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An early storyboard for the opening scene for Mulan. The storyboard is rather similar to what is used in the final product, the big main difference being a story being told about why the Great Wall Of China is built through the images of Chinese shadow puppetry.


Board 1: The guards inside one of the Great Wall's towers are watching a shadow puppetry show telling the story of how China was once at peace until the Huns attacked from the North destroying villages and burning temples until the news finally reached the emperor who then ordered the construction of the Great Wall. Through many dynasties each emperor added more construction to the wall.

Board 2: Eventually the wall grew thousands of miles long winding through the mountains like a powerful dragon. Meanwhile outside a guard on patrol has his helmet knocked off by Hayabusa the Falcon, the falcon then tears an Imperial flag from it's post. The guard looks over the side of the wall and sees a huge hulking figure climbing up it

Board 3: The figure is none other then Shan Yu. Before the guard can respond he is grabbed by the throat and hoisted into the air as Shan Yu finally gets to the wall's top. The grappling hooks used by the other Huns are then shown being launched and grasping the wall. Meanwhile back inside the tower the show has come to an end and the guards are oblivious to what is happening outside.

Board 4: Shan Yu then bursts in terrifying the guards and presumingly killing them. He then destroys the puppet screen by cutting it with his sword and then burning it.

Board 5: The story cuts to the current emperor who has heard of what has happened and goes to see General Li. The general shows on a military sand table the current situation. The emperor orders Chi-Fu to deliver conscription notices throughout all the provinces, call up reserves and recruit as many men as possible. However General Li believes that his troops are enough to stop Shan Yu.

Board 6: The emperor says he isn't taking any chances as a single grain of rice can tip the scale and mean the difference between victory and defeat. As the emperor leaves a pair of large doors are closed behind him. When the doors are shut they make up the complete shape of a Chinese dragon which then becomes the dragon on the movie's title.


  • Shan Yu is called "Shang-Yu" in the dialogue of the storyboard. However the title used for the scene on the workbook still calls him "Shan Yu" It is unknown if this was an error or if they actually decided to change his name later on in production to avoid confusion with Li Shang's name.


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