Nancy Green is a character from the Disney Channel animated series Big City Greens. She is the ex-wife of Bill Green and the mother of Cricket and Tilly Green who got out of jail.



She is shown to truly love her family, especially Cricket who she gave Phoenix to. She is most likely a tough woman as it is explained in "Cricket Versus" that she wrestled a wolverine sometime "between the wedding and honeymoon".

Nancy is a bit of a wild child. She considers herself a rebel and proudly shows it off. However, she has since softened to being a responsible parent and adult ever since her incarceration. Now she simply wants to return to family life and become a better person and gain Bill and Alice's acceptance.

Physical appearances

She is a tall slender woman who, just like her family, has yellow skin. She sports wavy burgundy hair and has freckles on her face and light magenta lips. Nancy typically wears a violet tank top that barely shows her midriff and skinny jeans with a belt buckle and cowboy boots. She wears gray earrings and has tattoos that cover her left arm.

Her biker attire consists of a black leather jacket and a red helmet that covers her face.

Role in the series

She made her first actual appearance in the episode "Phoenix Rises", when Cricket's dog Phoenix smells Nancy she goes off to find her and when everyone realizes she's gone they go looking for her. Before doing so Cricket tells Remy Remington how his mom found Phoenix after a fire burned down there barn. Later on Phoenix tracks Nancy's scent to a bikers only bar, Nancy recognizes her and brings her home. Once the Green family sees Nancy has gotten out of jail, everyone but Gramma Alice is happy to see her.

In "Uncaged", it is revealed that she was sent away to prison for trying to liberate cows from a dairy factory. She has since tried to atone for her sins and simply wants to live with her family in relative peace. This made difficult however by her son's crazy antics.

More of her history is revealed in "Trailer Trouble" where it is shown that she was once a biker in a gang called the Stingers, but that she quit so that she could be with Bill and their kids.


  • Just like Bill, Nancy does not have a hick accent like her children.
  • Nancy shares many traits with Cricket such as exclaiming "Bingo-bango" and keeping a hidden exit/entrance in the bottom drawer of her cupboard.
  • Nancy is the only Green family member who does not have a short "i" in her name.

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