Nadar Kessard, better known as the Health Inspector, is the tertiary antagonist of Disney/Pixar's 2007 animated feature film, Ratatouille.


Unlike most Disney villains, the health inspector's antagonism is not based on outright hatred for the protagonists, but rather for performing the job he was hired to do: inspecting restaurants for cleanliness standards. When the rats chase and catch him, they use coils of rope, tie him up and put him in the food closet, along with a later captured Chef Skinner. In the final scene, Remy says that there was no way the rats could have kept Skinner nor the health inspector detained indefinitely, and later had to free both of them.



Skinner calls the health inspector on a public phone outside Gusteau's to report a rat infestation. The inspector replies with him coming to check the restaurant in three months time. Skinner protests but the inspector promises a sooner visit if someone else cancels an inspection. When Skinner tries to protest again, the inspector hangs up on him.

On the next day, before Remy and the other rats start cooking, the inspector comes in the restaurant, dropping his documents at the sight of all the rats. Stunned by what he saw, he runs to his car, with Django and some other rats covering the entire car while he tries to start it. The car eventually starts and reverses away, but later crashes after Collette returns. Then, the health inspector is seen tied up and being thrown in the food locker (landing next to Skinner, who was also imprisoned earlier) by the rats. Near the end of the film, Remy says they could not keep the health inspector, nor Skinner, imprisoned in the food locker forever and were forced to release both of them, which ultimately led to the closure of Gusteau's for health violations.


  • The inspector said that he would come to the restaurant within three months, and if someone cancels one inspection, he'll slot Skinner in. However, he comes on the next day, assuming the fact someone cancelled the inspection.
  • According to Ratatouille: The Junior Novelization, his real name is Nadar Lessard.[1]



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