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This is a deleted scene from Mulan during earlier production that was focused on Shan Yu and his army destroying and burning a village. The scene is also known for featuring an unused concept of Shan Yu having a spiritual connection to his falcon Hayabusa and having the ability to see through his eyes. According to Tony Bancroft they originally were trying to figure out who and what Shan Yu's character should be like so they came up with him being a mystical or spiritual character who had a spiritual connection to his falcon and the scene was to show and explore a little bit of Shan Yu's character. However this scene cut because it meant taking away focus and exploring the titular character Fa Mulan. The scene is also known as being one of the darkest and most graphic deleted scenes in Disney films.


In this storyboard scene the Hun Army is shown at their camp at night after burning a village (which is briefly shown burning in the background as the camera pans across the scene), they then push over a wagon filled with Chinese goods and start destroying whatever they get their hands on. A lone Hun soldier then spots a cage with a living bird inside tossed aside by the other soldiers. The soldier rushes over to the cage clearly taking pity on the bird, then making sure the other soldiers aren't looking he takes the bird and hides it in his shirt before quickly rushing back to join the other soldiers. Unfortunately unknown to him he did not see that Hayabusa was watching him on a perch from behind. The falcon's eyes begin glowing yellow meaning Shan Yu has seen what the soldier has done.

Shan Yu then comes out from a tent next to where Hayabusa is perched demanding his men if they have left anything alive, the soldiers all shout that they have left nothing alive. Shan Yu then smirks approaching the one soldier asking him if he is sure that they've killed everything, the soldier lies to him causing Shan Yu to pull out the bird. Shan Yu says that all creatures should be given a chance to live freely but freedom has its price and the weak will pay. While saying this he seemingly lets the bird go free only to have Hayabusa fly straight after it where the falcon presumingly kills and eats it offscreen, then Shan Yu onscreen brutally stabs the soldier in the chest with his sword. The soldier gasps in pain and then falls to the floor dead with Shan Yu pulling his sword out of the dead body with what is clearly blood on the blade. Wiping the blood off Shan Yu says to the Huns that the soldier's fate will be the same fate of The Emperor of China for they are strong and nothing can stop them, the other soldiers appear to be completely unfazed by their leader's cruel act and give a rousing roar.

Hayabusa then comes and perches on Shan Yu's hand as he then tells his pet to show him what obstacles stands between them and the Imperial City while saying this his own and Hayabusa's eyes both begin glowing yellow to show the spiritual connection between them. Hayabusa then takes off into the night sky ending the scene.


  • Despite Tony Bancroft claiming the scene was cut due to taking away focus on Mulan's character there are two other possible reasons as to why this scene was cut:
    • It was too dark, scary and graphic so it was cut to prevent the film from getting a PG rating.
    • The concept of Shan Yu just having the magic power of seeing through Hayabusa's eyes to see where his enemies are might have been seen as a little too cheap and easy so they replaced it with the doll scene in order to show off Shan Yu's and his Elite Hun Soldiers's intelligence and tracking skills by analysing the doll to pinpoint the location of the Imperial Army as a more realistic approach.
  • Shan Yu's unused power of seeing through Hayabusa's eyes is one of two possible reasons as to why his eyes are black (the other being scleral tattooing). It is likely that his eyes were kept black despite the power not making it into the final product due to it making him look more intimidating. However it is also possible that Shan Yu might have still possessed this power only he simply chose to not use it during the movie's events or it was just used by him off screen.
  • Shan Yu calling Hayabusa his friend seems to imply he does care or have attachment to Hayabusa.


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