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Mystic Manor is the titular location from the Hong Kong Disneyland attraction of the same name.


Mystic Manor is located at Papua, New Guinea. It is the place where Lord Henry Mystic and his pet monkey Albert live where the manor itself contains a large collection of artifacts which Lord Mystic and Albert collected throughout their travels all across the world. The manor itself houses a large number of rare artifacts and antiquities all around the world. For seven years, Lord Mystic and Albert traveled all over the world seeking for rare objects to turn the manor into a museum and the latest artifact they collected is an ancient music box to which according to legend, the music box is capable of bringing inanimate objects to life when opened. When closed, the music box puts all the inanimate objects to lifeless form.

Points of Interest


The gallery located in the attraction's queue is dedicated to members of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers featuring portraits of Lord Henry Mystic and Albert collecting antiquities.

Acquisitions and Cataloguing

The Acquisitions and Cataloguing room is the first room guests enter in Mystic Manor. When guests enter the room, Lord Mystic arrives and tries to look for Albert and explains that this is the room where the Balinese Music Box lives in which Albert appears and opens it, bringing the inanimate objects at Mystic Manor to life.

Artifacts besides the music box featured in this room include a Chinese dragon statue, a suit of Chinese armour, and an assorted collection of busts, figurines, and other artifacts.

Musical Instruments

The second room the guests arrive at is the Musical Instruments room. As its name implies, the room houses an assorted variety of musical instruments including a piano, a harp, various string instruments, wind instruments, bells, and a large organ from Oaxaca. Because of the magic, the instruments start coming to life and begin playing the Mystic Manor theme song throughout the ride which starts with the organ playing it.

Meditteranean Antiques

The Meditteranean Antiques room houses Mediterranean artifacts as its name suggests. After passing through a painting of the Colosseum, guests pass through a painting titled Pompeii Fresco, an animated painting of three women doing a toast while a volcano behind them erupts, followed by an amphora vase which depicts Hercules fighting against the Nemean Lion in combat and a portrait of a woman who turns into a frightening Gorgon representing Medusa.


The Solarium room houses a collection of assorted plants from Heliconia to Dicksonia antarctica as well as carnivorous man-eating plants (identified as Venus flytraps in the queue). Albert appears in this scene where he has fun playing with two of the carnivorous plants in which upon arriving, a bigger carnivorous plant ferociously roars to scare the guests, causing them to end up in the Slavic-Nordic Chamber.

Slavic-Nordic Chamber

The Slavic-Nordic Chamber features a painting titled "Russian Spring" featuring a young woman standing on a hilltop during springtime. As guests arrive there, the Slavic god Stribog does a freezing blow on the chamber where a mirror behind the guests cracks, filling the chamber with ice. As it is a trackless ride, guests arrive at the same scene but in a reverse way each time guests ride this attraction.

Arms & Armour

The Arms & Armour room consists of a collection of armory from shields, weapons, cannons, and suits of armor. When guests arrive in this attraction, they pass by a samurai armor preparing to chop Albert's head using his katana to which Albert avoids his attack by hiding into the cannon. Another cannon near the one where Albert is hiding fires a blast at the vehicle while weapons on shields in the background move by themselves. Guests then pass by a trio of knights whose helmets are separated from each other singing the attraction's theme song together followed by a ballista which prepares to fire an arrow at the guests but misses. On the other side of this chamber is an armor of a Mongolian warrior holding various helmets while laughing wickedly. Because it is a trackless ride, each time guests arrive in this attraction, they will either pass by the knights or the Mongolian warrior.

Egyptian Antiquities

The Egyptian Antiquities room consists of Egyptian artifacts inside it. In this room is a large pharaoh sarcophagus with two hieroglyph tablets depicting the Egyptian gods Horus and Isis are brought to life animated. As the guests enter the room, dozens of scarabs fill the room frightening the sarcophagus just before the room turns dark.

Tribal Arts

The Tribal Arts room consists of various tiki idols from Polynesia, Tonga, and Tahiti where the chamber includes a Polynesian theme. As guests enter the room, they pass by a large tiki idol, the Lava God, spewing lava from its mouth passing by two totems, followed by a drummer idol. While exploring the attraction, various tiki idols attack Albert using darts, spears, and arrows against him, pinning him to a wall.

Chinese Salon

The Chinese Salon is the last room encountered in the Mystic Manor attraction. The room itself houses various silk paintings, vases, and a statue of the Monkey King, fitting the room's theme. As the guests enter this room, the Monkey King statue comes to life and creates a powerful storm causing havoc across the attraction where the guests on their vehicle begin spinning around in the room. Throughout the scene, a panda cub from the painting of a panda family comes out of it and lands into the painting of a pair of cranes which Albert appears on it. As the Monkey King statue continues to cause more havoc inside the Manor, Albert hangs onto a harp just as finds the music box where he plans turn it off to bring all the objects back to their lifeless forms.

After Albert closes the music box, all the inanimate objects at Mystic Manor return to their lifeless forms as guests end up in the Acquisitions and Cataloguing room again. Henry Mystic arrives and bids the guests a farewell after exploring Mystic Manor.


Portrait in Mystic Manor entrance. Note that Walt & Roy Disney can be seen on the right side of the image.

  • On the portrait depicting the grand opening of Mystic Manor, younger versions of Walt and Roy Disney can be seen.
  • Several Easter eggs and references to the Disney Parks are alluded in the Mystic Manor attraction:
    • The Pompeii Fresco painting in the Meditteranean Antiques is an homage to the Changing Portraits from the Haunted Mansion attraction at the Disney Parks.
    • The painting of a woman transforming into Medusa is also an homage to the one found at the Haunted Mansion attraction. Additionally, two busts seen near the painting are also an homage to the attraction.
    • The tiki idols in the Tribal Arts room are an homage to the tiki designs from the Enchanted Tiki Room attraction at the Disney Parks where the tikis in the Tribal Arts room pay reminescence to the ones at the Tiki Room.

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