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Whatever mountain you're facing, you don't have to do it alone.
―Muneeba Khan to Kamala Khan[src]

Muneeba Khan is a character from the Marvel Comics. She first appeared in the Marvel Rising franchise, making her debut in Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, where she was voiced by Meera Rohit Kumbhani. She made her live-action debut, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe first appearing in the Disney+ series Ms. Marvel and is portrayed by Zenobia Shroff. She is the mother of superheroine, Ms. Marvel.

Muneeba Khan was created by writer, G. Willow Wilson and artist, Adrian Alphona.


After the Partition of India, Muneeba's family settle in Karachi. Muneeba's grandmother, Aisha, who disappeared during the move, plagued her family's reputation, and various rumors regarding her, spread, so when Muneeba meets Yusuf Khan, the pair moved to New Jersey, to begin anew, and get married. Muneeba has somewhat of a difficult relationship with her mother, Sana, and she doesn't come to the wedding. Muneeba and Yusuf eventually have a son, whom they call Aamir. Muneeba struggles as a new mother and immigrant in America, with her husband working long hours for little money. She eventually finds a community through the mosque, and meets Ruby and Humaria whom she becomes friends with. Years pass, and she has a daughter named Kamala.


Muneeba is disapproving of her daughters interests, and the the pair often clash, because of their differing takes. She believes in staying in reality, and not being distracted by a fantasies, an attitude stemmed from her mother, who, like Kamala, was a described daydreamer. While well-intentioned, she often shelters her daughter from what she sees as immoral, and this causes a rift between the two's differing views, though her behavior ultimately comes down to her protective nature. Whilst Kamala has a less optimistic outlook on her mother, she is well regarded by others. Despite Muneeba's opposing views with Kamala, she is shown to be able to compromise, willing to meet daughter half way, and even attempts to take an interest in Kamala's hobbies, by creating a cosplay costume for her. She shares a friendship with Ruby, who she enjoys gossiping with, and is on friendly terms, with Kamala's good friend, Bruno, who has a good relationship with the entire family, and he in turn, believes that Muneeba is softer than Kamala lets on. She has a hospitable nature, as displayed when she insisted Bruno stay for dinner with them, and when stating he couldn't, she packs food for him and his family anyway.


Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ms. Marvel

On the day of Kamala's driving test, Muneeba calls her daughter down from her room, in order to get ready. She reminds her to look in the mirrors every fifteen seconds, and drops her off, only to be called back, upon finding out Kamala failed, and also crashed the car into the instructors. She berates him for allowing Kamala to drive in the street with the other cars, having taught her, herself. Muneeba and her husband drop Kamala off to school, and she expresses how sorry she feels, now that Kamala can't help with the errands that would've required Kamala to drive. She also informs Kamala's good friend, Bruno on her failure.

Ms. Marvel - 1x01 - Generation Why - Parents Arrive.jpg

After school ends, Muneeba asks Kamala about her day, and she replies how she only has four days to figure out her future, which Muneeba labels as dramatic. When a kissing scene comes on TV, she snaps at her daughter to turn it off. She then lays out a box of her mothers belongings, which were sent over. Kamala questions why her grandmother sent the old items, and Muneeba believes that her mother wants to pass them on, before she dies. Muneeba calls for Aamir, when Kamala comes across her grandmothers bangle, and upon seeing it, Muneeba's expression hardens. She takes it from Kamala, referring to it as "junk", and places it back in the box, and has Aamir, move it in the attic.

Ms. Marvel - 1x01 - Generation Why - Ruby and Muneeba.jpg

She and Kamala then proceed to run errands for Aamir's upcoming wedding, buying various things, in the South Asian section of New Jersey. On their travels, they come across Najaf who runs a food truck, and he makes a comment regarding the changing scope of the neighborhood, now that it's being brought up by the rich. They then go to the fabric shop, to buy dresses. Kamala tries on a garment, which is an ill fit, and Muneeba insists that the dress is too long, rather than Kamala being too short, as suggested by the tailor. During her appointment, Muneeba's friend Ruby arrives, and the pair begin gossiping about Fatima, a mutual acquaintance of theirs, and her broken engagement. Ruby mentions how she's now traveling Europe, and when Kamala praises her for following her dreams, Muneeba gives her a disapproving look. Ruby continues the conversation, before adding Kamala is too short for the dress she is wearing, which Muneeba agrees with.

Ms. Marvel - 1x01 - Generation Why - Asking Permission.jpg

The pair return home, and Kamala greets Bruno, who is there with Yusuf, and inquires if he's staying for dinner. Bruno explains that he has work to do, so she packs him something, despite him maintaining that there's no need. She hands him a bag of food, and notes that there's a spicy one at the bottom for his grandmother. Bruno questions how she was able to do it so fast, which she laughs off, advising him to stick his inventions. Once he leaves, Kamala asks her parents about seeking permission to go to AvengerCon, with Bruno, a convention that is held, to celebrate superheroes. Muneeba prohibits her, as she doesn't approve of her daughter going to a party, late at night, and states she doesn't trust her, when Kamala asks. Muneeba expresses her worries at the thought of people drinking and boys inappropriate behavior, but Kamala insists it's not a party. She asks her daughter what she'll be doing there, and Kamala mentions a cosplay competition in which she'll be dressed up as Captain Marvel. Muneeba expresses her displeasure at the thought of Kamala dressing in a tight costume, though Kamala maintains that hers wont be. When Aamir arrives, Kamala complains that had her brother asked, he would be permitted, and angrily storms off from her parents. Aamir later talks to Muneeba and Yusuf, and they eventually change their minds, under a few conditions.

Ms. Marvel - 1x01 - Generation Why - Parents Surprise Kamala.jpg

The following morning, Muneeba enters Kamala's room, to further discuss the matter she brought up, last night. She explains that Kamala will be permitted, on the terms that her father drive her, he go in with her for two hours, and she will dress in a costume of her making. She then reveals a homemade Hulk outfit, she created for her daughter, and brings out Yusuf, who is also dressed in a matching Hulk costume, expecting the father and daughter to go as a matching pair. Kamala expresses the humiliation she'll endure, in this scenario, and inadvertently hurts her parents feelings. She tries to take her words back, but Muneeba tells her to stop, and states that she can go with her father, or not at all, and that she isn't the type of girl to dress in "skimpy" outfits. She hands the costume, and walks out.

One day, the family sit together for dinner. Aamir mentions that he's going to see Tyesha that evening, and Muneeba asks that he give greetings to her parents, on her behalf. Kamala suddenly excuses herself on the basis that she has work. Muneeba and Yusuf are later distracted with each other, after Aamir leaves, and Kamala is in her room.

Ms. Marvel - 1x01 - Generation Why - Muneeba Upset.jpg

Muneeba later heads into daughters room, only to find she snuck out. She waits in there, until Kamala returns, late in the evening, and confronts her daughter. She questions where she has been, and what she's been doing, expressing disappointment at her, for rebelling and lying. Kamala mutters that she wasn't trying to rebel, and Muneeba insists she's trying to protect her, citing that she knows what happens when people become obsessed with their fantasies. Before Muneeba can continue, Kamala suggests that she knows that her mother was going to mention a story regarding her grandmother, as an example, but Muneeba scoffs at her reply, and asks why she would disobey her, given that she knew how she'd hurt her. Kamala apologizes, and Muneeba warns, that she needs to stop fantasizing, and focus on her own identity. She leaves Kamala to ponder whether she wants to be good, the way they raised her, or just be a dreamer. She exits the room, disheartened by her daughters behavior.

While Muneeba is carrying a bag of shopping home, Kamala comes down the stairs and offers to take it from her mother. Muneeba thanks her, and hands it over to her daughter, who apologizes again, for sneaking out. Muneeba explains that she understands Kamala is growing up, but is just prioritizing keeping her safe. Kamala asks if she can attend a small gathering at Zoe's house, alongside Nakia and Bruno, promising she will return home by nine. Muneeba gives permission, so long as Kamala comes through the front door this time.

Ms. Marvel - 1x02 - Crushed - Muneeba Upset.jpg

Muneeba and her family host a dinner for Tyesha, and the conversation eventually turns to Muneeba's family, who moved to Karachi, following the Partition of India. She recalls how the British left the colonies in shambles, and a civil war broke out. Muneeba decides to change the topic, and clears the table. As she moves the plates by the sink, she listens in as Yusuf recounts the story of Muneeba's family to Tyesha. He talks about how her mother and her parents had to get onto the last train that was getting out of the city, but Muneeba's mother, Sana who was just a toddler, got separated. Sana mysteriously returned onto the train, just before it pulled out of the station, claiming she followed a trail of stars, which lead her back to her father. Yusuf also adds that Muneeba's grandmother, disappeared that night. Kamala suddenly faints at the table, and Muneeba comes to her daughter side. When Kamala comes too, Muneeba asks if she ate too little or too much, and begins splashing water over her head.

Ms. Marvel - 1x02 - Crushed - Muneeba, Tyesha, Aamir and Yusuf.jpg

On Eid, Muneeba is putting makeup on her daughter, and Aamir questions her like for Bon Jovi, after a discussion with Yusuf. Muneeba refers meeting her husband through his album, Slippery When Wet, and Aamir expresses his disgust, which Muneeba and Yusuf laugh off. In the middle of Kamala's makeover, she asks her mother about Aisha, Muneeba's grandmother. Muneeba questions where she heard the name, and Kamala mentions how it came up last night, while she was talking to her her grandmother, Muneeba's mother. Muneeba states that Aisha brought shame onto the entire family, and forced her to move halfway around the world. She urges Kmala to drop the matter.

At the Eid festival, she greets Bruno, who is also in attendance, He questions if his attire is too bright, but Muneeba doesn't understand his question. Aamir comments it is, but she tells Bruno to ignore him, and reassures him that he looks good.

Ms. Marvel - 1x03 - Destined - Muneeba, Ruby and Abdullah.jpg

On the day of Aamir and Tyesha's mehndi party, Muneeba greets her family-friend Auntie Shirin, who recently flew in. Shirin sympathizes with Muneeba, not having her mother present, but Muneeba had no expectations, as Sana never attended her own wedding. Shirin tells Kamala not to give her mother any trouble, which Muneeba laughs off. Sheikh Abdullah comments on how a few Damage Control agents came to inspect the mosque, following the antics of Night Light, during the Eid festival. Muneeba makes a comment regarding the trouble the hero has caused, and her mother ought to be ashamed of herself. She then hands Kamala a package, sent to her by Bruno.

Ms. Marvel - 1x03 - Destined - Mother and Daughter.jpg

Later on Muneeba walks in the bathroom to find Kamala cleaning a wound. Kamala claims she fell off her bike, and Muneeba proceeds to takeover. Her daughter asks if she had a dream that didn't fulfill her expectations, and Muneeba talks of her the hardships she faced, moving to the United States, and how finding the mosque and her friends and family helped her, during her time of loneliness. She tells Kamala that she won’t have to face her hardships alone, and the mother and daughter hug.

Ms. Marvel - 1x03 - Destined - Photography - Muneeba Dance.jpg

The day of Aamir and Tyesha's wedding arrives, and the pair gets married. A party is held at a venue, and the family take part in celebrations, including participating in a dance. Following this, the fire alarm is triggered, and Muneeba sees her daughter, with a group of people she's never seen before. The partygoers are escorted out of the building and Muneeba hears Zara claim that Kamala pulled the alarm. Muneeba and her family are unable to locate Kamala, and witness the Department of Damage Control storm the building, and arrest the group that Kamala was seen with.

They eventually return home, waiting for Kamala, who arrives much later. Muneeba questions where's been, asking if she pulled the alarm, and who the group Kamala was seen with, were. Muneeba urges her daughter to be honest with them, and explains that she and Yusuf simply want to help her, but can't if she isn't honest with them. Kamala however, is unable to provide any answers, to Muneeba's disappointment.

Marvel Animation

Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors

Early in Muneeba's life, she meets a man named Yusuf, and the pair fall in love, much to the disapproval of Muneeba's mother. She couldn't stand to break her mother's heart, so she refused Yusuf's proposal, but he decides to leave her a poem before he departs, which she shows to her mother, prompting a change of heart, and resulting in the young couple getting married a week later. The pair eventually move from Pakistan, and settle in New Jersey, where they have two children.

Unbeknownst to Muneeba, her daughter is an inhuman, with the secret identity of Ms. Marvel. Muneeba enters Kamala's room to wake her up, while vacuuming, unaware she came home late last night, fighting crime. She urges Kamala to focus on her education and career, rather than waste her time on trivial interests.

Sometime later, Muneeba notices Kamala upset and recalls the story of how she and her husband married, advising Kamala to have faith in what she believes, and share her vision with others, while keeping in mind the struggles of others.

Marvel Rising: Playing with Fire

Muneeba returns in Playing with Fire. She catches Kamala being dropped off home on a motorcycle, belonging to America Chavez. She shouts at her daughter, and questions who her friend is. Kamala introduces the two, and Muneeba insists America over for dinner, before she has a chance to leave. She tells the girls to come inside, and has her daughter set the table. Later on, America attends another dinner. Muneeba thanks her for picking up a chapati and offers to teach her how to make dal to go with it. She suggests Kamala could join in with the pair, if she manages to keep herself away from playing World of Warcraft. Muneeba asks how the pair met, and America begins telling her they're on a team, until Kamala quickly interrupts, and finishes her sentence, by stating they bowl together. Muneeba asks if there are any boys on the team, and Kamala replies that there are, but none to notice. America suggests that she notices one of them, and Muneeba questions who he is, but Kamala insists there's no one she's interested in. Following the dinner, Muneeba begins cooking in the kitchen, when Kamala surprises her. She reveals that she's making her favorite dinner, and knows that she's busy, but she likes knowing who her daughter is, and the friends she has, whenever she would like to introduce them to her. Kamala promises her that she will be home for dinner more often.


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