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Hey who's gettin' hungry in here? My stomach is growlin'.. m m mmmmmmm

My favorite snacks,
Are the ones that I help pick out,
Like baked tortilla chips, with a healthy salsa dip.

My favorite snacks are grapes-they're great!
Pop em' in my mouth and my taste buds celabra-a-ate.

My favorite snack, is fruit fresh and cool,
I love it in the mornin' and even better after school!

My favorite snack is yogurt and granola,
Smooth baby smooth, said it's yummy, yummy yogurt!

(My favorite snack is, my favorite snack now)
(What's your favorite snack?)
(I said what's your favorite snack?)

(My favorite snack is...)
(My favorite snack now...)
(What's your favorite snack)
(What's your favorite snack?)

My favorite snack,
Is peanut butter crackers.
Put some jelly on top, I said they're really lip smackers!

My favorite snack is lightly-salted POPCORN!
Stoved top or microwave, it comes out nice and warm!

My favorite snacks, are crunchy when I bite,
Like apples or zucchini they A to Z delight!

My favorite snacks, are frozen fresh fruit pops.
They're tasty in my mouth and they make me wanna hop..(let's hop!)
(Hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop everybody hop now!)

(My favorite snack is...)
(My favorite snack now...)
(I said what's your favorite snack?)
(What's your favorite snack?)

(My favorite snack is..)
(My favorite snack...)
(My favorite snack!)

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