My Father the Hero is a 1994 English language remake of the 1991 French film, Mon père, ce héros. The remake was directed by Steve Miner and released by Touchstone Pictures.


André (Gérard Depardieu), a Frenchman divorced from his wife, takes his teenage daughter, Nicole (Katherine Heigl), on vacation with him. She is desperate to appear as a woman and not a girl, so in order to impress a local boy Ben (Dalton James), she makes up more and more ridiculous stories, starting with André being her lover and leading to some bizarre assumptions by the rest of the community.

André is desperate to make Nicole happy (especially as she is increasingly upset by his relationship with girlfriend Isobel) and so plays along with her crazy games, and the stories they make up get increasingly bizarre.


  • Gérard Depardieu as André, the father of the title
  • Katherine Heigl as Nicole, André's daughter
  • Dalton James as Ben, the boy Nicole wants to impress
  • Lauren Hutton as Megan
  • Faith Prince as Diana
  • Stephen Tobolowsky as Mike
  • Ann Hearn as Stella
  • Robyn Peterson as Doris
  • Frank Renzulli as Fred
  • Manny Jacobs as Raymond
  • Jeffrey Chea as Pablo
  • Stephen Burrows as Hakim
  • Michael Robinson as Tom
  • Robert Miner as Mr. Porter
  • Betty Miner as Mrs. Porter
  • Emma Thompson as Isobel, André's girlfriend (uncredited)
  • Roberto Escobar as Alberto

Minor Cast

  • Dorian Jones as David
  • Yusef Bulos as the cab driver
  • Stacey Williamson as the airport bartender
  • Malou Corrigan as Ben's girlfriend
  • Robin Bolter as Raymond's girlfriend
  • Steve Wise as Ben's father
  • Judy Clayton as Ben's mother
  • Bonnie Byfield as Guest
  • Jennifer Roberts as Girl #1
  • Felicity Ingraham as Girl #2
  • Noa Meldy as Pablo's girlfriend
  • Sid Raymond as the elderly guest
  • Anthony Delaney as the hotel bartender
  • Michelle Riu as the girl on TV
  • Dave Corey as the father at the beach
  • Tom Bahr as a guest
  • Juan and Eileen Santillan as the tango dancers
  • The then-current Baha Men: Isaiah Taylor, Nehemiah Hield, Colyn Grant, Fred Ferguson, Herschel Small, and Jeffery Chea.


The movie received a mixed reception.

Box Office

The movie debuted at No.4.


The film featured music and appearances by the Baha Men. The group's songs create the movie's island soundtrack.


  • "Back to the Island"
  • "Mo' Junkanoo"
  • "Gin and Coconut Water (Traditional)"
  • "Land of the Sea and Sun"
  • "Oh, Father"
  • "Island Boy"
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