The Multi-Universe Transprojector, shortened to MUT, is a machine that can zap people to other universes that need saving (or, in villains' cases, need ruining).[1]


The Multi-Universe Transprojector is a large machine used as a gateway to other universes.

The portal is opened, the dimension being entered showing. The people about to be zapped stand on a platform with circles that light up when someone is on them. A beam from a projector-like device shoots at the people and surrounds them in colored energy. The technician using levels and buttons, the beam moves upward, carrying the people, and shoots them into the large portal.

Once the people are done, the projector beam pulls them out of the portal, and it places them back down on the platform before turning off. The portal closes.

List of MUTs

The Odyssey (used by part-time heroes; maintained by Phyllis)

The MUT in the Odyssey is large and elaborate. Throughout and outside the abandoned theater are wires and pipes. Inside the auditorium, there is a balcony where Phyllis stands and control the MUT. On the back wall of the balcony, there are screens with multiple worlds shown. Also, Phyllis is constantly working on the MUT, many areas breaking apart and needing to be fixed.

  • There are three circles on the platform for the hero (Penn), sidekick (Sashi), and wiseman (Boone).
  • The platform is green.
  • The color of the projector beam and energy are light blue.
  • The screen, an upward-pointing triangle, is large and placed where the movie theater screen would be.

Fish Stick on a Stick (used by part-time villains; maintained by Phil)

The MUT in Fish on a Stick is smaller, with fewer pipes and wires outside the building and more crowded within it. Phil's controls for the MUT are behind the counter. Phil doesn't seem to have to work on the MUT as much as Phyllis.

  • There are two circles on the platform for the villain (Rippen) and minion (Larry).
  • The platform is red.
  • The color of the projector beam and energy are red.
  • The screen, a downward-pointing triangle, is smaller and placed on the wall to the left of the building's entrance.


  • When get "zapped" toward the portal, Phyllis explains in "Babypocalypse", people should not bring metal coins with them, as the beam can burn the coin and cause third-degree burns.
  • The circles seemed to be reserved for particular roles. When facing the screen, for the heroes, Boone is on the left, Penn is in the center, and Sashi is on the right. For the villains, Rippen is on the left and Larry is on the right.


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