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When my mother wants something, nothing stands in her way.
Kamran to Kamala Khan[src]

Najma is a Marvel Comics character who appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She made her debut in the second episode of the Disney+ series, Ms. Marvel. She is portrayed by starring cast member, Nimra Bucha.

Najma is the mother to Kamran, and a member of the Clandestines. She is a Djinn, originating from the Noor Dimension, who was exiled to Earth, and has been searching a way to return home, ever since. After Kamala puts on her great-grandmother's bangle, she is plagued with visions of Najma, who seeks her out, in hopes that she posses the power to help them return to their home. When Kamala expresses doubts in helping her return, Najma briefly pursues her, before she is arrested by the Department of Damage Control. Najma is momentarily detained, but manages to escape and continues her mission to capture the bangle Kamala possesses, heading to Karachi, Pakistan, in hunt of the young heroine.

Najma is based on Marvel Comics character Bushra, who was originally created by writer, G. Willow Wilson and artist, Takeshi Miyazawa.


Najma is a Djinn, originating from the Noor Dimension. She, Aisha, Fariha, Aadam, and Saleem, were collectively known as the Clandestines. Unknown circumstances lead to their exile. On Earth, they were left in a weakened state, and unable to access Noor to its full extent.

Najma and the other Clandestines learn from a man in a temple that they need to find two bangles, which will allow them to return back to their home dimension.

Ms. Marvel - 1x03 - Destined - Najma Searches Ruins.jpg

In British Occupied India, 1942, Najma and the other members of the Clandestines search the ruins of an old cave, in hopes they can locate the bangles. Najma finds one of them, attached to a severed blue arm, beneath the rubble. The incoming sound of British soldiers can be heard, and Najma has Fariha and Saleem check on Aadam. Aisha takes the bangle, but Najma warns that they need both. The cave begins to rumble, as the British proceed to set it on fire. As Najma's surroundings begin to collapse before her, she offers Aisha a chance to escape, so that the army can't take possession of the bangle. They pair hug and depart ways, before everything collapses.

Najma escapes from the British Army's grasp but the group are unable to locate Aisha.

Ms. Marvel - 1x05 - Time and Again - Aisha and Najma.jpg

A few years pass, and Najma comes to track Aisha, who has gotten married and bared a daughter, while settled in a village. In the evening, she stands outside Aisha's home, where her old friend greets her. Najma hugs Aisha, who confesses she thought the Clandestines were all dead. Najma informs her they searched for Aisha for years, and now that they've located her, they can resume their original plans to return to the Noor Dimension. Najma questions if Aisha wants to go home, which she confirms, but admits that it'll take time to recover the bangle, as she kept it hidden. Najma gives her until sundown tomorrow, and departs.

Najma finds Aisha attempting to run away with her family during the Partition of India. She finds her, amongst the crowd at the train station and reprimands Aisha for her betrayal. Aisha refuses to give up the bangle’s location, so Najma takes her blades and fatally stabs her former friend. Najma vows to find the bangles, if it’s the last thing she’ll do, and leaves as Aisha bleeds out.

At some point, Najma bears a son, with a human man, and he is called Kamran. They continue to move, and do so frequently.

When Kamala Khan puts on the bangle, Najma is able to sense the present of Noor within her, and discovers where the bangle is. The Clandestines resettle in New Jersey, in hopes of using her as a means to return home.


  • Noor Manipulation: As a Djinn, Najma has the power to manipulate noor, also known as light, contained within all Djinns. Outside of her home dimension however, she is unable to access it to its full potential.
    • Noor Sensing: Najma is able to sense the Noor within others. When Kamala Khan puts on a bangle that activate her powers, Najma becomes aware of her presence, and is able to locate her. When Kamala travelled overseas, Najma was able to track her, from the United States.
    • Longevity: The Noor within Najma slows down her aging, and keeps her from growing old at a regular rate.
    • Vision Inducement: Najma appeared before Kamala, through visions that were activated, via her bangle.
  • Enhanced Agility: During her time in Karachi, Najma battled Waleed. She displayed her agility when she leapt over between two balconies to fight him.
  • Enhanced Durability: Red Dagger burnt Najma after mixing a explosive canister against a boiling pot. Najma recovered quickly from this, and appeared to have no visible injuries.


  • Blades: Najma sports blades, which she uses in line of attack. They are primarily placed on her head as hair accessories. They are seemingly able cut through metal, as displayed when she used them to free herself and Kamran from the D.O.D.C.'s restraints.


Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ms. Marvel

Kamala. I've been waiting a very long time to meet you.
―Najma to Kamala Khan[src]
Ms. Marvel - 1x02 - Crushed - Najma Vision.jpg

Najma first begins to appear before Kamala in visions, induced by bangle. While Kamala and her family discuss the Partition of India, and the involvement of Muneeba's family, Kamala's bracelet begins to glow, and Najma appears before Kamala, accompanied in smoke and light, with her arm reached out towards her. Najma's presence is only viewed by Kamala, while the others at the table are unable to see her. At the Eid Al-Adha festival, Kamala rescues a young boy, hanging from the minaret's window, and he lands atop of an energy construct Kamala created. When she reaches out her arm, so that he can safely climb onto the roof, Kamala's bracelet begins to glow once again, and Najma stands in place of him, as light is produced around her. She reaches her hand out to Kamala, once again, before disappearing.

Najma manages to track Kamala's whereabouts, and has Kamran drive to her location, where she's being pursued by the Department of Damage Control. Kamran pulls up his car, before the agents can capture her, and Kamala climbs in. As she gets a hold of herself, Najma makes her present aware, and greets Kamala, claiming she's been waiting a long time to meet her. Kamran then introduces Najma as his mother.

Ms. Marvel - 1x03 - Destined - Clandestines.jpg

Kamala is taken to Aadam's House, and Najma briefly recounts her history with Aisha, before her disappearance. Kamala thanks her for her protection, and Najma explains that they were unaware Aisha even had any family, until Kamala put on the bangle, and they could sense the presence of Noor. While her powers are subdued in this dimension, she theorizes that Kamala may possess the power to allow them to return home, seeing as how she's comes from this world and the Noor dimension. Kamala questions whether Kamran can, as he has mixed heritage too, and Najma points to the bangle, as the key in unlocking Kamala's powers, hoping something will do the same for Kamran too. Kamala is hesitant, based on the misfortune the bangle has brought to her, but Najma argues that it brought Kamala to her; amongst the people she belongs with, and shares her belief in her. Kamala asks if Najma wants her bangle, and Najma states Aisha wanted to help return them home, and urges Kamala to help finish what her great grandmother-started.

This place will never be our home. We're going to make her help us. I'm not asking anymore.
―Najma to Kamran[src]

Days later, Najma looks through Kamran's phone, and finds through his text history that Kamala is having second thoughts on helping the group return home. She accuses her son of keeping secrets from her, but he insists that he she just needs more time. Kamran argues that it could be dangerous, but Najma is already of aware of the risk, and doesn't care. She and other members of the Clandestines decide to head directly to Kamala, and force her to help them reach the Noor Dimension.

Ms. Marvel - 1x03 - Destined - Najma and Kamala Vision.jpg

Najma and the remaining Clandestines arrive at the venue where Kamala is celebrating her brothers wedding. A fire alarm is triggered, causing the partygoers to leave, and Kamran pleads for his mother to stop, but she warns him to stay out her way. Najma finds Kamala in the kitchen, cornered by the others, and throws a punch in her way, which Kamala blocks with a energy construct. When Kamala escapes their sights, Najma turns off the lights. She bangs a frying pan, against some pots, which triggers Kamala into creating a construct, and Najma manages to find her. Najma and the others face off with her, but Kamala creates an elongated arm, and the group back. Najma catches her attempting to escape, and the Clandestines surround her. Kamala's bangle begins to glow again, and Najma grabs onto it, triggering a vision of an incoming train to Karachi, that both she and Kamala see. The Department of Damage Control arrive in that moment, and Najma who is briefly distracted, loosens her grip on Kamala allowing her to escape. Najma and the Clandestines are soon arrested, shortly after.

Let's go get that bangle.
―Najma to the Clandestines[src]
Ms. Marvel - 1x04 - Seeing Red - Najma Gun.jpg

The Clandestines are escorted into the D.O.D.C. Supermax Prison, where they are taken into custody. They are handcuffed to the railing, and walk in line, by the lead of the guards. One of the guards electrocutes Kamran, and Najma swears at him. In response, the guard strikes her in the face. Kamran incapacitates one of the guards, and another arrives and blasts an energy pulse at him, knocking him out. Najma removes a weapon from her hair, which she uses to break free from her constraints, and breaks those of Kamran’s too, before hitting the guard. She ambushes a second guard, and gets a hold of his weapon, which she fires at another guard. The other Clandestines free themselves, and as they find an exit, she orders them leave Kamran behind, follow his betrayal.

The group track Kamala in Karachi, Pakistan, and arrive in pursuit of her. They break into the headquarters, of the Order of the Red Daggers, through the glass ceiling. A skirmish ensues, between Najma and Waleed, but he escapes their sights, and sets off with Kamala and the Red Dagger.

Ms. Marvel - 1x04 - Seeing Red - Najma Exits Rickshaw.jpg

The Clandestines fight spills onto the streets, as they follow the three, out of the Headquarters. The trio get on a rickshaw to escape, and Najma climbs onto another one, that Saleem commandeers, as they drive after them. They pursue them in a chase, but Kamala and Red Dagger manage to escape after Waleed, detaches the carriage from the bike, while the rickshaw Najma and Saleem are on is blocked a by a slew of cars in their direction. Najma exits the vehicle and chases Waleed, eventually following him onto a balcony. When Waleed turns his back to save Kamala and Red Dagger from Saleem who is chasing after them in the alley below, Najma stabs him in the back and kills him. She drops his body over a balcony, and Red Dagger, throws a canister of gas into a boiling pot, causing an explosive liquid to shoot in her direction and burning her.

Ms. Marvel - 1x04 - Seeing Red - Najma Stabs Bangle.jpg

Najma follows the two into a closed courtyard where they are surrounded by clothing hung on lines. She swings her blade on Red Dagger, and attempts to strike down Kamala who kicks her with a construct over her foot. One of the clothing lines breaks, and Najma is surrounded by garments. She breaks through, only to find Aadam has been killed by Red Dagger. She runs off in Kamala's direction and raises her blades to strike her, catching Kamala's bangle instead, which releases a burst of energy and sends her flying back.

There is only one way. I can close it.
―Najma to Kamala Khan[src]
Ms. Marvel - 1x05 - Time and Again - Najma Sacrifice.jpg

Najma recovers, only to find the Veil of Noor has been opened up before her. Fariha tells Najma they can go home, and walks towards the light, only for Najma to witness the last of her friends, transform into rock, and disintegrate. The Veil begins pulsating around the courtyard, throwing streaks of light around them and Najma walks towards it. Kamala calls out for her, warning that the Veil will leave behind destruction, and asks that she help her close it. She reminds Najma of her obligation to Kamran, but Najma admits she left him behind. Kamala begs Najma not to take the only family Kamran has, away from him, like she did to Aisha. Najma realises she must close the Veil, and walks in its direction. She faces the light, as it begins moving around her, and calls out Kamran's name. The Veil transforms Najma's flesh into a crystalline rock and disintegrates, leaving behind her skeleton.


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  • Najma means star in Arabic.
  • In the comics, Kamran's mother was called Bushra.

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