Natalia Rambova is a Russian agent of the K.G.B. who appears in the film, Condorman. She is Woodrow Wilkins' love interest.


Natalia first meets Woody in Istanbul to pick up some important papers from him. She mistakes him for a real C.I.A. agent and chooses to defect to the U.S.A. and have Woody as her escort.

Natalia and Woody meet up in Yugoslavia and begin their journey. However Krokov is onto her and sends out the Prognovieh to get her back. Woody and Natalia manage to slip away from their clutches and starts to develop a romantic bond with Woody. Unfortunately when they reach Switzerland, she finds out Woody is not a C.I.A. agent but a writer of comic books. She finally gets captured and is taken to Monte Carlo by Krokov and Morovich.

When Woody and Harry come to rescue her, she pretends she doesn't want to go in order to keep them out of danger, however she goes with them and finally escapes to the U.S.A.

She is last seen at a baseball game with Woody and Harry in Los Angeles.


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