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Music Store Donald is an animated short starring Donald Duck from the House of Mouse episode "Unplugged Club".


Donald and Pete are employees in a music store, but both are shown to be very lazy. To motivate them, the store owner (who is unseen and communicates through a tube) tells them that the next employee to make a sale gets to keep their job, while the other will be fired.

Daisy walks into the store looking for an instrument that plays good romantic music. After one failed attempt each, they ask for her idea of romantic music, which turns out to be the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel. The two employees start competing to play the tune first on various instruments, constantly interrupting each other at the "all in fun" line. The duel quickly escalates, resulting is the store becoming heavily damaged.

Eventually, Donald and Pete stop and ask what Daisy chooses, only to note that neither ever finished the song. They frantically search for an intact instrument, until Donald pulls out a harmonica and plays the ending. Daisy is impressed, but gives Pete one chance to come up with something better; he accomplishes this by making a makeshift bagpipe out of Donald and a set of clarinets, and playing the entire song. Daisy happily purchases the "instrument" and takes Donald away.

While Pete is the one who keeps his job, he ultimately gets the short end of the stick as he is held accountable for the damage done to the store and forced to clean up the incredible mess, while Donald gets to go on a romantic date with Daisy at the beach.


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