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"Muira-Horror!" is the thirty-first episode of Big Hero 6: The Series. It premiered on May 14, 2019 and is the seventh episode in the second season.


At Krei Tech Industries, Krei asks Judy to tell "Intern" (Hiro) that he needed to talk to him. Judy tells Hiro, who is already sitting in front of Krei's desk that Krei wanted to talk to him. Krei looks up surprised commenting that he thought that Hiro was just a strange plant. He then goes on to tell Hiro that he has a new and exciting project underway and asks how good he is with bugs. Hiro says it isn't exactly his strength, but he's made his own codes on a few occasions and he's up for it.

They then come to Muirahara Woods where Hiro realizes that he misunderstood Krei. He thought he was talking about computer bugs, but Krei tells him he was talking about real bugs "that itch and leave welts." Hiro then asks why they're out in the woods; Krei explains he's planning on acquiring land for Krei Park, his new campus and tells Hiro he's always loved the woods. Liv Amara comes up behind and Chris explains that Liv is also thinking about acquiring the land for a nature conservatory. Both try to make bids on the spot higher than the other only to find there's no signal. Hiro explains that it's the fault of "Bessie", "A meteorite that messes up technology." Krei asks why no one has gotten rid of it to which Hiro answers that it's because there's someone guarding it by pretending to be The Hibagon. Hiro further explains that the person guarding it is Ned Ludd; Krei reveals he knows Ned because he was a realtor and they used to go golfing together. Although Krei is confident he can get Ned to get rid of "Bessie", Hiro warns him that the woods may have changed Ned quite a bit as later seen.

Back at Krei's office, Krei offers a toast with sparkling lemonade to the woods which would be the future site of his new campus. He also shares his perfect confidence that he'll be able to convince Ned to take "Bessie" and leave the woods. Hiro smugly tells Krei, "Good luck with that." to which Krei replies, "Thanks, you too, since you're coming." and tosses him a hiking backpack telling Hiro to get a goodnight's sleep. Krei further explains that Hiro knows where Ned lives and the entire trip was in his contract he signed when he became Krei's intern. Meanwhile, Liv and Chris also toast and begin planning a way to get hold of the meteorite thanks to Hiro saying where it was.

At Lucky Cat Cafe, Aunt Cass gets off the phone and announces her new last-minute catering job to the gang but points out she can't leave The Lucky Cat unattended. Hiro apologizes and explains he has to go on a trip in the woods with Krei because it was in his contract which Fred recognizes as The Spontaneous Camping Trip Clause. Honey Lemon also points out that Hiro couldn't take Baymax with him after what "Bessie" did to him. Aunt Cass asks who "Bessie" is. Baymax begins to explain, "Bessie is not a person, Aunt Cass. Bessie is a-" but Hiro intervenes making up a story that it's a chipmunk highly attracted to large white things. GoGo, confident that Krei won't know what he's doing, promises she'll come along. Aunt Cass then decides to turn down the catering job until Honey Lemon volunteers herself, Wasabi, and Fred to run The Lucky Cat while she's gone. Aunt Cass asks if they're sure they're up for it, to which both Honey Lemon and Wasabi assure her they are while Fred licks his plate and says it'll be "a piece of taco."

In the woods, Ned is talking to "Bessie" when Liv and Chris come in to try to get it. Ned battles Chris until Chris knocks him unconscious and attaches a chip to Ned's neck as Liv tells him that Ned can take of Krei for them. Chris asks if the chip will work while "Bessie" is around; Liv assures him "I have plans for her." In Krei's SUV, GoGo is driving Krei and Hiro into the woods. Krei asks why GoGo won't let him drive and GoGo explains that she knows the woods better than he would know his private island; Krei asks which one and names three he owns. Suddenly, the SUV shuts down; GoGo recognizes that they were near "Bessie"'s location and announces they walk from there on.

At The Lucky Cat, Baymax, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Fred, and MiniMax are running the operation when Mochi goes missing. Fred tells Honey Lemon and Wasabi to stay behind and watch the cafe. He, Baymax, and MiniMax would find Mochi. MiniMax finishes with, "Dead or alive!" to which Fred replies that they should focus on bringing Mochi back alive. In the woods, the trio are still walking with GoGo in front and Hiro in back carrying the supplies. He tells Krei and GoGo he thinks they're getting close when Ned bursts out of the woods. Krei comes up to him and tells him he'll have to shave to stay in the golf club until Ned begins explaining what happened to him. GoGo states that Ned is acting weirder than usual; at Ned's house, Liv and Chris take possesion of "Bessie" and put it in a box that would block the connection disruption. Chris points out he thinks it's sweet that Ned named the meteorite. Live tells him that everyone names their pets, points out how she named Chris, and tosses him a treat like a dog.

Meanwhile, Ned is still explaining what happened to him until the chip is revealed still attached to his neck and slowly taking over his body until he turns into the actual Hibagon. Krei begins questioning, particularly at Hiro, until GoGo grabs Krei and leads them running into the woods. At one point, Hiro looks back and, no longer seeing the Hibagon, begins to think they lost him until he hears the Hibagon's roars and says, "But, let's keep running just in case." They come to a fork and, though Krei instructs them to go left, GoGo veres them right and falls into a river. Krei then says he told her so.

Back in the city, Fred, Baymax, and MiniMax are putting up Lost Posters about Mochi. MiniMax asks if posters are actually the most efficient way to find Mochi which Fred confirms. Someone comes to Baymax claiming to have found Mochi, but Baymax says it's a dog to which the stranger holds up a rat. Fred asks what more he has.

In the woods, Krei rescues GoGo just before she goes down a waterfall. As they lay on the ground, Krei asks GoGo why she didn't listen to him. She tells him that the opposite of what he says to do usually works. Krei goes on to explain that the right path had a lot of foliage clearly indicating a body of water nearby. GoGo and Hiro give Krei funny surprised looks to which he responds with, "What? I can know things." Hiro helps GoGo up while GoGo suggests, "Maybe whatever happened to Orso Knox happened to Ned." Krei shushes them asking if they hear what he heard and begins cover himself with mud which he explains is to cover his scent. Although it seems strange, Hiro does the same and encourages GoGo to do it, too. She refuses insisting she's already cold and wet until the Hibagon jumps in and begins chasing her. Hiro manages to save her, but she twists her ankle in the process. Krei and Hiro help her behind a rock where they cover her with mud until the Hibagon leaves.

Fred, Baymax, and MiniMax continue the search for Mochi still not finding a trace of him. Fred begins to fear the worst if they don't find him, but then suggests they disguise MiniMax as Mochi. MiniMax doesn't make a good cat impression, so Fred remembers that Baymax can scan and realizes they could've saved themselves a lot of time. Baymax begins scanning and finds Mochi in a trash can. MiniMax goes after him, but Mochi jumps away onto a bus. Fred then tells Baymax and MiniMax there's only one other option and pushes an app on his phone.

In the woods, Hiro helps GoGo try to stand but she can't put weight on her ankle. They see Krei making something out of twigs and vines which he shows to be a walking boot and hands it to GoGo to put on. She puts it on and is surprised to find she can now put weight on her ankle. Hiro asks Krei how he knows all these skills. Krei, glad to explain, tells how he used to go to Fire Scout Camp in the summers he spent home from boarding school. Since he didn't have any friends there, he spent most of his time in the woods alone. He further tells them he thinks it's why he still likes the woods and doesn't mind that he doesn't really have friends. Hiro gets a text message (presumably from Fred) saying, "Everything is fine and Mochi isn't lost." GoGo is shocked that Hiro was able to get a text and she and Krei check their signals which are now strong. Hiro then wonders what happened to "Bessie" and a growl is heard as the Hibagon draws closer. Krei then solemnly asks Hiro and GoGo twice, "Do you trust me?" and goes off leaving them behind the rock and comes back with the SUV making a cloud of dust where the Hibagon can't see. He explains he thought that, since the signal was strong, the SUV would work again. They leave the woods with the Hibagon close behind.

Back in the city, Fred, Baymax, and MiniMax have suited up and are checking from above for Mochi. Baymax quickly finds Mochi on the bridge and they fly down to get him. Baymax then points out Hiro, GoGo, and Krei; Fred points out frightened that the Hibagon is also present. GoGo points out Fred, Baymax, and MiniMax who go to the passenger side of the SUV where Hiro is seated and point out the Hibagon behind them, "Watch out behind you!" The Hibagon pounces onto the SUV much to the horror of Hiro, GoGo, and Krei as Fred points out that the Hibagon is now in front of them. A traffic jam occurs as Fred, Baymax, and MiniMax fend off the Hibagon as Fred points out what a fan he is of the Hibagon while he fights. Mochi ends up saving the day by jumping on the Hibagon and tearing the chip from his neck turning him back into Ned. Baymax scans Ned and finds light abrasions, but no serious injuries, and sends him off with a lollipop as Hiro and GoGo stare on with funny looks. Hiro and GoGo spot Krei at the bridge's edge staring into the distance. Hiro goes over and apologizes to Krei for misjudging his capability. Krei willingly forgives him and tells him he understands what everyone thinks when they see him and lists several things that most people think. Hiro tries to say he never said those things, but Krei interrupts to say he made a decision to not build the new campus in the woods. Hiro compliments how nice that is of him and Krei goes on to say, "If the woods don't exist, how will tomorrow's executives impress their interns with survivalist know-how?" As he says this, he ruffles Hiro's hair to Hiro's delight and smiles softly at him further showing more of the soft spot he seems to have for Hiro.

At the cafe, Honey Lemon and Wasabi point out how easy running the cafe was when Fred returns with Mochi. Baymax and MiniMax follow behind with low batteries. Fred sits down and tells them the search was very draining while Baymax and MiniMax begin interacting in their low battery status. Hiro and GoGo drive a discouraged Ned back home. Ned tells them how stupid he feels and that he can't remember anything that happened to which Hiro tries to assure him by telling him, "It's over and you're safe. That's what's important." Ned suddenly realizes that their car hasn't been stopped by "Bessie" and, after going up to his house, finds "Bessie" gone. At their lab, Liv and Chris make observations on "Bessie". Liv makes adjustments that cause it to explode and says, "Ooo, pretty. But when I'm done with you Bessie, you'll be beautiful."



  • Despite Judy finally revealing her name to Krei in "Internabout", he still cannot remember it, thinking it is Jodie.
  • Hiro makes a reference to his previous visit to the woods and his encounter with Ned Ludd and Bessie in "Muirahara Woods".
  • This is Ned Ludd's second appearance in the series.
  • Krei and Ned are revealed to have known each other previously in the past.
  • It's revealed that Krei has survivor skill and nature knowledge after spending his summers at Fire Scout Camp in his childhood.
  • Liv and Chris steal Bessie in this episode.
  • This may be the first moment where Krei shows more evidence of having a soft spot for Hiro as further evidenced by the fact that Krei's the only one who ruffles Hiro's hair.
  • This episode contains an Easter Egg from Aladdin when Krei quotes Aladdin before getting the SUV, "Do you trust me?"

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