Muddy Pups is an animated short based on the series 101 Dalmatian Street.


Dylan is mopping the floors, and admiring his work. However, Diesel soon arrives, covered in mud and leaving his muddy paw prints everywhere, even slipping and sliding along the floor which Dylan had just cleaned.

Dylan follows Diesel, mopping up the prints as he does, before Dylan uses the mop to clean Diesel. However, Diesel quickly starts digging holes everywhere, with Dylan trying to follow and catch him. Eventually, Diesel digs so many holes that the shock causes Dylan to pass out.

Dylan awakens to find that there are holes across every surface he sees, with multiple Diesels jumping through each one. Soon, all the Diesels and holes merge into one giant Diesel head, which begins licking Dylan and filling the area with water.

We then cut to normal-sized Diesel licking a passed-out Dylan, who then wakes up, realizing it was a dream, also finding the floor is clean again. Dylan celebrates, but accidentally knocks over the bucket full of dirty water.

Diesel begins shaking himself dry, before Dylan smiles at him and begins shaking too.

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