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and I'm gonna go steppin' tonight.
and I'm gonna go steppin' tonight.
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[[Category:Phineas and Ferb songs]]

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My Red Rubber Boots is the song sung by Dr. Doofenwitchwarolck in "Wizard of Odd" after getting the red boots from Candace.


Dr. Doofenwitchwarolck: Well, my wardrobe, it used to be duller,

But now I got this one splash of color. Look!

I got Red Rubber Boots,

and I'm gonna go steppin' tonight.

Broom me!

Yes, I can go tip-tapping all over town,


(Dr. Doofenwitch gets cut off when a house lands on him)

"Dorothy": Golly!

"Toto" barks

Dr. Doofenwitchwarolck: Ughh, I didn't get to finish my song.

(This how the song would've continued)

Dr. Doofenwitchwarolck: Don't even care if it rains.

I could walk through manure,

I could walk through a sewer

My footware's no longer mundane.

I used to wear mahogany loafers

That I bought for 10 bucks from my chauffer

(He's from Holland!)

I got Red Rubber Boots

and I'm gonna go steppin' tonight.

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