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"Mt. Fuji Whiz" is the tenth episode of Legend of the Three Caballeros. It premiered on June 9, 2018 on the DisneyLife app in the Philippines and premiered on Disney XD in the United States on October 9, 2021[1].


The Caballeros are dead and trapped in the Underworld. As they try to escape, they find Clinton Coot, the one who left them the cabana in his will. He explains the history of the original Caballeros and how he spent his whole life following their exploits, then helps them find a way to return to life while newly-appointed Underworld managers Sheldgoose and Felldrake attempt to stop their escape. As the nieces attempt a seance to contact the Caballeros, Xandra goes to the Underworld herself to rescue them. With her help, the Caballeros return to life on Earth, while Felldrake and Sheldgoose are kicked out of the Underworld for being bad employees.


Sent to the Underworld by the skeleton deity for being disqualified during the wrestling match, Donald, José, Panchito, Sheldgoose, Felldrake, and Leopold find themselves as ghosts in the Underworld where the six are at the DMV seeing a line of ghosts. Noticing that the line is very long, Sheldgoose plans to ask the manager to know how much longer it will take for them to wait while the Caballeros continue waiting in line.

Having exited the DMV, the Caballeros wander across the busy streets where they cannot be hit by vehicles due to them in their spirit forms so the three arrive at the Old Coot Cafe where they find Clinton Coot inside. Arriving there, Clinton recognizes who the Caballeros are where he introduces himself to their as he is overjoyed of meeting Donald Duck as José explains to Donald that Clinton is his great grandfather to which Clinton asks Panchito if he likes his collection of frontiersmen figurines. José asks Clinton explaining to know if the modern Caballeros are the direct descendants of the original Caballeros to which Clinton explains that he was descendant of the original Don Dugo who sent him on a legendary journey where he recaps his flashback of Clinton himself being an archaeologist devoted to Dugo's legacy. While recapping, Clinton explains that he read one of the books leading him to the original Caballeros' underground treasure chamber. He explains that while arriving there, Clinton could not access the treasure room so he decided to build a cabana on top of the chamber, where the New Quackmore Institute is born with his former partner Baroness Von Sheldgoose to which it is found out that the Baroness betrayed Clinton where she seized total control of the New Quackmore Institute. Clinton then explains that his only consolation from the trip came from the Amazon rainforest where he discovered the Aracuan Bird as well as the golden atlas which was locked as Clinton spent his whole life trying to open the atlas. Back with the Caballeros, Donald explains to Clinton that he and the Caballeros opened it, much to Clinton's surprise.

Back at the New Quackmore Institute at Clinton Coot's cabana, Xandra feels upset that the Caballeros are sent to the Underworld, June explains to Xandra about doing a seance to which April asks Xandra to know if she can send the nieces to the Underworld to which Xandra explains that she cannot send them there as the only path to the Underworld is through the River Styx. Xandra explains to the nieces that in the River Styx, there is an ancient horn on the shore that can summon Charon, the ferryman of the Underworld. Xandra explains that Charon is a gruesome specter and if he is paid with one gold coin, he can carry any soul to the great beyond on his ghostly vessel as the Caballeros' only hope.

Back at Clinton's café, Donald explains to him to know if there is a way to return to the real world to which Clinton explains to the three that there is a way to escape, but they will remain as souls forever when the moon goes down. He then continues explaining that outside the Underworld is a heavily guarded border where the gateway of the living is at where they would find themselves at Mount Fuji in Japan. Back at Clinton's cabana, April, May, and June are doing a seance in a plan to contact the Caballeros to know how they are doing. June reads the Necronomoduck about summoning lost spirits to which according to the book, "lost spirits return from the Underworld because they have unfinished business", looking for something the Caballeros haven't finished. May then finds a leftover slice of pizza (the same one from Panchito's flashback) to which the nieces uses the slice to contact Panchito.

Back at the Underworld, Clinton directs the Caballeros across the metropolis where he shows the spot where the Bronze Age hangs out followed by the Samurai Spa as well as his second cousin Clara Calhoun. While following Clinton across the streets, the Caballeros stare at three yokai which the Caballeros must avoid. Clinton discusses with the Caballeros that yokai aren't ghosts but rather monsters. On their way to the gateway of the living, Panchito then feels himself being contacted by April, May, and June to which April discusses a plan to find something to make the plan stronger with higher signal. Meanwhile, Xandra finds herself at the River Styx where she uses a tuba. Blowing the tuba, Xandra encounters Charon who is the captain of his ship. Captain Charon explains that although they normally cost a gold coin to board the ship, fellow immortals who board his ship ride for free as Charon introduces Xandra to the crowd of souls onboard his ship, the Happy Time Barge as Charon departs his ship to the Underworld.

Back with Clinton Coot, he directs the Caballeros to the Gateway to the Land of the Living just past the Underworld City border. He then warns the Caballeros that when they are on their way to the Land of the Living, the gateway is guarded by the fearsome yokai ever fought, the Karasu Tengu, a very dangerous samurai bird that can control the weather. Donald explains to Coot that he and the Caballeros would be careful when facing the Tengu. Before catching up, Clinton explains to Donald that he spent his life spending time with the Three Caballeros for their friendship and camaraderie just as the three embrace Clinton for happily reuniting with him. Five minutes later, the Caballeros attempt to cross the Gateway to the Land of the Living but the guard cannot allow them to cross the border without paperwork. Donald asks the guard that he should speak to the manager where Baron Von Sheldgoose and his ancestor exit the border post for a surprise.

Approached by Sheldgoose, he gives the Caballeros meaningless paperwork as part of his dirty tricks where he warns the Caballeros that if they finish their eternal paperwork, they will need Sheldgoose's signature. However, the Caballeros decide to "finish" their paperwork only for the three to trick Sheldgoose. As the Caballeros are on their way to the Gateway to the Land of the Living, Sheldgoose then plans to release the Tengu to prevent the Caballeros from escaping into the living world. Back with Xandra on Charon's cruise, Xandra complains to Charon about not heading to shore to which he explains that the passengers onboard his ship experience endless fun just as Xandra takes over Charon's helm. However, Charon warns that whoever takes the helm becomes captain for all of eternity just as Xandra plans to rescue the Caballeros, leading the ship to the area the Caballeros would be at.

Back at Clinton's cabana, Humphrey smells the pizza and attempts to eat it just as the nieces plan to connect the pizza for higher seance signal so the three can talk to Panchito. As the Caballeros are heading their way to go back to the real world, the Karasu Tengu arrives and attacks the Caballeros, preventing them from exiting. Seeing Panchito's spirit appearing in from the nieces in Clinton's cabana, he explains to the three that he needs to get back to the real world to which he explains that Donald and José need his help. Back with the José and Donald, the Karasu Tengu is still attacking them as the two are being assaulted by the Tengu's special abilities. Back with Xandra, Charon warns Xanda that she is causing his cruise to achieve a low rating. However, upon seeing Clinton Coot passing by, he explains to Xandra that he would help her find Donald. Back at Clinton's cabana, the nieces plan about restarting the machine while trying to help Panchito; however, the pizza the nieces are using is suddenly eaten by Humphrey, finishing Panchito's unfinished business.

Back with Donald and José, the Tengu corners them and threatens to kill the two of them using his katana. However, Panchito appears and plans to help Donald and José where Panchito inflates himself in a plan to save his friends. José and Donald do the same thing what Panchito is doing where they repel the Tengu before he defeats them. José, Donald, and Panchito go into a duel with the Tengu as the three work together and as José finishes his final blow, he flings the Tengu far away as the Tengu is struck by lightning, defeating him. Having defeated the Tengu, the Caballeros are on their way to exit only to be guarded by Sheldgoose who explains to the Caballeros that they haven't met his family. Leopold the Horrible then drops several of Sheldgoose's ancestors who also guard the exit and prevent the Caballeros from escaping.

Surrounded by Sheldgoose's ancestors, the Caballeros do the same thing they did during the duel with the Tengu where they attempt to repel them all at once, but they form into one giant monster, including Sheldgoose himself who forms the monster's head. Sheldgoose and his ancestors fight against the Caballeros to which the Caballeros are having trouble fighting against Sheldgoose and his ancestors. Noticing the moon about to go down and fearing that they will be stuck in the spirit world forever, Sheldgoose and his ancestors prepare to finish them off, but Xandra controlling Charon's ship arrives and attempts to stop Sheldgoose. Xandra charges the ship toward the giant monster formed by Sheldgoose and his ancestors to which the giant monster is impaled by the skull bowsprit's horns, reverting Sheldgoose and his ancestors back to normal sizes. Charon, however, tells Xandra to give him back his helm as Xandra leaps down to fight against Sheldgoose and his ancestors. Clinton Coot arrives and rescues the Caballeros to which he decides to help fight against Sheldgoose and his ancestors as Xandra also helps fight against them.

Having defeated Sheldgoose and his henchmen, Sheldgoose's ancestors suddenly retreat much to Sheldgoose's worry just as the two retreat with Leopold. Thanking Clinton for their help, Charon continues his duty as captain as the boat he is using returns back to the River Styx as Clinton bids a farewell to the Caballeros. Xandra and the Caballeros enter the portal finally leading the Caballeros back to the real world in Tokyo, Japan. Back at the Underworld, Sheldgoose, Felldrake, and Leopold are still stuck there as the moon is about to set to which to fix this problem, the border guard sends Sheldgoose and his ancestor to Devil Donald. He explains to Sheldgoose that he is the worst manager he has ever encountered as Sheldgoose and Felldrake are fired, sending Sheldgoose, Felldrake, and Leopold back to the real world.

Back at Sheldgoose's mansion, Sheldgoose, his ancestor, and Leopold return to the real world where Sheldgoose explains to him that he has never been fired before, much to Felldrake's disappointment.

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  • Clinton Coot's frontiersman figurines are of Scrooge McDuck at various periods of his life as seen in The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck.
  • Don Dugo, Donald's Caballero ancestor, is the Dutch and German name for Don de Pato, Donald's Spanish ancestor who first appeared in the Tony Strobl comic story "The Golden Galleon", originally printed in Donald Duck #103 in 1965.
  • When the Sheldgoose ghosts merge into one, the Baron declares, "And I'll form the head," quoting the 1980s animated series Voltron.


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