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This Mystic Amulet is an object that grants the user telekinetic abilities. When in use, objects being moved acquire a greenish blue aura. It was destroyed by Mabel Pines.


The Mystic Amulet has two main uses: influencing peoples' actions, and influencing objects around the user using telekinesis. As seen when Gideon uses it to make the patrons of the Tent of Telepathy stand up, it can be used to force people to do things against their will. Its main use, however, is telekinesis. It can be used to lift and manipulate any object, as well as any person. The objects being levitated will fall to the ground when the Amulet is broken or if the user's concentration is broken. The Amulet was also shown to be able to burn objects, as shown when Gideon burnt Dipper out of a picture of the Pines twins.


Gravity Falls

Gideon using his amulet.

The amulet was formerly owned by Gideon Gleeful. He almost always wore it on his bolo tie, tucked under his suit. To Mabel, he called it his "lucky bolo tie". He acquired it at an unknown point in time, and used it to appear as a psychic and force people to do his bidding. He also used it against Dipper during their fight, using it to make him float in the air, trying to kill Dipper with a large pair of lamb shears, and floating items to prove to him that he has powers. After he and Dipper fell off a cliff in "The Hand That Rocks the Mabel", Mabel used it to save them. After getting them down safely, she threw it on a nearby rock, shattering it. A "Mystic Amulet" is shown in the book 2 and it is implied that it is the same as Gideon's past amulet.

In "A Tale of Two Stans", the author was revealed to be the amulet's prior owner before Gideon and studied the object, recording it in 2.

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