Myra Menke was a minor character featured in the film, Holes.


Menke lived in Latvia, and was the daughter of a wealthy landlord. She was friends with and attracted to Elya Yelnats. Elya wanted to marry Myra, and talked to her father. However, all he had to offer was a heart full of love, to which Myra thought was sweet. He was unable to compete with a fellow suitor, Igor Barkov, who had offered his largest pig for her.

To get help, Elya went to Madame Zeroni who, despite warning him Myra was spoiled and empty-headed, gave him one of her pigs and a way to make it grow larger. He had to carry it up a nearby mountain every day and sing a song to it as it drank from the stream there. However, he missed the last day, and the pig ended up the same size as the pig Igor offered. Elya suggested that Myra choose, she did not know who to choose. She had to resort to number games in order to decide between Elya and Igor despite that Igor was old enough to be her father and quite crude. Elya was shocked and disgusted that she was as empty-headed as Madame Zeroni had warned. Elya decided not to marry Myra, and left his pig behind as a wedding gift. Her family laughed at him as he walked away in anger. She later died sometime before the birth of Stanley Yelnats IV.

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