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Mulan's Hair Accessory is a flower styled hair comb slid that Fa Li gave her daughter, before meeting the Matchmaker.

Once Mulan was dressed for her meeting with the Matchmaker, Fa Li placed a white flower styled hair piece in her hair believing that she is ready to bring honor to their family, before Grandmother Fa gave her granddaughter a few other items to help her. Mulan, however, messed-up and the Matchmaker told her that she'll never bring honor to the Fa family, as she cleaned herself up and removed the hair accessory from her hair, she headed to the Fa family garden. Fa Zhou saw that his daughter was upset he tried to cheer her up, by telling Mulan that she'll someday bloom like the late blossom in their garden's blossom tree before replacing the hair piece back in her long, dark hair again, which brought a smile to Mulan's face.

When Mulan decided to take her father's place in China's war with the Huns, she placed the hair comb slid by her parents' bedside before cutting her hair, putting on her father's armor and then riding off on Khan's back. When Zhou found it he got up to check on his now missing armor and then rushed outside to call out for his daughter, it slipped right out of his hands as he fell onto the wet ground.



  • In the animated films, the comb is green and the flower is white, but in the live-action film, the colors are reversed.
  • In Disney Magic Kingdoms, the comb is one of the limited Mulan tokens.

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