins to fall. He crashes into Kamala, and the pair descend, when Kamala creates another platform, to stop them, mid-air. The crowd cheers for her heroics, and Kamala safely moves on the roof, where she is admired by those below her. She reaches out her arm to the young boy, so he can climb on safely too, when all of a sudden, her bangle begins to glow, and strobing lights appear around the area that the he stood. In his place, stands a woman, who reaches out her arm towards a shocked Kamala. The woman then disappears, and the platform the boy was on, shatters, causing him to fall, once again. Kamala attempts to use an elongated construct of her arm, to reach him, but fails, so creates some constructs below him, to lessen the impact, as he falls down. Nonetheless, he crashes on the hood of a car, and is injured. Kamala stares down, as the crowd surround the young boy, and hurries off, away from everyone else.[16]


Kamala finds herself alone in an alley, when a drone suddenly appears, and places her on target. It proceeds to lock its sight on Kamala and chases her, and as she runs forward, another appears. Kamala creates a fist, to destroy the one in front, and finds herself surrounded by DODC agents, who want to take her in. Kamala creates platforms to walk above them, but they shoot a weapon that shatters her Hard Light, causing her to fall on top of a drone. She jumps off it, and creates a construct to smash through and destroy it. Kamala falls onto the side of the road, behind a van, when Kamran's car pulls up in front of her. He opens the door, and tells her to quickly get in, much to her confusion, and they drive off. As Kamala recovers, a woman sitting at the back of the car greets her, and informs Kamala she's been waiting a long time to meet her. She is the same woman that appeared in Kamala's visions. Kamran introduces Kamala to the mysterious woman, who he reveals as his mother.[16]

It was Aisha's wish to bring us all home. And now you must finish what she started.
Najma to Kamala Khan[src]

Kamala is taken to a safe space, alongside Kamran, and a group of others, and Najma recounts their shared history with Kamala's great-grandmother, Aisha, shortly before she disappeared. Najma reveals that Kamala may be the key to leading them back home, as their powers to control Noor were subdued, when they were exiled out of their home dimension, but Kamala's mixed ancestry may allow her access its full potential. The bangle is pointed as they key in unlocking Kamala's powers, but Kamala voices her concern, over the misfortune it's brought her. Najma shares her belief in Kamala and asks that she help complete her great-grandmothers mission. When Kamala asks on the nature Najma, and the other, she reveals that they originate from the Noor Dimension, and are a group of Djinn, known as the Clandestines.[17]

Kamala meets up with Bruno the following morning, and reports what Najma told her. She asks him, on what he knows about interdimensional travel, and he proceeds to do research on a paper by Erik Selvig. Before she leaves, he tells Kamala that her actions from the Eid festival have made her trend online.[17]

Back at home, Kamala watches the videos of herself, when Nakia arrives, in a slump. Kamala decides to tell Nakia the truth, but before she can do so, her best friend, slams Night Light, over the damage she's caused, now that Damage Control have placed the mosque under their surveillance, as they believe that's where she operating from. Nakia also shares that she was elected as a board member for the mosque, and Kamala congratulates her.[17]


The girls get changed for the Mehndi, and head down, among the other guests. During the festivities, the group begin discussing the troubles that Night Light has caused. Bruno, who was unable to attend, sends Kamala a box. She goes outside, upset by the comments people made about Night Light, when Sheikh Abdullah joins her. Kamala expresses doubt in herself, and her ability to convince others she good, but Sheikh Abdullah advises her that good isn't a thing she is, but a thing she does. She unwraps, Bruno's package and finds a blue domino mask within.[17]

She meets up with Bruno, who after doing researching, learns that helping the Clandestines reach the Noor Dimension, may result in a mass explosion. She becomes conflicted on whether or not she should carry out the risk and Bruno reveals that he got into CalTech, but is hesitant to leave until he knows Kamala is okay, and states that he'll help her figure things out.[17]

Kamala returns home, and bandages an injury she got, while escaping Damage Control. Muneeba walks in and Kamala claims she hurt herself, falling off a bike. Her mother cleans the wound for her, and Kamala asks her mother if she ever had a dream, which didn't fulfill her expectations. Muneeba talks about her experience living in America and the hardships she faced, that she managed to overcome, with the help from the mosque and her friends and family, reminding Kamala that she is there for her.[17]

Kamala later texts Kamran to inform him, she wants to help, but is aware of the danger it may bring in doing so, and needs more time.[17]

On the day of the wedding Kamala overhears her father comfort Aamir over his jitters at the wedding. She later watches as he and Tyesha get married. The party is held at a wedding venue, and Kamala participates in a dance, alongside Bruno and Nakia.[17]


The wedding band begin to play a couples dance song, and Kamala asks if Bruno wants to dance with her, when Kamran suddenly arrives to warn her that the Clandestine are after her, and willing to kill everyone. When Kamala sees the group enter, she pulls the fire alarm, forcing everyone to leave. Kamala escapes into the hallways to sees Saleem, beat up a venue attendant. She runs into the kitchen to warn the staff to escape, when Aadam arrives and punches a random staff member, causing them to flee. Kamala slowly backs away, when Najma arrives behind her and tries punching her, but Kamala creates a shield, rebounding her back. Fariha and Saleem attempts to attack her, but Kamala creates another shield, which they impact instead, and send she is again, sent hurling back. The Clandestines set their sights on Kamala, but she manages to escape from their view, and hides away. Najma turns off the lights in the room, and bangs a pan against some pots, triggering Kamala to create a construct in defense, and altering the group of her location. Aadam hits her with a weapon, and an armor of light briefly surrounds her body, as she falls to the ground. Kamala comes face-to-face with the four members of the Clandestines, who chase her with various weapons in attack. She scurries underneath a table, but is quickly discovered by Saleem who is ready to strike, when Bruno throws a gift in his direction, to serve as a distraction. Saleem hurls a chair in Bruno's way, knocking him back. Kamala then creates an elongated construct of her arm, and knock him and the other Clandestines back, with a swing. She then rushes to Bruno's side, while Kamran tries to keep his family busy, as Kamala tries to find an exit. Kamran is unable to hold them off, and they are quickly surrounded the Clandestine. Najma grabs onto Kamala's bangle, and the pair sees a vision of train to Karachi, when Damage Control agents sweep the building. They use their weapons to neutralize the Clandestine, and with Najma briefly distracted, Kamala loosens her grip, and escapes with Bruno. They retreat from the building, and Kamala uses her powers to shut the door, when Nakia spots them. Nakia realizes her friend is the masked hero, and Kamala promises to explain everything to her, but is forced to leave, as the agents are after her.[17]


Kamala returns home to her worried parents, who question where she's been. Muneeba asks is she pulled the alarm, and who the people that got arrested were. Her mother urges her to be honest, but Kamala is unable to provide them with any answers, to their disappointment. She heads to her room, where she receives a video call from her grandmother Sana, who informs Kamala she needs to head to Karachi, with her mother. She then proceeds to ask Kamala if she saw the train. Kamala questions how her grandmother could have known about this, and Sana reveals that she saw it too.[17]

After disrupting Aamir and Tyesha's wedding, Kamala is placed under punishment by her parents. Kamala attempts to reach out to Nakia through text, but all her messages are ignored. Sana calls Muneeba, and convinces her daughter that she and Kamala need to come to Karachi and see her. They book tickets, and decide on the plane that they need to call a temporary truce, for the sake of her grandmother.[18]

They arrive at the airport, where they are greeted by Zainab and Owais, Kamala's cousins. Sana also unexpectedly arrives, to escort them, back to her home.[18]

Kamala: "Am I... A Djinn?"
Sana: "Of course. At least, that is what my father told me."
―Kamala Khan and Sana Ali[src]

Kamala looks at the views outside the car, as the group are driven back home. They arrive by sunrise, and are greeted by Sana's old dog, Magnum. They go inside, to settle in, and Kamala steps forward into Sana's room, which is surrounded by various artworks she created, and old newspaper clippings, regarding the Partition. Sana enters and Kamala expresses how she had no idea of her grandmother's artistic skills. Sana shares that her art was a way to hold onto her identity, after she losing so much during the Partition. Sana hands Kamala an old photograph of herself as a child with her father, and a painting she created of her mother, Aisha. Kamala proceeds to ask Sana on their heritage, but before she can complete her sentence, Sana lets Kamala know, she is aware of their Djinn ancestry. Kamala is shocked that Sana was aware, but her grandmother is nonchalant regarding the matter. Sana tells Kamala that her focus should be in regards to how the bangle saved her life, last time it was in use, as it guided her back to her father through a trail of stars, when she got lost during Partition. They discuss how the train is the common link, that they both envisioned, and the same one she boarded in her youth. She urges Kamala to figure out what the bangle is trying to tell her.[18]

Kamala goes to sleep, where she dreams of her encounter with the Clandestines at Aamir's wedding, only to be woken up by her cousins, who have planned a day out with her. They make fun of her, for her stuffed sloth, but she clarifies it's a napping pillow.[18]

Kamala gets changed and they head out. They arrive at a boat club, but are denied entry inside, because Kamala is wearing jeans, which goes against their policies. They eat out on the patio, and are greeted by Muneeba's old friend, Rukhsana, who shares with Kamala that Muneeba was a bit of a rebel in her youth. She takes a bite of some food laid out, but starts burning up, and questions why no one warned her, regarding its spice.[18]

Kamala is later lead by her cousins to the local surroundings and taught of their historical significances. They browse the markets, and Kamala asks if they can explore the local train station, so she can better understand her vision. Her cousins however are more interested in visiting their friends for coffee, and leave her.[18]


After haggling with a local seller, Kamala is directed to the train station. She puts on the mask Bruno gave her, and explores the area. She stops by to admire a local mural of Ant-Man, when a dagger is shot in her direction. A young figure, masked in a red scarf claims to have found her after sensing the Noor within her. He runs towards her, and Kamala creates an energy construct, which he climbs on top of. He lands opposite her, and tries to knock her down, but Kamala jumps onto a platform, and creates a construct to push him back. The pair get into a scuffle, and Kamala catches hold of a dagger thrown in her direction. She attempts to throw it back, but misses and runs away. She walks upward, and the masked man follows her on her platforms, but she falls, and lands on top of a construct, while he drops to the ground. The masked man realizes Kamala isn't a Clandestine, despite being in possession of the bangle, which belonged to Aisha. She questions him on his knowledge, and he leads her away, for answers, as the authorities arrive.[18]


He takes her to the inside of an old Chinese restaurant, and Kamala is lead to the back of the kitchen, which serves as a secret entrance, into a hideout. He introduces her to the Red Daggers, and a man welcomes her, as a descendant of Aisha. He introduces himself as Waleed, and invites Kamala for lunch. He informs her that they are group of warriors, who protect their communities from the threat of the unseen, like the Clandestines. He leads her to a map which showcases their world, and turns on a holographic light, which features another map juxtaposed over the first, a display of how the two worlds coexist. A glass display emerges from the chamber, and models of two regions are displayed, divided by a wall of light. Waleed describes how the Veil of the Noor separates their home world, from the Noor Dimension, and if the Clandestine were to take hold of Kamala's bangle, they would tear down the veil, unleashing their Dimension, onto Earth. Waleed emphasizes the importance in keeping the bangle safe, when he notes the inscription placed on it, which he was previously unaware of. He translates it for Kamala, and the message reads "What you seek is seeking you". She asks if the phrase holds any importance, but Waleed doesn't know, though believes it must have been important to someone.[18]

Kamala returns home, and joins her grandmother on the balcony. Kamala admits that she's still learning, and in turn, Sana talks of the complexities in her identity as a Pakistani, and the pain caused by Pakistan and India's borders.[18]

In the evening, Red Dagger brings Kamala to a bonfire, with his friends, and she learns his real name is Kareem. She sits around the fire, and introduces herself as Sloth Baby, after learning they all go by nicknames. She's handed a bag of biryani, which she's reluctant to try, in fear it might be spicy, but Kareem prompts her to have a taste. As she eats, Kareem friend, Faizaan starts singing for them.[18]

Kamala returns home to her mother sitting at the table. Kamala asks if her mother is okay, to which she nods, and talks of how mothers can be. Kamala joins her mother as she hands her toffee. She bites into it, but struggles to chew, and questions how one can eat it. Muneeba admits to needing strong teeth, and the pair laugh together.[18]

Kamala returns to the Red Daggers Headquarters, and displays her powers for them. Waleed hands her a blue vest, a gesture to remind Kamala of her heritage. Suddenly, the Clandestines burst through the ceiling, having escaped from the D.O.D.C. prison. Kareem pushes Kamala away through the entrance, and Waleed barricades the door, as he fights the Clandestines off. Kamala and Kareem wait, and Waleed bursts through. The trio run through the passageway, and out of the restaurant.[18]


They climb into a rickshaw, which is driven by Kareem, and Kamala dons her eye mask. Saleem follows them behind, on another rickshaw, while Aadam and Fariha commandeer a truck in their pursuit. The truck hits the rickshaw, turning the rickshaw onto its side, and propelling it against the trucks speed. As the truck begins speeding in the direction of a family, Kamala creates a construct shaped like an upward slide, and pushes the rickshaw off of truck, sending them onto the side, and the truck topples on to the road. The rickshaw, driven by Saleem and Najma begins to catch up and the go forward, so Waleed detaches the carriage. Kamala rides with Kareem on the motorbike, but they crash into a car, and fall on the road, and Kamala creates a construct so they can safely land. Waleed leads them off, while they run away. Kamala takes control of a local truck, and hits Saleem with it, rescuing Kareem from his clutches. The pair run through an alleyway, where they are chased by Saleem, and Waleed throws a pair of knives from a balcony above, which directly impact Saleem in the chest and kill him. Najma stabs Waleed in the back, and he drops from a height, landing before Kamala and Kareem. Kamala wants to help, but he is already dead, so they continue to run.[18]


The teens find themselves in a closed courtyard, surrounded by clothing hung on lines. Kamala and Kareem turn to where they emerged from, and take on fighting stances, as Aadam and Fariha come through. Kamala creates an elongated fist, and punches Fariha. She launches off, on constructs below her feet, and flips Aadam onto the ground. Najma begins swinging her blades towards Kamala, and Kamala kicks her and creates a shield against Fariha's spear. Kamala pushes her back, and kicks her, only to turn to Najma standing before her. She strikes Kamala, and hits her bangle instead, which creates a ripple of energy and sends Kamala flying back.[18]


Kamala gets up, only to find herself elsewhere. She is on a railway track in the night, completely surrounded by local villagers who appear to be traveling. She moves onto the train platform, as she watches people say their goodbyes, with their belongings in possession. The train before her, reads Karachi, and Kamala realizes she has transported back in time, to 1947, during the Partition of India. She climbs onto the top of a train, and finds herself surrounded by thousands of people in her entire line of view, all migrating.[18]

Get Sana on the train. And protect that bangle. You have everything that you need.
Aisha to Kamala Khan[src]

Kamala climbs down and moves through the masses. She finds a woman lain down, and comes to realize it's her great-grandmother, Aisha, who has been fatally wounded. Aisha asks Kamala to lead Sana back onto the train and protect the bangle. She hands Kamala a photograph of herself, along with her husband and daughter, and accepts her fate, as she passes on.[19]


Kamala searches for young Sana, and finds her, calling for her parents. She holds the child in her arms, to search for Hasan, but struggles to find him. Kamala creates platforms for Sana, which lead to Hasan, but the crowds movement, breaks her ability to keep the hard light stable. As it dissipates, Kamala watches Sana controls the fragments of the platform, which resemble stars, which lead her back to Hasan. Kamala witnesses her great-grandfather and grandmother reunite, and board the train. The bangle suddenly begins to glow, and Kamala is thrown back to the present timeline.[19]


Kamala recovers back in the same courtyard she was previously in. A vein of light materializes through a crack within the space before them, and Najma points to it, as the Veil of Noor, which has been opened. Kamala witnesses Fariha reach out her hand towards the light, when her body suddenly transforms into a black crystalline rock and disintegrates. Streaks begins pulsating out of the Veil, as it slowly starts to expand, and Kamala attempts to block it with her construct, but only causes it to further spread. She calls for Kareem to escort the locals away, and creates a barrier to prevent the Veil from making contact with them. Kamala urges Najma to step away, and think of her son, but Najma admits that she abandoned him. Kamala reiterates that Najma stole Aisha's chance of being with her family, and not to let Kamran, follow in her fate. Najma decides to shut the veil, by moving in towards it. Kamala runs after her, but Kareem holds her back, and Najma passes away, as the veil collapses in on itself.[19]


Muneeba and Sana, who were standing further back, call out to Kamala. She runs into her mother's arms, and Muneeba comes to realize that her daughter is the masked heroine of Jersey. Kamala retrieves the photograph Aisha gave her, and hands it to Sana, who is brought to tears. Before she leaves with her mother and grandmother, Kamala goes off to say her goodbyes to Kareem. Kareem tells her Waleed would be proud, and she thanks Kareem, for everything he's done for her. Before they part ways, he removes his red scarf and hands it to her.[19]


The women return home, and browse through old family photographs. Sana calls Kamala to look at an old photograph of Muneeba during the 1980s and they laugh together. Sana comments on how Muneeba was rebellious in her youth, and ran off to follow Bruce Springsteen, but Muneeba corrects her, by stating the artist was Bon Jovi. Kamala questions why she never heard of this and Muneeba says Kamala simply never asked. Muneeba tells Kamala that she and her father had a lot of adventures, though none compare to being her mother. She apologizes for holding onto her too tight, and confesses she simply wasn't ready to let her go. Sana also apologizes to Muneeba, and the three of them all embrace each other.[19]


Kamala and her mother return to New Jersey, where she plans on announcing her secret to her family. They're gathered in the living room, when Kamala calls for their attention, and apologizes for her past actions during the wedding and sneaking out at AvengerCon. She begins rambling out of nervousness, and reveals she is Night Light, but to her surprise, they are already aware. Aamir reveals that he and Tyesha heard Muneeba telling Yusuf, while he had the phone on loudspeaker. Yusuf expresses his amazement at Kamala, but is also cautious of the dangers she may face, acting as a vigilante. Kamala reminds her father of the values he taught her as to why she acts as hero. At that moment, Nakia calls Aamir, and Kamala grabs the phone. Before Kamala can say anything, Nakia reveals she's been struggling to get hold of Bruno, who hasn't been heard of, since Circle Q exploded.[20]

Kamala calls Bruno to no avail. Muneeba arrives and hands Kamala a superhero uniform she assembled for her daughter, with the Arabic letter for K, "ک", as the emblem on the centre. Muneeba wraps a scarf around her daughter's neck, and Kamala rests her face onto her mother's shoulder.[20]

Ms. Marvel - 1x06 - No Normal - Ms

Now sporting her new uniform, Kamala scours New Jersey, through the air, searching below for her friend. She spots Bruno accompanied by Kamran, heading out of an alleyway, and drops below to them, and comments on the caps they have on. They return the sentiment upon seeing her new costume. Kamala hugs Bruno, relieved for his safety, when Kamran suddenly begins releasing a burst of energy, emitting from within his body, pushing everything in its close proximity, away. Kamala comes to realize that, much like her, Kamran's access to the Noor has been unlocked too. Kamala and Bruno support Kamran who is limping, and the trio quickly scurry of, when they hear the sound of police sirens.[20]


The three try to remain anonymous, while the DODC search for Kamala and Kamran. By the time nightfall arrives, they head to Coles Academy High School. Kamala tells Bruno and Kamran to head off without her, while she makes a call to Kareem. She asks for his assistance in helping smuggle Kamran out of town, and Kareem agrees to do so, instructing her to get Kamran to the harbor by midnight. She quickly returns to her friends, and joins them, as they sneak inside the school, where they are met by Nakia, who is also present.[20]


She quickly returns to her friends, and joins them, as they sneak inside the school, where they are met by Nakia, who is also present. She's met with a cold reception by her, and Nakia confesses her hurt over Kamala keeping her superhero identity a secret, while Kamala admits she thought Nakia would hate her. She acknowledges she messed up in not telling her, and apologizes. Bruno alerts them to the Damage Control's arrival, with the incoming arrival of DODC vehicles, parked outside the school. Zoe appears, having hung back in school for her social media platform and reveals they tried to trick her into giving Kamala up, admitting she's in her gratitude for saving her life at AvengerCon.[20]

Kamala strategizes a plan to keep the DODC distracted, long enough to sneak Kamran out of the school. During the middle of her plans, she is interrupted by Aamir, who was sent over by Muneeba to chaperone Kamala, much to her embarrassment. She also has Zoe use her mass social media following, to alert the public, of the DODC's actions.[20]

While they prepare for Damage Control's incoming arrival, Kamala reveals to Bruno that Najma died in Karachi. Bruno is reluctant to share this information with Kamran, and asks she keep it to herself, until they make it safely out of the building.[20]

Damage Control storm the building and Kamala's friends keep them distracted, long enough for her to escape their sights, with Kamran. The pair hides behind a desk, waiting for the agents to leave, and hold hands together, which begin glowing. They lean in for a kiss, but Bruno interrupts, to inform them their path is clear from the agents.[20]


Kamala tells Kamran she has a contact that can help in his escape, but Kamran is reluctant to involve himself with the Red Daggers, as they've clashed with the Clandestines for several decades. They make their way to the bathroom, but before they can escape through a window, Kamran asks Kamala what happened to his mother. An agent suddenly breaks through a window in front of them and holds a gun towards Kamala, but Kamran throws a construct in his direction, which ends up decimating the wall instead. He fires again, and Kamala creates a shield to protect the agent from Kamran's attack. Her hold on his construct breaks, and Kamala is thrown back towards a toilet.[20]

She goes after Kamran, who asks her to tell him what happened in Pakistan, and Kamala confirms Najma's death. Upon hearing the news, Kamran goes on a rampage, and begins to attack the agents. Kamala intervenes and creates an elongated arm to take hold of him, but Kamran blasts her back and runs away.[20]

The DODC agents begin shooting at Kamran, outside the school, and Kamala intercedes between the gunfire, creating a shield to protect him from their attacks. She is met by an audience who are screaming at Damage Control to ceasefire. The organization instead decides to fire back, and a sonic device is blasted in Kamala and Kamran's direction, throwing them backwards. Kamala is momentarily overwhelmed, and crawls against the pavement.[20]

―Kamala Khan[src]
Ms. Marvel - 1x06 - No Normal - Ms

Before Damage Control can fire a second round, she commands her powers to "embiggen", and an exoskeleton made from Noor, begins surrounding her. Kamala rises back up, and walks in the air, landing before Damage Control's vehicles, and crushing them with her enlarged hands. The DODC begin their gunfire again, but the bullets ricochet off of her, and Kamala creates a shield, as she walks in their direction, and throws it towards the agents. Kamran attempts to attack Agent Deever, by pushing a vehicle in her direction, and it rebounds towards the crowd protesting. Before it can hit them, Kamala captures it with her embiggened limbs and is met with applause.[20]


Kamran releases a surge of energy once again, causing everything in near vicinity to fly back, while constructs begin emitting from him and surrounding the area. Kamala walks towards him, and creates a shield, encapsulating the pair, in a crystalline dome, to try and calm him down. Kamran refuses to accept this world as their home, following the attacks against him, but Kamala assures Kamran that Najma sacrificed herself for his protection. Kamran reflects on his actions, and wonders how he can ever be normal, but Kamala tells him there is no normal. She punctures a hole through the ground, so Kamran can escape, and he thanks her, before the pair departs ways. Once he leaves, Kamala lowers her shield, and Kamran's constructs disappear too.[20]

Kamala is met by the agents attempting to capture her, but the audience who were watching her heroics, form a chain around her, in protection. Her parents rush to her side, while the local police also turn against the DODC. Before Agent Deever and the others can reach Kamala, she creates platforms in the air and escapes, to the delight of everyone protecting her.[20]

Her actions are met by wide acclamation on social media, with the public largely on her side and in celebration of her.[20]

At home, Kamala observes herself in the mirror's reflection, satisfied with who she is.[20]


Kamala later sits on the roof, and Yusuf joins her side. He inquires on what her superhero alias is, but Kamala is still unable to answer. He praises his daughter for her heroic actions and tells her how the value of one life saved is like saving the world. He recalls how she got her name, reminiscing about how he and Muneeba tried for a second child for several years, before she was born. Yusuf thought of her as perfect, and named her after the Arabic work for perfection, "Kamal", which in Urdu, is closer to meaning "Marvel". Kamala gets excited at the prospect of sharing the same name with Carol Danvers, to Yusuf's confusion, as he's unaware of who that is, but he tells his daughter she always has been their own little Ms. Marvel, and hands her, her domino mask. Kamala hugs her father and tells him she loves him, before walking in the air, on her platforms.[20]

She reaches a lamppost where she momentarily sits to observe the night skyline and the city lights, while the wind gently breezes against her, before departing.[20]

Kamala, there's something different in your genes. Like... Like a mutation.
Bruno Carrelli to Kamala Khan[src]

A week later, Kamala meets up with Nakia and Bruno, who is now in possession of Kamran's car. Nakia argues that the car would be better suited to stay in New Jersey, which Kamala agrees with, when Bruno decides to take it to CalTech, in California with him. The trio laugh together, and Bruno shares some new information with Kamala that he learnt. After looking at her genetic make-up once again, to determine why Aamir doesn't have powers the way Kamala does, he learns that she holds a genetic mutation. Kamala dismisses this new discovery as another label and holds out her hand for the keys. Before Bruno can hand it over, Nakia is seen on the driver's side, ready for shawarma, and Kamala gleefully jumps in the passenger's side, as they head off.[20]

At home, Kamala is resting on her bed, in uniform, when her mother calls for her to complete her science homework. Her bangle suddenly begins to glow and Kamala stands up to peer over it, when she is suddenly transported away to an unknown location.[20]

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

In the series finale, when She-Hulk breaks in the Marvel Studios Headquarters to talk to K.E.V.I.N., a stand can be seen, featuring various Marvel comics, including Kamala Khan's first issue, "Ms. Marvel Vol. 1: No Normal".

The Marvels

Kamala Khan returns in the sequel to Captain Marvel, alongside the titular heroine Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau.

Kamala is in her room, busy writing fan fiction between herself, and her idol, Captain Marvel. She slumps onto her bed, when her bangle suddenly begins emitting a glow, and she is transported elsewhere.

Kamala shrieks in terror as she unexpectedly finds herself hurdling though outer space in a spacesuit. She lands outside the glass panels of a space station, to find Nick Fury observing her on the other side. Her fear momentarily turns into excitement, and she introduces herself, questioning whether she is partaking in a test to become an Avenger.

Kamala then abruptly teleports back home. She attempts explaining where she was to her family, when her parents interject by revealing that while Kamala had disappeared, Captain Marvel was in their home. Kamala briefly falls into a state of bliss after learning the super heroine was in their house, and gleefully screams.

Without warning, Kamala teleports elsewhere, yet again, this time landing abroad a Kree spaceship. She falls to the ground, besides what appears to be a cat. Two guards enter Kamala's vicinity, when the feline creature protrudes tentacles from its mouth, and swallows them. Kamala cries of fear, before a third guard runs in her direction. She creates a hard light shield to block their attack, when she finds herself transported back into her home, alongside the feline alien.

The Marvels - Kamala Holds Goose

Kamala holds Goose

Kamala rambles in a state, whilst trying to explain to her family what happened, despite everyone’s confusion. She showcases the "cat", which expels the two guards from its mouth. They rise, and Kamala urges her family to run, as a fight breaks out in their home. Kamala creates a shield, before once again reappearing in the ship, swapping places with Captain Marvel and someone else, everytime she disappears. A dome forms around herself and two other guards, when Kamala teleports in the space station, alongside Nick Fury. She greets him before returning to form, and fighting her adversaries by blocking blasts sent towards her and creating an elongated fist to punch the warriors back. Kamala then walks on her platforms towards another soldier, disarming them, and throwing their weapon towards Nick Fury. She proceeds to create a hard light slide, which she uses to knock an alien down, and stands by Fury's side, as the two look in triumph. She's then suddenly teleported back into the ship. She neutralises the two guards who head into her direction, before returning home, which is now in complete disarray.

The two aliens who are rendered unconscious are chained and gagged to prevent any further damage. Kamala grabs a broom in a feeble attempt to clear the vast damage thoughout her entire house, while her family disapprovingly stare at her. Before anything can be said, the bell rings, and Yusuf answers the door to find Nick Fury, and S.A.B.E.R. agent, Monica Rambeau.

Agents apprehend the aliens away from their house, while Kamala observes the profile they kept on her. Monica reveals that their intel is based on her past heroics in Jersey City. Like Monica, Kamala is electromagnetically altered, as is Captain Marvel, which she believes, may have something to do with the inexplicable switching between the three individuals, and Kamala begins rambling in excitement upon hearing mention of Captain Marvel. Monica concludes that all three have light based powers, and Kamala proceeds to demonstrate her own abilities. As she does, she switches places with Captain Marvel.

Kamala switches again, now plummeting from the air to the ground. Monica attempts to catch her, through her flight, but accidentally phases through the teen. Monica manages to reach her, and the two lock arms, while Kamala creates a hard light sphere around themselves. Before they can plunge to the ground, they teleport into the Kree spaceship, where Captain Marvel formerly was.

Kamala and Monica find themselves surrounded by soldiers and the two surrender. Dar-Benn, the Kree’s leader, believes the two to be co-conspirators of Captain Marvel. She also dons a bangle, which bares resemblance to Kamala’s, and so, Kamala discreetly hides her own, under her sleeve. Dar-Benn prepares to attack the two with her war hammer, but before she can do so, Captain Marvel arrives in front of them, obstructing her blast. Kamala gasps in excitement and the trio attack Dar-Benn and her warriors, before suddenly switching places.

Dar-Benn leaves her spacecraft, whilst Monica and Carol follow after. Kamala is left alone with the other Kree warriors, when Captain Marvel returns to retrieve her, and they land on Tarnax, a refugee colony for Skrulls. Atop of a mountain, Dar-Benn combines her war hammer with that of her bangle unleashing a beam into the sky, and Kamala's own bangle begins glowing in response. The streak of energy creates a jump point into the ether, and begins siphoning the atmosphere.

The Marvels - Monica, Kamala and Carol on Tarnax

As the Skrulls flee in panic, Kamala motions them towards the direction of the vessels. Carol orders Kamala to return to her ship and not use her powers, but Kamala defies her orders, and rushes to save the inhabitants. As pieces of debris fall from the sky, Kamala creates a shield to protect a group of Skrulls from being injured, and switches places with Captain Marvel, causing her to hurl in the air. She creates a hard light dome, before switching places and returning to ground level, and resumes helping those she can. When she spots a group of Skrulls aloft, she creates a hard light ramp, to help bring them down, when she switches places with Captain Marvel, teleporting to Carol's ship. Monica beckons everyone inside, while Carol also returns to them. Kamala stares at the state of mass destruction, heartbroken, and urging the others to save everyone, but Captain Marvel insists they can’t, and commands her to return to the ship. They fly off, as the land behind them crumbles.

While the ship navigates through space, Valkyrie arrives to take the surviving Skrulls to New Asgard. As they depart, Kamala consoles a young Skrull child with a stuffed animal, and promises them Captain Marvel will be able to fix their predicament.

The Marvels - Kamala Carol Handshake

Kamala and Carol reintroduce thenselves

Captain Marvel apologises to Kamala for the manner in which she spoke to her on Tarnax, which Kamala readily accepts. She reveals she is happy to have people abroad once again, as she often gets lonely by herself, and Kamala quickly loses her cool, even offering to drop out of school, an offer Carol quickly declines, and the two reintroduce themselves. With formalities out of the way, Kamala showcases her bangle, which appears to match the one Dar-Benn was sporting, believing it to be its other half. She reveals that it began glowing, when Dar-Benn used her own, and also reveals the bangle's capabilities of space-time travel. Carol speculates both bangles to be Quantum Bands, which were thought to be Kree myth, and said to be responsible for the creation of every jump point in the universe. They conclude Dar-Benn's band and their joint exposure to her unstable jump points were responsible for the quantum entanglement between the three. With only one band in her position, the jump points she creates are unstable, and the trio determine they must stop her, before she can create any more.

The Marvels - Accessing Memories

Kamala, Carol and Monica access their memories

Kamala recalls seeing star maps and charts in Dar-Benn's ship, but doesn't evoke their exact details, so Carol takes out a Skrull device, which allows them to access memories. The three place the it on their heads, allowing them to recollect what Kamala saw. As they navigate through Kamala’s mind, the trio relive Carol’s last moments with Monica’s mother Maria, and the anguish Monica faced, upon learning her mother died, after returning from the Blip. They take off their devices, and Kamala comforts Monica with a hug. She reaches towards Carol, and the three embrace each other, while Kamala offers her condolences.

They come to realise Dar-Benn plans to steal the natural resources of other planets for Hala, which has now become a desolate wasteland. They predict her next move will be on the planet Aladna, which is mostly compromised of water, and will be her next target.

While they travel, Kamala gets a call from her mother, who forbids her on venturing through space. Kamala learns that her family went abroad with Fury to the S.A.B.E.R. space station. She briefly recaps their upcoming mission, and Monica promises Muneeba they’ll keep her safe.

Kamala suggests different aliases for Monica to adopt, but she insists they’re not needed. As they head to Aladna, the trio proceed to begin training with their quantum entanglement, so they can use their powers effectively, and use the switching to their advantage.

The super heroines land on Aladna and are given comms for communication. Before they enter, Carol nervously and vaguely reveals that she holds a connection the Prince.

The Marvels - Entering Aladna

The Marvels land on Aladna

They walk through the courtyard, and a young child introduces herself, through song. They pass by, and all the citizens begin singing, revealing that Carol is their Princess after marrying their ruler. She explains their language is in song, and that’s how they communicate, so Kamala joins in on their local’s dance, while they head for Prince Yan. She watches in excitement as Carol’s attire transforms into a dress, and her idol sings and dances with her husband, while explaining the threats headed towards Aladna. Carol stops, and requests they prepare them for something more battle ready.

The Marvels - Ms

Kamala, alongside Monica and Carol, now don new superhero uniforms in preparation for Dar-Benn’s attacks. The Aladneans proceed to let out a battle cry, indicating the Krees have arrived onto the planet. Dar-Benn steps foot onto the courtyard and a battle ensues between The Marvels and Aladneans, against the Krees. Kamala attempts to follow Dar-Benn, but a Kree warrior attacks her, when Yan blocks the blow. He advises her to user her scarf, which Kamala learns has a whip-like ability, when thrown against others, and uses it to combat her opponents. She proceeds to create platforms, so she can knock out enemies, firing from the balconies, when she switches with Captain Marvel, who was mid-battle with Dar-Benn. The Kree leader who was in search for the Band’s other half, spots in on Kamala’s wrist and demands to know where she got her bangle from and the young heroine nonchalantly reveals her grandmother mailed it to her. Kamala flees on Monica’s orders, and switches places with Carol, who resumes her battle with Dar-Benn. Dar-Benn manages to create another jump point, causing the planets water to rise into the portal, and onto Hala. Kamala heads towards the ship, with Monica, and fly in Captain Marvel’s direction, where she’s currently engaged in battle. Carol returns to the ship, and the group try to evade the various missiles thrown in their direction. Kamala informs Carol, they need to leave, but she is insistent on staying, so Kamala activates a jump point, despite her wishes, giving them a chance to escape the already doomed planet.

The Marvels - Ms

The ship crash lands on a field and the trio exit the ship. Kamala asserts her decision to leave Aladna against Carol's wishes, as they had to prevent Dar-Benn from obtaining her bangle, and apologises to her. Carol tearfully reveals that destroying the Supreme Intelligence lead to the Kree’s Civil War, and Hala’s eventual devastation, labelling her with title of "Annihilator", a side she never wanted Kamala to see. As Monica comforts her aunt, Carol shares how happy she is to have both of them by her side. Kamala apologises again, for not holding Carol to realistic standards.

The Marvels - Khans Reunite

The trio head to the S.A.B.E.R. Space Station, where an emergency alert has been placed. The station is in chaos as agents run amuck while various flerkitten can be seen across the floor. Kamala reunites with her family who are happy to see her return safety, but the moment is cut short, when Fury reveals they need to leave. An announcement goes out, instructing the agents to allow the baby flerken to eat them, so they can evacuate safety. In order to speed up the process, Kamala helps further by aiding the flerken, and blocking those agents from escaping, apologising, before the flerken temporarily store the scared agents in their stomach. She holds him in the direction of the various agents, all of whom are consumed by the gigantic tentacles emerging from the feline’s mouths. With all the agents contained within the flerkens, Kamala directs the kittens into the safety pod, so they can head to Earth safely.

Monica alerts the others Dar-Benn plans to steal their sun, and Kamala is called away. Her mother suggests taking her bangle for safekeeping, but Kamala decides against it, as they’ll need both pair of bands to close her unstable jump points. The Khans leave for the escape pod and they depart with Kamala once again, proud of the super heroine she has become.

The Marvels - Marvel Trio Attack Dar-Benn

The Marvels Vs. Dar-Benn

The three go abroad on Dar-Benn’s ship, where Carol tries to talk Dar-Benn down. After she refuses, they plan a surprise ambush, as Monica punches the Kree Leader, and switches places with Kamala. The three gather together and Ms. Marvel shoots an array hard light disks towards Dar-Benn, as they attack her at once. The trio switch places, thrashing her from all sides, while she attempts to defend herself from the simultaneous attacks, absorbing the energy sent her way and redirecting it. Ms. Marvel punches Dar-Benn, and attempts to block her with a hard light shield, but Dar-Benn manages to take her disk, and hit her with it instead. She seizes Ms. Marvel by the throat, but before she can strike, Monica throws the Universal Weapon in her direction, causing Dar-Benn crash into a wall. A large piece breaks off, and penetrates her stomach.

The Marvels - Kamala Threatened

Seemingly defeated and defenceless, Kamala urges Dar-Benn to give them the other bangle, but she refuses to do so. Blaming Captain Marvel for the death of Hala’s sun, Monica suggests that Carol reignite it with her raw power and Carol reluctantly accepts, in agreement with Dar-Benn, and attempts to remove the wreckage pinning her down. As she does so, Dar-Benn quickly recovers her hammer, and presses the weapon against Kamala’s head, after she swaps places with Captain Marvel. Kamala grimaces as the hammer pushed on her head. She then proceeds to remove the bangle from Kamala’s arm, and drops her weapon, as she slips the second Quantum Band on her wrist.

The Marvels - Captain Marvels Heads Towards Dar-Benn

Kamala crawls to Captain Marvel and Monica, as Dar-Benn is overcome with the bands energy. As the villain prepares to use the bangles power, Monica rushes over to shield Kamala, while Captain Marvel flies into her direction and the two are pushed into space. Captain Marvel is unsuccessful in stopping her, and a new jump point is made. However, the bands energy wore down Dar-Benn’s physicality, and her body disintegrates as a result, also ending their quantum entanglement. The impact momentarily knock’s Carol out, so Monica flies into space to reach out to her, while Kamala stays inside, and creates an embiggened fist that scoops the two of them, and pulls them back into the ship.

These bangles traveled through space and time. To find me. I was born for this.
―Ms. Marvel to Captain Marvel
The Marvels - Kamala with Quantum Bands

Kamala dons both Quantum Bands

Kamala hugs Captain Marvel, and she hands her back her grandmother’s bangle. The three rise up to observe the jump point, Dar-Benn created, which appears to differ from the others. Monica identifies the jump point to be a hole in space time, which now faces the risk of a different reality bleeding into theirs. She suggests Kamala and Carol produce the same amount of energy used to open the tear, so she can absorb it, and fix it from the within. Monica hands Kamala, Dar-Benn’s other bangle, which Kamala dons, as a surge of energy travels through the reunited Quantum Bands. Now more sure of herself than ever, Kamala quickly recites a prayer, and uses the band to charge Monica with energy, as Captain Marvel does the same. The two stop as Monica radiates in light and levitates from the ground. Monica flies into the jump point, to close it from within, but as a result, she is trapped on the other side, and in another reality. Carol and Kamala embrace, as they grieve the loss of their comrade.

Kamala returns to Earth alone, as Carol chooses to fulfil her promise and user her power to restore Hala’s sun. Kamala momentarily hugs her family before she’s forced to breaks the news on Monica’s loss to Fury.

Sometime later, the Khans head to Louisiana where they help Carol move into Monica and Maria’s old home. Kamala observes an old aircraft, parked outside, and Carol offers to show it to her. Before she leaves, her mother stops her to hug her daughter, happy she’s returned safety. Kamala and Carol get into the cockpit, but Carol realises she doesn’t have the key, and is only there to look after it. Kamala reminds her it’s just until Monica comes back, in a note of hope that the three will reunite again.

Kate Bishop. Did you think you’re the only kid superhero in the world?
―Kamala Khan to Kate Bishop

After completing research through S.A.B.E.R.’s intel, Kamala later heads to New York, to recruit Kate Bishop. She enters her premises while the archer is away and makes herself known when she returns back home, emerging from the shadows. She reveals she’s putting together a team, and wants her to be a part of it.

Marvel Animation

Avengers Assemble

Ms. Marvel debuts in the third season, Avengers Ultron Revolution. In order to foil Ultron's plan to kill every human on Earth with a doomsday device powered by Black Bolt's voice, Black Widow inserted a Terrigen Crystal into the energy source, changed the death ray into a a Terrigen Mist dispersal unit. When Black Bolt screamed, he activated the process, and released the Terrigen Mist worldwide. Every human with latent Inhuman DNA were affected by the Mist, undergoing Terrigenesis. That same night, Kamala Khan was out for an evening walk. The Terrigen Mist descended upon Jersey City and she became among the affected.

Captain Marvel AUR 09

When she emerged from her Terrigenesis, she discovered that she had gained shape-shifting abilities. She soon met Inferno, who told her about her Inhuman DNA. Shocked but excited by their new powers, the two teenagers decided to use them to become heroes. Kamala adopted the code name "Ms. Marvel". Inferno soon contacted her again when he discovered a stray robot created by Ultron that was not destroyed during the fight in Attilan. Ms. Marvel was astounded to also find Captain America and Iron Man also fighting the robot. Despite his discomfort with how young the new heroes were, Captain America admired their "moxie" and invited them on a tour of Avengers Tower. Ms. Marvel was exuberant to meet some of her greatest heroes. However, the tower was soon after invaded by Ghost, an enemy of Iron Man's who had also gained powers from the Terrigen wave. Ghost quickly incapacitated and abducted the other Avengers, stole Captain America's shield and Iron Man's armor, jammed every signal in the tower, and sent the roof caving in. The teenagers saved the older heroes but Ghost soon found them again, abducted Inferno and stole Friday, Iron Man's advanced AI system. Now that he had what he came for, Ghost released his hostages and used his powers to phase the ground underneath the tower to bury the heroes alive. Fortunately, Inferno was able to turn himself into a human rocket engine, overcoming gravity and bringing to tower back up. Meanwhile, Ms. Marvel was able to rush Iron Man back to his lab to engineer a way to block Ghost's powers. With the tower back online, Ms. Marvel defeated Ghost for good by repeatedly slapping him with her enlarged hands. Friday was returned to the Avengers, and just as the teens were about to go home, Iron Man admitted that the pair had earned his respect. Captain America told them that they had the potential to be Avengers someday, and gladly took a selfie with them.

After disaster in the Inhuman city of Attilan spilled into the human world, Truman Marsh, a bureaucrat for the United States government, proposed that for the common safety, all Inhumans should be registered. The Avengers disagreed with setting up such a system, and disassembled, severing their ties to the government. In their place, Marsh recruited new heroes to form the Mighty Avengers. The new team included Kamala, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, the Vision, Ant-Man, Red Hulk, and Songbird, though they were uneasy about the ethics of such a thing. Before it could be debated any further, Marsh sent them to stop Baron von Strucker. They did so, but not without help from Black Widow and Iron Man. The Mighty Avengers criticized the original team, calling them "vigilantes" and "renegades". Later, Marsh sent them to intercept three runaway Inhumans: Haechi, Flint, and Iso. They were met by the Avengers, who had come to warn the teenagers of the raid. As a result, a brawl broke out between the two teams. Ms. Marvel was able to hold her own against the Hulk. Ultimately, the battle ended in the favor of the Mighty Avengers when Captain America was wounded and his allies, now including Songbird, were taken into custody, with the exception of Black Widow, who managed to escape.

Soon after, it became apparent that the Inhuman registry had never been intended to protect people; in fact, any registered Inhuman became a target of mind control. Marsh attempted to force Ms. Marvel to register, despite the fact she had already vowed her loyalty to him and the United States government. Horrified, the older heroes on the Mighty Avengers decided this was the last straw. While the girl went into hiding, her teammates quit working for Marsh and sought out the other Avengers team, now also joined by Medusa and Black Bolt. Unfortunately, Ms. Marvel was caught and and was placed under Marsh's control. Forced to fight her heroes, Ms. Marvel came close to beating them, but they defeated her and restored her to normal. She and all the other Avengers returned to Avengers Tower, only to find Marsh there waiting. She nearly retched when she saw Marsh reveal his true self as Ultron, who had been manipulating everyone all along, and declared he was finally ready to take over the world.

The Mighty Avengers and the Avengers worked together against Ultron and his army of sentries and mind-controlled Inhumans. Ms. Marvel traveled across the globe to help the other Avengers fight the sentries in China before being summoned to stop Ultron at the source. Kamala put up a good fight against Ultron, but her efforts were in vain. With help from Doctor Strange, Iron Man sacrificed himself to stop Ultron. While mourning their friend's "death", Kamala was formally invited to join the new Avengers and helped Red Hulk with cleanup from the fight.

Avengers: Secret Wars

Some time later, Ms. Marvel was summoned to the Avengers Compound, along with Ant-Man, Wasp, and Captain Marvel. There, they met with Black Panther and Vision, who requested their help in fighting off Skurge. Black Panther explained that Captain America, Black Widow, Falcon, Hulk, Hawkeye, and Thor had been abducted by the Leader and his new Cabal, which consisted of Skurge, Enchantress, Arnim Zola, and Kang the Conqueror. Fortunately, Panther escaped with a container of Vibranium, which the Leader required to complete a ray he planned to test on the Avengers. Soon after, the Enchantress arrived, retrieving Skurge, stealing the Vibranium, destroying the compound, and leaving the heroes to die inside. The heroes escaped, but Kamala was horrified to see the Compound in ruins and fretted over the hopelessness of the situation. The older heroes reassured the girl, and caught up to the Leader's ship to rescue the Avengers. However, the heroes were as shocked as the Leader was to learn that "his" Cabal had been manipulating him all along and abandoned him along with the heroes. Before vanishing with the rest of the Cabal, Arnim Zola activated the cannon, and despite their best efforts, the heroes were powerless to stop the ray. Ms. Marvel was in tears as she watched her heroes disappear, but she soon had more pressing problems when Vision calculated that the ship was about to crash into the city below. While Captain Marvel took control of the carrier, Ms. Marvel and the others evacuated to Black Panther's jet. The group reassembled at the Wakandan Embassy, where they met with Dr. Jane Foster, a Stark Industries scientist. Convinced that the Avengers were alive, she informed the new team that she would do everything in her power to find them.

Marvel's Spider-Man


Ms. Marvel as she appears in Marvel's Spider-Man

Kamala Khan appears in the series, voiced again by Kathreen Khavari. First appearing in "School of Hard Knocks", Kamala teams up with Spider-Man in saving Captain America, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, and Hulk from A.I.M. forces led by Scientist Supreme Monica Rappaccini. At first, Kamala is annoyed by Spider-Man, but soon grows fond of him, and they become friends. In "A Troubled Mind", she along with Iron Man and Black Widow investigate Miles Morales's suspicions about the "Superior Spider-Man" (Otto Octavius having transferred his mind into Peter Parker's body) before having to team up with him to defeat A.I.M.'s new leader M.O.D.O.K.. In "Brand New Day" and "The Cellar", she is among the Avengers captured by the Regent, and banished into another dimension until they are freed by Cloak and Dagger, and help Spider-Man defeat Regent.

Marvel Rising

Kamala Khan is a main character in the Marvel Rising franchise. She is best friends with Squirrel Girl.


In the short series Initiation, she is among the superheroes hunting Ghost-Spider (who was framed for the murder of her friend Kevin), until she and Squirrel Girl relent after they are convinced that Ghost-Spider is innocent.

Secret Warriors

In Secret Warriors, Kamala comes in conflict with the rogue Inhuman Exile, and becomes a founding member of the titular superhero team.

Other Appearances

In the opening sequence of Flora & Ulysses, Flora is narrating on the nature of superheroes, with a montage of multiple Marvel characters, appearing on-screen, including a comic panel of Ms. Marvel, punching a bank robber.

A poster of Ms. Marvel can be seen, hung in Ameena's room, in the Disney+ short American Eid.

Disney Parks

Ms. Marvel appeared on the Avengers Campus, at the Disney California Adventure Park at Disneyland, for a limited time. The character made her debut on June 8, 2022, which coincided with the series premiere of the Disney+ series. A video was released on TikTok, filmed from the perspective of Ms. Marvel, to advertise her arrival.


The Disney Wiki has a collection of images and media related to Ms. Marvel.


  • In the comics, Ms. Marvel was a title held by Carol Danvers, prior to her transition as Captain Marvel, though this is not the case in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Kamala is the first openly religious character to appear on a Marvel animated show, not including Thor, and the first Muslim character to appear in a Disney TV Animated production, or any Disney-produced show since Radika Zamin in The Proud Family in 2004. Coincidentally, both characters are Pakistani.
  • In her debut episode of Avengers Assemble, Ms. Marvel has a habit of yelling "EMBIGGEN!!" when using her size-shifting powers. This comes directly from the comics, where Kamala used vocal commands with her powers when she first got them and was trying to understand how they worked. While saying it has no effect on her powers, she continues to do so out of habit.
  • With Kamala Khan having made her comic debut in 2013, the Ms. Marvel series featured the fastest transition from comics to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, for a titular character.
  • Kamala is the first confirmed mutant from the "main" (Earth-616) MCU universe.


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Season One: "Spidey To the Power of Three/Panther Patience" • "Superhero Hiccups/Lost and Found" "Doc Ock's Super Octopus/Attack of the Green Giggles" • "Bug in the System/Test Your Strength" • "Pecking Prankster Pigeons/Green Thumb" • "Mother's Day Mayhem/Not-So-Fun House" • "Camping Conundrum/The Great Green Crime Spree" • "Rocket Rhino!/Trick or TRACE-E" • "Gob-zilla/Speedy Spidey Delivery" • "Good Guy Gobby/Spider Monkey" • "CAT-astrophe/Swing with a Stomp" • "A Very Spidey Christmas/Gobby on Ice" • "Going Green/Coming Clean" • "Web Beard's Treasure/Washed Away" • "Spin Rushes In/Bridge Bandit" • "Art Attack!/Puppy Pandemonium" • "Goblin Island/Doc Ock and the Shocktobots" • "Peter's Pendant Predicament/TWIST-E" • "Itsy-Bitsy Spiders/Gobby’s Rotten Pumpkin Hunt" • "The Wozzlesnook/Superhero Switcheroo" • "Aunt May's Mess/Foam Sweet Foam" • "Freeze! It’s Team Spidey/A Sticky Situation" • "Rhinoctopus/A Pumpkin Problem" • "Catch and Release/Construction Destruction" • "Parade Panic/The Case of the Burgling Book Bandit"

Season Two: "Electro's Gotta Glow/Black Cat Chaos" • "Lights Out/Sandman Won't Share!" "Bootsie's Day Out/Trouble at Tony's" • "Sonic Boom Boom/Mini Golf Goof" • "Li'l Hulk/Surprise Party Surprise" • "Can't Stop Dancing!/The Ant Thief" • "Sand Trapped/Too Much Fun" • "Halted Holiday/Merry Spidey Christmas" • "An Egg-Cellent Adventure/The Hangout Headache" • "Follow That Sea Monster!/It's Bad to be Gooed" • "Liberty on the Loose/Green Goblin’s Dino Disaster" • "Spidey Tidies Up/No Tomatoes Oh No!" • "Clean Power/Doc Ock & The Rocktobots" • "Pirate Plunder Blunder/Bad Bot" • "Spin Saves The Day/Water Woes" • "Tunnel Trouble/Mystery On Goblin Island" • "The Maltese Kitten/A Day With Black Panther" • "The New Villain in Town/Spidey Cat" • "A Syrup Solution/Little Ant, Big Problem" • "Ock Tower/Outsmarted by Art" • "The Lost Web Shooter/Super Scooter" • "Catnap Caper/Bunny Bonanza" • "Dino-Rama/Daytime at Nighttime" • "Stolen WEB-Quarters/Spideys in Space!" • "Hide & Seek/Whale of a Time" • "Rollin Rhino/The Octopus and the Kitty Cat" • "Go With the Lava Flow/An UnBEElievable Rosh Hashanah" • "Bootsie's Haunted Adventure/Too Many Tricks, Not Enough Treats"
Season Three: "The Friendly Neighborhood/Flight of the Butterflies" • "Ock's Obey Ray/Lemur At Large" • "Tree Trouble/Stuck In Space" • "Antarctic Adventure/Let It Snowball, Let It Snowball, Let It Snowball" • "Bubble Trouble/Rainy River Run" • "The Rhino and the Goose/Dog vs Cat" • "Journey Through Zola/Villaintines Day"

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